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(Unknown) Guevarra (deceased)

? Guevarra (deceased)

Adela Manansala (Guevarra) (deceased)

adelaida guevarra (deceased)

Agatona Guevarra (deceased)

Albina Guevarra (deceased)

alfonso torres guevarra (1950 - 1960)

Alfredo Guevarra (deceased)

Alfredo Guevarra (deceased)

Alicia Guevarra (deceased)

Amado Guevarra (deceased)

Amelia Guevarra (deceased)

Amelia Yabut Guevarra-Levy (deceased)

Amor Guevarra (deceased)

Amparo "Amparing" Guevarra (deceased)

Andres Reyes Guevarra (deceased)

Angel Maria Guevarra (deceased)

Angela Cunanan Guevarra (1933 - 1987)

Aniceto Guevarra (deceased)

Anita Guevarra (deceased)

Antero Guevarra (deceased)

Antonia Guese (1914 - 1992)

Antonina Siasoco (Guevarra) (deceased)

Apo Ina Guevarra (deceased)

Apolinar Guevarra, Sr. (deceased)

Apolonia Guevarra (deceased)

Apolonio Guevarra (deceased)

Apong Ciano Tuazon-Guevarra (deceased)

Apong Miliang Tuazon-Guevarra (deceased)

Apong Nena Tuazon-Guevarra (deceased)

Apong Nene Guevarra (deceased)

Ario Guevarra (deceased)

Asyang Guevarra (deceased)

aurelio guevarra (deceased)

Aurora Guevarra (Aurora Garcia) (deceased)

Avelino Guevarra (deceased)

Bartolome Guevarra (deceased)

Basilia Guevarra Garcia (Guevarra) (deceased)

Basilio Guevarra (deceased)

Ben Guevarra (deceased)

Benito Guevarra (deceased)

Benito Guevarra (deceased)

Berio Guevarra (deceased)

Blueravello Salud Guevarra (deceased)

Bonifacio Guevarra (deceased)

bonong guevarra (deceased)

Braulio Guevarra (1923 - 2002)

Bruno Guevarra (deceased)

Candido Guevarra (deceased)

Carmen Guevarra Rodriguez (deceased)

Carmen Guevarra (deceased)

Carmen Rodriguez Guevarra (Fernandez) (1907 - 2009)

Carmen Rodriguez Fernandez competed as Miss Palawan in the 1926 National Beauty Contest at the Manila Carnival, two years after her older sister won the crown. More here: .

Carmen Guevarra (deceased)

carmen guevarra (deceased)

Carmen Manansala (Guevarra) (1923 - 2009)

Castor Guevarra (deceased)

Catalina Guevarra (deceased)

Cecelia Habon (Guevarra) (deceased)

Celenia Guevarra Asis (Guevarra) (deceased)

Charmae Guevarra (1193 - d.)

Ciriaca Guevarra (deceased)

Colastico Guevarra (deceased)

Conchita Velez de Guevarra (deceased)

Corazon Guevarra (deceased)

Cresincio Guevarra (deceased)

Crisanto Guevarra (1964 - 1997)

Cristetota Guevarra (deceased)

daling guevarra (deceased)

Dalmacio Portugese Guevarra (deceased)

Damaso Guevarra (deceased)

Damaso Guevarra (deceased)

Daniel Rodrigo Guevarra (1903 - 1979)

Daniel Guevarra (deceased)

Danilo Guevarra (1940 - 1976)

Dante Guevarra (deceased)

Demetrio Guevarra, Sr. (deceased)

Detino magallanes Guevarra, Sr. (1921 - 2007)

Diego de Guevarra Y Mendoza (deceased)

Dionisia Resurrecion-Guevarra (deceased)

Dionisia Guevarra (deceased)

dionisio guevarra (deceased)

Dolores Guevarra-Reyes (deceased)

Dominador "Domeng" Guevarra (deceased)

Domingo Guevarra (deceased)

Don Guevarra (deceased)

Duman Guevarra (deceased)

Edgardo Guevarra (1941 - 1988)

Eduviges Rodrigo Guevarra (Rodrigo) (deceased)

Eduviges Rodrigo Guevarra (Rodrigo) (deceased)

Elena Guevarra (deceased)

Eli Guevarra (deceased)

Eliseo Guevarra (deceased)

Emilia Ysip (Guevarra) (deceased)

emilia guevarra elizarraras (c.1918 - 1960)

Emillie Dolatre Guevarra (Soriano Dolatre) (1939 - 2007)

emmanuel guevarra (deceased)

Encarnacion Cordero (deceased)

Eriberto Guevarra (deceased)

Ernesta Guevarra (Gomez) (deceased)

Pacita (deceased)