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Alice Grymes (Towneley) MP (c.1675 - c.1710)

Surname has also been reported to be Townley . Date and place of marriage have been (erroneously?) reported to be circa 1680 in Gloucester County, Virginia. links FamilySearch AFN: NC9C-73

Alice Page (Grymes) MP (1724 - 1746)

Birth: Aug. 10, 1724 Middlesex County Virginia, USA Death: Jan. 11, 1746 Survivng stones from Rosewell Plantation cemetery were moved in the 1960's by the APVA to Abingdon Episcopal Church cemetery...

Charles Grymes of Morattico MP (c.1697 - 1753)

Charles Grymes MP (1722 - 1727)

Charles Grymes MP (1730 - 1732)

Elizabeth Grymes (Randolph) MP (1746 - d.)

Frances Grymes (Jennings) MP (1690 - 1753)

Frances Ludwell (Grymes) MP (1717 - d.)

Some records refer to a wife of Phillip Ludwell named Frances Grymes (b.1717) and others refer to a Sarah Grymes (b.1717). Beth Sarah and Frances are listed as the mother of Lucy and Hannah Philippa. I...

Colonel John Grymes, of Grimesby MP (c.1651 - 1709)

JOHN GRIMES (son of CHARLES GRIMES and CATHERINE) was born 1680 in LOUDOUN CO., VA., and died date unknown. He married ALICE TOWNLY. Children of JOHN GRIMES and ALICE TOWNLY are: +HONORA GRIMES, b....

John Grymes MP (deceased)

Katherine Dedman Alias Sarah Grymes MP (1626 - 1686)

Born Sarah Katherine Deadman,, daughter of Henry Dedman and Katherine. After Henry passed Katherine married Rev. Charles Grymes and he adopted Sarah Katherine. In some geneologies she is known as Sarah...

Katherine Grymes (Jennings) MP (c.1613 - 1660)

Katherine GRYMES, the mother-in-law of Robert TALIAFERRO, The Immigrant, was evidently the widow of Henry DEDMAN (or DEADMAN, the name is spelled both ways) who was granted 350 acres of land in Rappaha...

Lucy Grymes (Ludwell) MP (1698 - 1748)

Lucy Ludwell , born November 02, 1698 in Green Spring, Virginia; died November 02, 1748 in Surry, Virginia. Parents: Philip Ludwell II and Hannah Harrison. Married: December 22, 1715, Green Spr...

Lucy Nelson (Grymes) MP (c.1750 - 1830)

Birth: Aug. 24, 1743 Middlesex County Virginia, USA Death: Sep. 18, 1830 Hanover County Virginia, USA Patriot, wife of a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Family links: Parents: Phili...

Lucy Ludwell Lee (Grymes) MP (1734 - 1830)

The "Lowland Beauty" -------------------- Lucy was known as the " Lowland Beauty" and admired by George Washington. -------------------- Henry married Lucy Grymes (1734-1792), nicknamed "The ...

Ludwell Grymes MP (1733 - c.1795)

Ludwell GRYMES (named after his mother's maiden name) was born April 26, 1733, in Middlesex County, Virginia. He was christened on May 6, 1733, at Christ Church, in Middlesex, VA. He died before 1795...

Mary Fitzhugh Meade (Grymes) MP (1753 - 1813)

Col Philip Grymes MP (1721 - 1768)

Philip Grymes was born on 11 Mar 1721 in Middlesex, Virginia. Christening: 18 Mar 1721 Christ Church, Middlesex, Virginia. He died before 2 Feb 1762 (date will recorded). n.b. death in Fayette Kentucky...

Richard Grymes MP (1612 - d.)

Rose Grymes (Brand) MP (c.1575 - 1617)

Rose BRAND was the the widow of Richard RIDDLESDALE of Boxford, Suffolk, son of Henry RIDDLESDALE. She married 2nd on April 23, 1611 at Nayland to John "the middle" WARREN - Son of John WARREN - as h...

---- GRYMES (deceased)

? Grymes (deceased)

Alice Grymes (Lovell) (deceased)

Angelina T. Grymes (Seay) (c.1819 - d.)

Ann Eilbeck Mason (c.1791 - 1864)

Ann Grymes (Lightfoot) (deceased)

Ann Grymes (Nicholas) (c.1763 - d.)

Ann McClanahan (Grymes) (deceased)

ann grymes (deceased)

Anna Mason Grymes (deceased)

Anna Grymes (1702 - 1735)

Anne Mason Grymes (deceased)

Anne Nicholas Grymes (deceased)

Bart George Grymes (Crymes) (1604 - 1657)

Bart George Grymes (Crymes) (1604 - 1657)

Bart George Grymes (Crymes) (1604 - 1657)

Benjamin Grymes (1725 - 1774)

Benjamin Grymes, Jr (1756 - 1804)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA with the rank of Captain. DAR Ancestor #: A048526

Benjamin Grymes (1727 - 1777)

Benjamin R. Grymes (deceased)

Benjamin Grymes (1750 - 1805)

BENJAMIN Grymes (deceased)

Bettie Braxton Grymes (deceased)

Capt. William Grymes (deceased)

Captain Benjamin Grymes (deceased)

Catherine Root Grymes (Catlett) (c.1821 - 1889)

Catherine Grymes (deceased)

Charles Grymes (1612 - 1672)

Rev. Charles Grymes, an Anglican minister in England was caught up in the emerging conflicts associated with the Puritans. Evidently he had to flee to the new colony of Virginia. Charles Grymes came ...

Charles Grymes, Sr. (1590 - d.)

Charles Grymes (1612 - 1672)

Charles Grymes (1748 - d.)

Charles Grymes, Jr. (1612 - 1672)

Col. James Grymes (c.1600 - d.)

Columbia Chandler (Grymes) (1824 - d.)

Douglas Grymes (deceased)

Dr. Peyton Grymes (deceased)

Edmund Fitzhugh Grymes (deceased)

Eliza Pope (Grymes) (1756 - d.)

Elizabeth Grymes (deceased)

Elizabeth Mason Grymes (deceased)

Elizabeth Braxton (Grymes) (1793 - d.)

Elizabeth Grymes (deceased)

Elizabeth Grymes (c.1690 - d.)

Elizabeth Grymes (1690 - d.)

Elizabeth Grymes (1777 - d.)

Elizabeth Whittaker (Grymes) (1859 - d.)

Elizabeth Braxton (Grymes) (deceased)

Elizabeth Landon Grymes (Fitzhugh) (1731 - 1756)

Elizabeth Lucy Holcombe (Grymes) (1692 - 1750)

Surname has also been reported to be Grimes . Date and place of birth have also been erroneously reported to be circa 1703 in Amelia County, Virginia. links FamilySearch AFNs: 2M64-P5, V06L-5T

Evelyn Magruder Grymes (Micks) (1905 - d.)

Fannie Hume Grymes (deceased)

Frances Grymes (Irwin) (1835 - 1900)

Frances Eugenia Grymes (Dade) (1813 - d.)

G. W. P. C. Grymes (deceased)

George Nicholas Grymes (deceased)

George Edmund Grymes (deceased)

George Graham Grymes (deceased)

George Nicholas Grymes (1785 - 1853)

Hannah Grymes (1717 - 1748)

Hannah F Grymes (1801 - d.)

Harriet Grymes (Shepherd) (1793 - 1870)

Harriett Grymes (Shepherd) (1793 - 1870)

Jalen Grymes (deceased)

James Grymes (c.1767 - d.)

Jane Grymes (Calvert) (1746 - d.)

JANE CHAMPE Grymes (PRATT) (1790 - 1861)

John Grymes (1742 - 1742)

John Randolph Grymes (1745 - 1805)

Maj. John Randolph Grymes was born March 28, 1745 in Virginia and died there in 1820 Parents: Philip Ludwell Grymes and Mary Randolph. Married: in London in 1778 to Susannah Beverly Randolph (1...

John Grymes (c.1807 - d.)

John B. Grymes (c.1837 - d.)

John Grymes (1590 - 1643)

John Grymes (1692 - 1749)

John Grymes (1660 - 1709)

Maj John Grymes, II (1691 - 1748)

Birth: 1691 Middlesex County Virginia, USA Death: Nov. 2, 1748 Tomstone reads: "Here lies interred the body of the Honourable John Grymes, Esq., who for many years acted in the public affairs of ...

John Grymes (1718 - 1740)

John D. Grymes (deceased)

Served as his father's executor: The Orange County VA records of 1795 show an account of John D. Grymes (his son), who was the administrator of the estate of Ludwell Grymes (born 1733), in which he...

Judith Grymes (1797 - d.)

Julia Grymes (deceased)

Katherine Grymes (Underwood) (c.1632 - 1670)

Kathryn Grymes (?) (deceased)