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Alice Guildford (Waller) MP (c.1424 - 1461)

Alice Waller1 F, #26637, b. circa 1420 Father Sir Richard Waller b. c 1390, d. c 1462 Mother Margaret Gulby2 b. c 1395 Alice Waller was born circa 1420 at of Groombridge, Speldhurst, Kent, Engl...

Alice Sambourne MP (c.1338 - d.)

Ann Guildford (Plank) MP (1808 - 1862)

The family left England for Lyttleton, New Zealand, where they arrived safely on the 7th February, 1851.

Anne Guildford (de Pympe) MP (c.1459 - 1499)

Anne Pimpe1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 F, #39598, b. circa 1454 Father John Pimpe1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 b. c 1430 Mother Isabella Pashley b. c 1427 Anne Pimpe was born circa 1454 at of Nettlestead, Kent, Engla...

Barbara Guildford (West) MP (c.1507 - 1550)

GUILDFORD, John (by 1508-65), of Hemsted, Kent. . b. by 1508, o.s. of George Guildford of Hemsted by Elizabeth, da. of Sir Robert Mortimer of Mortimer’s Hall, Essex. educ. G. Inn, adm. 1530. m. ...

Sir Edward Guildford MP (c.1477 - 1534)

Family and Education b. by 1479, xst s. of Sir Richard Guildford of Cranbrook and Rolvenden by 1st w. Anne, da. and h. of John Pimpe of Kent; half-bro. of Sir Henry Guildford. m. (1) by 1496, Eleanor, ...

Sir Edward de Guildford MP (1385 - 1449)

Edward de Guildford MP (1331 - d.)

Elizabeth Guildford MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Aucher (Guildford) MP (c.1434 - d.)

Elizabeth Guilford1 F, #26631, b. circa 1442 Father Sir John Guilford b. c 1415, d. 1493 Mother Alice Waller b. c 1420 Elizabeth Guilford was born circa 1442 at of Halden, Rolvenden, Kent, Engl...

Elizabeth Shirley (Guildford) MP (1494 - c.1515)

Sir Richard Shirley married 2nd on 28 JUN 1525 to Elizabeth Guildford (she was the widow of either Isley or Stafford.) Daughter of Sir Richard Gifford of Sussex (No children by this marriage). Childr...

Elizabeth Guildford (Shelley) MP (c.1533 - d.)

6. John Shelley of Michelgrove, Esq., the eldest son, married Mary, daughter of Sir William Fitz-Williams, Knt. and Maud his wife, daughter of Sir Richard Sackvile of Buckhurst, Knt. (who surviving him...

Elizabeth Guildford (Mortimer) MP (c.1478 - d.)

'Elizabeth Mortimer 'F, b. circa 1473 Father Sir Robert Mortimer b. c 1446, d. 22 Aug 1485 Mother Isabel Howard b. c 1448, d. 1485 ' Elizabeth Mortimer was born circa 1473 at of Tendring, Ess...

George Guildford MP (c.1470 - 1534)

GUILDFORD1 'George GUILDFORD 'Born: ABT 1470 Father: Richard GUILDFORD (Sir Knight) Mother: Anne De PYMPE '¿Married 1: Elizabeth HOWARD? 'Married 2: Elizabeth MORTIMER (dau. of Rober...

Henry John Guildford MP (1846 - 1912)

The family left England for Lyttleton, New Zealand, where they arrived safely on the 7th February, 1851.

Sir Henry Guildford, KG, MP MP (1489 - 1532)

Jane Guildford (Cowan) MP (1854 - 1932)

They came from The Mearns, Renfrewshire to Dunedin, Otago by the ship "Lady Eggidia" and landed at Port Chalmers on the 27th January 1861.

Jane Guildford, Duchess of Northumberland MP (c.1500 - 1555)

Jane Guildford, Dutchess of NORTHUMBERLAND Father: Edward GULDEFORD , Knt 1513 Mother: Eleanor WEST Birth: 1509, Of England Death: BEF 20 Nov 1555, Of Halesowen Manor, England Partnership wit...

Sir John Guildford, MP MP (1508 - 1565)

GUILDFORD, John (by 1508-65), of Hemsted, Kent. Family and Education b. by 1508, o.s. of George Guildford of Hemsted by Elizabeth, da. of Sir Robert Mortimer of Mortimer’s Hall, Essex. educ....

John Guildford MP (1804 - 1895)

The family left England for Lyttleton, New Zealand, where they arrived safely on the 7th February, 1851.

Mary Guildford (Fitzwilliam) MP (c.1510 - 1558)

Mildred Sackville, daughter of Richard Sackville, Esq., of Withyham, Sussex, by Isabel, daughter of John Digges, Esq., married as his second wife William FitzWilliam, Knight, and they had three sons, C...

Mary Baker (Guildford) MP (1559 - d.)

'Maria Baker [Guildford] Date--- Type--- Information--- Source 'c 1555--- Born--- daughter of Thomas Guildford of Hemsted--- The Harleian Visitation of Kent made in 1619 '12th Dec 1574--- Marr...

Philippa Guildford (St. Leger) MP (c.1430 - 1486)

Phillippa St. LEGER Born: ABT 1433, Nettlestead, Kent, England Father: John St. LEGER of Ulcombe (Sir) Mother: Margery DONNET Married 1: John De PYMPE (b. 1429) (son of John De Pympe) ABT 1458,...

Sir Richard Guildford MP (c.1455 - 1506)

Richard Guildford Sir Richard Guildford (also spelt Guilford), KG (c. 1450 – 1506) was an English courtier who held important positions at the court of Henry VII, including the office of Maste...

Sir John Guildford, of Halden MP (c.1423 - 1493)

MORE INFORMATION NEEDS TO BE FOUND ON THE WIFE PHILIPPA, WHETHER SHE IS Philippa Saint Ledger (c.1433 - d.) DAUGHTER OF John St Leger (1400 - 1442) & Margery Donnet (1408 - 1421) OR Philippa Thornbury ...

Sir Thomas Guldeford, of Hempstead-Place MP (deceased)

From GUILDFORD, Thomas (by 1535-75), of Hemsted, Kent. Family and Education b. by 1535, 1st s. of (Sir) John Guildford by 1st w. educ. G. Inn, adm. 1547. m. by 1560, Elizabeth, da. of John Shelley ...

Thomasine Guildford MP (1460 - 1483)

William de Guildford MP (c.1304 - 1388)

Granted Hemsted by Richard II in 1388.

Sir William de Guildford MP (1348 - 1394)

Arms carved in roof of cloister, Canterbury.

Zac Guildford MP

Zachary Robert Guildford (born 8 February 1989) is a New Zealand Rugby Union player who plays for the Crusaders in the Super 15. He also plays provincial rugby for Hawke's Bay and was selected for the ...

"Mrs" "Luther White (Guildford) (deceased)

"Mrs" "Arthur" Mason (Guildford) (deceased)

Abigail Hooper (Guildford) (deceased)

Albert F Guildford (deceased)

Alfred E Guildford (deceased)

Alice Walker (Guildford) (deceased)

Alice W Walker (Guildford) (1437 - 1466)

Alice de Guildford (c.1418 - d.)

Anne de Guildford (c.1411 - 1485)

Anne Guildford (1549 - d.)

Annie Guildford (Buckland) (1905 - d.)

Arthur E. Guildford (deceased)

Beatrice G Guildford (Knight) (1909 - 1994)

Bennett Guildford (deceased)

Charles Guildford (deceased)

charlotte emma guildford (deceased)

Christopher Guildford (1899 - d.)

Count of Guildford (deceased)

Daniel Guildford (deceased)

Dorothy Walsingham (Guildford) (b. - 1584)

Edna Guildford (deceased)

Edwin Guildford (deceased)

Eleanor Guildford (West) (c.1481 - c.1527)

Elizabeth de Guildford (c.1424 - d.)

Elizabeth Isley (Guildford) (1490 - 1512)

Elizabeth Diggs (Guildford) (c.1453 - d.)

Elizabeth Guildford (Andrews) (1823 - d.)

Elizabeth Guildford (1756 - 1806)

Evelyn Lucy Guildford (Curtis) (1910 - d.)

Fannie Guildford (1864 - 1900)

Florence Bourne-Guildford (deceased)

Florence Guildford (deceased)

frances guildford (deceased)

Frances 6th Earl of Guildford (deceased)

Fredeswith Lady Browne (Guildford) (1480 - 1530)

Sir George Guildford (deceased)

George Guildford (deceased)

George Guildford (1450 - d.)

George Guildford (1545 - d.)

George Guildford (deceased)

Grace Guildford (deceased)

Harold Guildford (deceased)

Harry Guildford (deceased)

Harvey Elliot Guildford (1895 - c.1977)

Helen G Myers (Guildford) (1897 - 1976)

Henry Guildford (1543 - d.)

Henry John Guildford (c.1847 - 1912)

henry Guildford, Sir Knight (deceased)

james Guildford (1548 - d.)

James Guildford (deceased)

james guildford (deceased)

james guildford (deceased)

james carlton guildford (deceased)

Jane Guildford (1544 - d.)

Jane Guildford (1504 - 1555)

Jane Card (Guildford) (c.1865 - d.)

Jane Guildford (Cowan) (c.1854 - 1932)

Jane Guildford (deceased)

Jane Guildford (deceased)

Jane Guildford (1508 - 1555)

Jane(t) Cowan McLeod (Guildford) (1895 - 1980)

Joan Guildford (Pitlesden) (deceased)

John Guildford (1270 - d.)

John de Guildford (deceased)

john guildford (deceased)

John Joseph Guildford (deceased)

John Guildford (c.1409 - d.)

John Guildford, Kt. (1508 - 1565)

John J. Guildford (1844 - 1931)

John Guildford, [Sir Knight] (deceased)