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Edith? Elizabeth? de Grendon MP (1170 - d.)

Edward Grendon MP (1560 - 1628)

George Sandys, who served as Jamestown's inaugural resident treasurer from 1621-25, sold his 400 northside acres in James City to Edward Grendon in the 1620s. When Grendon passed away in 1628, he left ...

Elizabeth Burgh Stegge / Grendon (Reade) MP (1600 - c.1678)

Thomas Grendon, Sr was a London merchant who often lived in Virginia. He married Elizabeth Stegge, widow of Col. Thomas Stegge, Puritan Commissioner to Virginia. The Stegges were the parents of Grace S...

Emmeline De Grendon MP (1196 - 1228)

Hannah Jennings Byrd (Grendon) MP (1625 - 1682)

Hannah Grendon Jennings (1st husband) was either a half or step sister to Grace Stegge. She was a widow when William Bird married her.

Serlo de de Grendon (Grendon) MP (c.1135 - d.)

Thomas Grendon MP (1585 - 1678)

Served as a burgess.

Thomas Grendon, Jr. MP (deceased)

Unknown Grendon MP (deceased)

William de de Grendon (Grendon) MP (1160 - 1203)

Alice de Grendon (c.1305 - d.)

Alice Grendon (deceased)

Alice de Chetwynd (Grendon) (deceased)

Alina Margaret de Grendon (c.1200 - d.)

Anne Grendon (de Clinton) (deceased)

Elizabeth Grendon (Pershall) (deceased)

Elizabeth Burgh Byrd (1590 - 1678)

Elizabeth (1590 - 1678)

Came to Virginia aboard the James.

Ellen Grendon (c.1393 - 1448)

Emmeline Fitzherbert (de Grendon) (1236 - d.)

Ermtrude Grendon (1170 - 1216)

George Grendon (1587 - d.)

Hannah Beard (Grendon) (c.1580 - 1683)

Hannah's parents are listed, but there seems to be some confusion about dates.

Hannah Jennings Bird ( Grendon) (1630 - 1682)

Hannah Bird (Grendon) (1630 - 1682)

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Henry Grendon (deceased)

Isabel de Grendon (c.1245 - 1307)

Isolda de Grendon (deceased)

John Grendon (deceased)

Margaret Mallory (Grendon) (1371 - d.)

NN Campion (Grendon) (deceased)

Sir Ralph de Grendon (1270 - c.1332)

Sir Ralph de Grendon (c.1235 - 1279)

Sir Robert de Grendon (c.1205 - 1265)

Robert de Grendon (c.1165 - d.)

Roger de Grendon (deceased)

Serlo de De Grendon (c.1158 - d.)

Sir Ralph Grendon (deceased)

Thomas Grendon (1565 - d.)

Thomas GRENDON (1350 - d.)

Unknown father Grendon (deceased)

Unknown mother Grendon (deceased)