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Chana Gurary (Schneerson) MP (1899 - 1991)

Shmaryahu Gurary, The Rashag MP (1897 - 1989)

Rabbi Shmaryahu Gurary ("Rashag") was born in 1898; his father, a wealthy businessman and erudite scholar, was a leading chassid of the fifth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Sholom DovBer Schneersohn, "Rashab...

1 st wife Gurary (deceased)

??????? Gurary (deceased)

Anna Gurary (1920 - d.)

Arye Leib Gurary (deceased)

Aryeh Leib Gurary (1812 - 1908)

Avraham Eliyahu Gurary (b. - 1943)

A few days later, a young man, Avraham Eliyahu Gurary, son of Rabbi Shmuel Gurary, rabbi of the town of Horol ' , came to visit the Rebbe. He was recently married and his bride's wealthy parents had ...

Barry (SDB) Gurary (deceased)

Basye Blume Umansky (Gurary) (1890 - 1943)

Boris Gurary (deceased)

Boris/Bob Gurary (1919 - c.1943)

Chaim Shmaryahu Gurary (1906 - 1984)

Chaim Yehoshua Falik Gurary (1886 - 1941)

*************************************************Фамилия/Surname ГУРАРИЯ/ GurarijИмD...

Chana Laura Gurary (deceased)

Chava Gurary (Heschel) (1913 - 2006)

Name: Chawa Gurary SSN: 105-46-5396 Last Residence: 11203 Brooklyn, Kings, New York Born: 27 Dec 1913 Died: 24 Mar 2006 State (Year) SSN issued: New York (1969 )

Chaya Gurary (b. - 1843)

Chaya Devorah Goldshmid (Gurary) (deceased)

Chaya Shaina Michla Gurary (Shneider) (1900 - 1961)

David Gurary (deceased)

David Gurary (1870 - 1943)

During the war David was evacuated into Stalingrad outskirts together with his youngest son Fima. Later Fima was transferred to Tcheliabinsk as a specialist in aeronautical engineering. David obvious...

David Gurary (c.1928 - c.1968)

Devora Rochel Gurary (Rapaport) (1912 - 1941)

Dina Gurary (deceased)

Dina Gurary (deceased)

Dina Gurary (deceased)

Dov Ber Gurary (1897 - 1942)

Efim (Chaim) Gurary (1913 - 1980)

Leah (Elisabeth) (deceased)

Elya Tzalevna Gurary (deceased)

Emma Gurary (deceased)

Esfir Gurary (deceased)

Esther Gurary (Broide) (deceased)

Etyah Menkin / Gurary / Levitin - Haditcher (Bronchtein) (deceased)

Eugenia Gurary (deceased)

Evsej Gurary (deceased)

Vita/Faiga Gurary (1892 - c.1971)

Вита Носоновнa Гурари was Gurary twice: Maiden name Gurary (father Nosson);...

Isser Yehuda Yudel/Jules Gourary (1891 - 1964)

Jules (Ignatz/Isser Yehuda) Gourary, a company director, born in Kremenchug on March 10 (Purim), 1891 and died in New York on October 22, 1964, married in Budapest in 1909 to Ruth (Rachel/Regina), born...

Jacob Gurary (1894 - d.)

Jacob Gurary (c.1908 - d.)

Leah Karasik (Gurary) (1897 - 1974)

Leah Mirriam Gurary (deceased)

Leib Gurary (deceased)

Lev/Leibsol Gurary (deceased)

Louisa Gurary (deceased)

Mark Gurary (deceased)

Meir Gurary (deceased)

Menachem Mendel Gurary (1867 - d.)

Kremenchug, Poltava's Guberniya, Ukraine, Russia. The first records of Jewish life in the city date back to 1782. Tax records from 1801 list 454 formally registered Jewish residents. According to the...

Menachem Mendel Gurary (1893 - c.1945)

Was killed in the WWII.

Michail (Mendel) Gurary (1918 - 1997)

Mina Gurary (Chaskind) (deceased)

miriam gurary (deceased)

Mordchai Gurary (deceased)

Mordechei Gurary (deceased)

Mordechei Gurary (deceased)

Mulka/Shmuel Gurary (c.1922 - d.)

Nechama Gurary (deceased)

Noson Gurary (deceased)

Noson Gurary (b. - 1838)

Nosson Gurary (1866 - 1922)

Kremenchug, Poltava's Guberniya, Ukraine, Russia. The first records of Jewish life in the city date back to 1782. Tax records from 1801 list 454 formally registered Jewish residents. According to the...

Nosson Gurary (1902 - d.)

Nosson Gurary (1927 - 2005)

Social Security Death Index Name: Nathan Gurary SSN: 073-32-3121 Last Residence: 11225 Brooklyn, Kings, New York Born: 12 Feb 1927 Died: 10 Aug 2005 State (Year) SSN issued: New York (1956-...

Perel Abramov (Gurary) (1882 - c.1943)

Perel Abramof mentioned as daughter of Shmuel in his will.

Perla Gurary (deceased)

Polya Gurary (deceased)

Regina Gourary (1888 - 1973)

Рахиля Исааковна was a daughter of R. Isaac Leib Schreiber,1845-1907,son of R. Abraham Samuel Be...

Rebecca Gurary (deceased)

Reveka Gurariy (Gurary) (1916 - 1996)

Riwka Gurary (1922 - 2004)

Sarah Gurary (Berlin) (deceased)

Sarra Gurary (deceased)

Schnieur Zalmon Gurary (1919 - c.2005)

Lived in Brussels

Scneur Zalmen Gurary (1911 - 2003)

Name: Schnejer Z. Gurary SSN: 131-24-9907 Last Residence: 11203 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, United States of America Born: 3 Dec 1911 Died: 27 Sep 2003 State (Year) SSN issued: New York (Befo...

Semion Gurary (deceased)

Shaina Tema Gurary (Kanivoski) (deceased)

Sheindel Gurary (Kaushanskaya) (c.1870 - 1945)

Some facts from marriage record of 9/6/1887: GURARIY, Mendel , 20 y.o. - son of Zelman, merchant from Kremenchug; A maiden, KAUSHANSKY, Sheyndlya / Sheindel , 17 y.o., a daughter of Yosif (Yos), a Kish...

Shifra Gurary (deceased)

Rasha"g (deceased)

Rabbi Shmuel Charoler (Rav of Horol) Gurary (c.1842 - d.)

Shneur Zalman Gurary (c.1910 - 1941) 'ГУРАРИЙ Залман Евсеевич / Gurarij Zalman...

Shneur Zalman Gurary (c.1840 - d.)

Sholom Dovber Gurary (1923 - 2005)

Solomon (Aleksandr Michailovich) Gurary (b. - c.1920)

Sonia Rozenblum (Gurary) (1896 - 1974)

Sonia Rozenblum was born to her parents, Menachem Mendel and Sheindal Gourarie (Gurary or Gourary) on the 29th of Tammuz 5656 (July 1896) in the city of Kremenchug, Ukraine. Her father was one of three...

Sprinza Gurary (deceased)

Tamara Gurary (Gurariy) (1912 - 1985)

Tema Chanin (Gurary) (1915 - 1986)

Toiba Bina Gurary (deceased)

Tsesya Gurary (Chein) (deceased)

tziviah miriam gurary (deceased)

Tziviah Miriam Gurary (Hendel) (b. - 2006)

Unidetified #3 Gurary (deceased)

To All: Gurary or Gurari / Gurariy / Gur-Ari / Gur-Arie / Gourari / Gourary / Gourarie/ Gaurary / Gurarij / Gurarye / Gur Arya / Gur Arye / Gur-Arieh or any other spelling Any information in regard...

Yakov Gurary (1917 - 2004)

Yisroel Dovid Gurary (deceased)