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Abraham de la Cavalleria Ha Leví (Ha Leví) MP (1275 - d.)

de la Cavalleria Family Tree - Audio

Abū ʾl-Walīd "Yonah" Ibn Ḥasday ha-Levi MP (deceased)

Jonah (Abū ʾl-Walīd) ibn Ḥasday ha-Levi was a grammarian and poet in Lucena from the end of the tenth century through the early part of the eleventh. We know of him from lat...

Avraham HaLevi Ish Horowitz MP (1548 - 1605)


Benvenisti ben Josef Ha'Levi MP (1340 - 1420)

Berdichevsky-Sokolka Families Tree, Benvenisti-HaLevi-Family

Isaac Ha-Levi MP (1355 - d.)

Klara Ha'Levi De Lunel (Bat Asher De Lunel) MP (b. - 1260)

Berdichevsky-Sokolka Families Tree - Klara bat Asher

María Núñez Ha Levi (Ha-Levi) MP (1388 - 1423)

Mrs. Yehoshua Ha-Levi (Shmelkes) MP (1570 - 1630)

Mrs. Zvi Ha-Levi MP (deceased)

Meir Horowitz MaHaRam Tiktin MP (1636 - 1746)

TitkinHe was Av Beit Din of Oheilev and Zloczew and in 1718 became ABD Tykocin, where he wrote his approbation the same year to "Beit Yaakov" published in Lvov, 1786, and "Gaon Zvi" written in 1732 pub...

Rabbi Yosef ben Moshe Ha'Levi MP (1300 - 1380)

Berdichevsky-Sokolka Families Tree - Yosef HaLevi Family

Shlomo ha-Levi Alkabetz MP (1500 - 1580)

Shlomo ha-Levi Alkabetz , also spelt Alqabitz, Alqabes; ( שלמה אלקבץ) (c.1500, Thessaloniki– 1580, Safed ) was a rabbi, kabbalist a...

Rabbi Shmuel Shmelke Ish Horowitz MP (1615 - 1696)

רבי שמעלקע רבה של טרנוב

Yehoshua "Haaroch" Ha-Levi (Horowitz MP (1565 - 1628)


Yitzhak Shlomo Ha-Levi MP (1005 - 1080)

Zecharia Meir Halevy (HA-LEVI MAŸR) MP (b. - 1664)

Die Inschriften des alten Judenfriedhofes in Wien bei dr. Bernhard Wachstein- 1 teil- No. 590, page 446, 380, 449 --------------------

Rabbi Zvi Hirsch HaLevi Horowitz MP (1753 - 1817)

Author of Machne Levy Hirsch Zwi Ben Pinchas Halevi Horowitz held the office of chief rabbi in Frankfurt from 1805 to 1817. Hirsch Levy Horowitz, as he was familiarly known, was born in Poland in 175...

Ha-Levi (deceased)

Ha-Levi (deceased)

Rashi Mirla Shapiro (ha levi Halevy) (deceased)

? Heller Wallerstein Ha-*Levi (deceased)

? Gumprecht Göttingen Ha'Levi (deceased)

? Ha'levi (deceased)

? Gumprecht Göttingen Ha'Levi (deceased)

? ? ? Ha-Levi (deceased)

??? (Ha-Levi) Jachzel (deceased)

Aaron Ha Levi (1600 - d.)

Aber HA-LEVI, AUSTERLITZ (b. - 1848)

Abraham Ha-Levi Ha-Levi Oettingen, 1 (deceased)

"Die Inschriften des alten Judenfriedhofe in Wien" Dr. Bernard Wachstein, Band I - page 4

Abraham Aron ha-Levi (b. - 1805)

Abraham Ha Levi (c.1694 - d.)

Abraham Levi, ha Levi (deceased)

Abraham Ben Israel Abraham Ha-Levi Ha-Levi Oettingen, 2 (b. - 1565)

"Die Inschriften des alten Judenfriedhofe in Wien" Dr. Bernard Wachstein, Band I -No. 3 page 4

Abraham Mosche Heller Wallerstein Ha- Levi (1550 - d.)

Abraham Samuel Sanwil ha-Levi (Leiber) (deceased)

Abraham WOILF HA-LEVI, AUSTERLITZ (b. - 1823)

Aharon Gumprecht Göttingen Ha'Levi (1710 - 1771)

Aharon Yitschak Ha-Levi Epshtein (deceased)

Ahron Aron Zacharia Zacharias Ha-Levi Fränkel (b. - 1699)

1913--1996- The Eger Family Association- pg.2

Amada Benvenisti (bat ? ha Levi) (deceased)

Antal Abeles Ha'Levi (deceased)

Arie Leib Segal-Ha'Levi (deceased)

Aron Joseph ha-Levi (deceased)

Aryeh Leib Newman ha Levi (c.1850 - d.)

Astruc de La Cavalleria Ha Levi (deceased)

De La Cavalleria Family Tree - audio

Avigdor (Figter ou Victor) Ha-Levi (deceased)

Avraham Borensztejn, ha Levi (deceased)

Avraham Leib Segal-Ha'Levi (1789 - 1854)

Avraham Gumprecht Göttingen Ha'Levi (1763 - d.)

Avraham Ha'levi (1676 - d.)

Barend Yissachar Ber Wolf Pijl ha Levi (Pijl) (1769 - d.)

Barukh-Bendet Moshe Ha-Levi Rohald (c.1807 - c.1886)

Batia Ha'Levi-Segal (Kvaterkovits,) (1838 - 1913)

Beila (Margolis) Bernstein (Ha'Levi Horowitz) (b. - c.1830)

Beila Kelter Ha-Levi (deceased)

Bela Abeles Ha'Levi (deceased)

Benjamin (Wolf) Aron ha-Levi (b. - 1807)

Benjamin Wolf Pijl, ha Levi (1798 - d.)

Benveniste Ben Yosef "BenB'nashti Ha'Levi" Ha'Levi (1170 - 1230)

Benveniste Ha Levi (deceased)

Benveniste Ha Levi (deceased)

Shem Tob Benveniste HaLevi of Tortosa (1170 - 1230)

Berdichevsky-Sokolka Families Tree - HaLevi, Benvenisti

Benvenisti Ben Yosef Ha'Levi (1340 - 1420)

Bertha Dunkel (Ha Levi) (deceased)

Binjamin Ha Levi (deceased)

Bittel ha-Levi (Sibilla) (deceased)

Boruch Ha Levi (deceased)

Boruch-Hirsh (Girsh) ha-Levi mi-Virshuba (c.1790 - c.1860)


Caroline Dunkel (Ha Levi) (deceased)

Chaim Ha'Levi-Segal (1838 - 1913)

Chaim Dunkel (Ha Levi) (deceased)

Chaim Ha'Levi Horowitz (deceased)

Chaim Ha'Levi Horowitz (deceased)

Chajjim HA-LEVI, AUSTERLITZ (b. - 1809)

Joachim Josef Lazarus (deceased)

"Die Familie Wolf" - by Ernst Wolf 1924 pg.114,117 see family chart : "Die Grabschriften des Alten Judenfriedhofes in Eisenstadt" by Dr. Bernhard Wachstein-pg. 289 (30)

Chana Kelter Ha-Levi (deceased)

Chanoch Ha-Levi (deceased)

Die Grabschriften des Alten Judenfriedhofes in Wien" Band I- by Dr. Bernhard Wachstein-pg. 484

Rabbi Chaim Feivish Ha-Levi (1784 - d.)

Clara Ha'Levi (deceased)

D. Naftali Hertz Landau (Ha-Levi) (deceased)

David Ha-Levi (deceased)

Die Grabschriften des Alten Judenfriedhofes in Wien" Band I- by Dr. Bernhard Wachstein-pg. 484

Eidel Ha'Levi Horowitz (deceased)

Eidel Gitelevitsh (Segal-Ha'Levi) (deceased)

Eidl Ha'Levi Ish Horowitz (b. - 1556)

Eleser Ha-Levi (1576 - d.)

Elias (Ha-Levi) Jachzel (deceased)

Eliezer Ha'Levi Horowitz (Horowitz) (deceased)

כתובות בית העלמין היהודי בפר...

Eliyahu Ha'Levi Shlom (deceased)

Elsa Abeles Ha'Levi (deceased)

Esther Dunkel (Ha Levi) (deceased)

Etelka Dunkel (Ha Levi) (deceased)

Eva Ha-Levi (deceased)

Fegele SCHIK (Ha-Levi) (b. - 1615)

"Die Grabschriften des Alten Judenfriedhofes in Wien" Band I- by Dr. Bernhard Wachstein-no. 641

Feiga Ha'Levi-Segal (Goldberg) (1833 - d.)

Gabor Abeles Ha'Levi (deceased)

Gela Spangenthal (Ha-Levi) (b. - 1814)

source: p. 1, 2

Gideon Ha'levi (deceased)

Gisselle Abeles Ha'Levi (deceased)

Gitel Jacob Avraham Ha'Levi (b. - c.1756)