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Allis Proctor (Graye) MP (c.1587 - 1627)

Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s about Allis Proctor Name: Allis Proctor Year: 1621 Place: Virginia Source Publication Code: 3520 Primary Immigrant: Proctor, Allis Annotat...

? Allys Proctor (Graye) (c.1561 - 1600)

Alex Graye (1930 - 2007)

Alice Graye (Chararie) (deceased)

Anne Graye (1548 - d.)

Anne Graye Buckner (Graye?) (1560 - 1606)

Augustine Joseph Lepers (Graye) (1831 - 1863)

Bertha Mae Graye-Tibbetts (Hoffses) (1886 - d.)

Clemencia Sophia Oost (Graye) (deceased)

Cleveland Graye (deceased)

Dirich Graye (c.1615 - 1683)

Eldon Graye (deceased)

Eldon H. Graye (deceased)

Elizaeth Graye (Larye) (1561 - 1600)

Ella Graye (Nason) (deceased)

Ellen Graye (Lynsey) (deceased)

Ellen's husband George owned a farm at Downham. Near Ely, Cambridgeshire.

Emmie or Emma Grave or Graye (1592 - 1660)

Florence Graye (1900 - 1956)

Frances L. Graye (deceased)

Francois Richard Graye (1789 - 1844)

George Graye (b. - 1577)

George Graye owned a farm in Downham, a village near Ely, Cambridgeshire.

Gertrud Ruschmann (Graye) (1646 - d.)

Hugh de Graye (FitzTurgis) (deceased)

Hyppolite Richard Graye (1822 - d.)

Jackson Graye (deceased)

James Hoyt Graye (deceased)

Jeniffer Graye (deceased)

Joan Nash (Graye) (1558 - d.)

John Graye (deceased)

John Graye, I (deceased)

M Proctor (Graye) (c.1561 - d.)

Margaret Gidley (Graye) (1578 - d.)

Mary GRAYE (c.1628 - d.)

Nigel de Graye (de Grai) (b. - c.1020)

Given the limited time we have to work with, Nigel, who witnessed a charter as lord of Grai in 1020, is more likely to have been an older brother of Turstin and to have died without (male) heirs.

NN de Graye (nn) (deceased)

NN de Graye (nn) (deceased)

Ruth Elizabeth Graye (Margison) (deceased)

Samme Graye (Moorhusen) (c.1620 - 1701)

seigneurs de Graye (deceased)

Thomas Graye (1575 - 1658)

Trisha Graye (deceased)

Turgis de de Graye (deceased)

Uknown Graye (deceased)

Unknown Graye (c.1561 - d.)

Wilfred Grenfell Graye (1911 - d.)

William Graye (1564 - 1607)