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R' Tzvi-Hirsch Ha'levi Horowitz, [ABD Tchartkov] s. #2 MP (1680 - 1753)

from Chortkov; son Meir Horowitz & daughter Katz -------------------- R. Zvi Hirsch Horowitz, ABD Czortkow from 1726 until his death in 1754. He married the daughter of R. Mordecai, son of R. Zvi H...

Rabbi Jacob Jokel Ha'Levi Horowitz, [of Glona and Brody] s. #1 MP (1679 - 1749)

Bayla Kasvan Mistakenly attached previously?

Rabbi Shmuel Shmelke Ish Horowitz MP (1615 - 1696)

Redundant, recently duplicated profile with no added information. Should not have been created in the first place!

Rabbi Zvi Hirsch HaLevi Horowitz MP (1753 - 1817)

Author of Machne Levy Hirsch Zwi Ben Pinchas Halevi Horowitz held the office of chief rabbi in Frankfurt from 1805 to 1817. Hirsch Levy Horowitz, as he was familiarly known, was born in Poland in 175...

Aryeh Leib Ha'Levi Horowitz, s. #3 (deceased)

Chaim Ha'Levi Horowitz (deceased)

Chaim Ha'Levi Horowitz, s. #8 (deceased)

Eidel Ha'Levi Horowitz (deceased)

Jacob Ha'Levi Horowitz (c.1750 - c.1803)

"Directory and Genealogy of the Horowitz-Margareten Family- from Generation to Generation" revised Edition 1994. -Chart no.1

Lea Ha'Levi Horowitz (deceased)

Margalit Ha'Levi Horowitz (Unknown) (deceased)

Menachem Manis Ha'Levi Horowitz, s. #9 (b. - 1774)

Nachum Ha'Levi Horowitz, s. #7 (deceased)

Nachum Ha'Levi Horowitz (deceased)

Nechama Ha'Levi Horowitz (1538 - d.)

כתובות בית העלמין היהודי בפר...

PESSEL Ha'Levi Horowitz (1740 - d.)

There is a lot of confusion regarding the This Rebetzen Pesel. If she was a brother of Reb Shmelke M'nikelsburg. According to our Uncle (Reb Shlomo Fructher) in his Sefer "Egereth Shlomo" (Jerusale...

Pinchas Ha'Levi Horowitz (deceased)

R' Naftali Ha'Levi Horowitz, s. #6 (deceased)

R, Zvi Yehoshua Ha'Levi Horowitz (1760 - 1816)

מו׳׳ה צבי יהושע אבד׳׳ק טרייב...

R` Dov Berish Ha'Levi Horowitz, s. 1(11) (deceased)

Rabbi Abraham Ha'Levi Horowitz (deceased)

Rabbi Avigdor Ha'Levi Horowitz (deceased)

Sheindel Ha'Levi Horowitz (Rabinovitz) (b. - 1804)

Shmuel Shmilke Ha'Levi Horowitz (b. - 1713)

Simcha Ha'Levi Horowitz (deceased)

Unknown Ha'Levi Horowitz (Libush) (deceased)

Wolf Ha'Levi Horowitz, s. #2(12) (deceased)

Yehoshua Ha'Levi Horowitz, s. #5 (b. - 1795)

Yehushuah Ha'aroch Ha'Levi Horowitz (b. - 1661)

Yeshaaya Ha'Levi Horowitz, s. #4 (1715 - 1767)


Yishaiahu Ha'Levi Horowitz (deceased)

כתובות בית העלמין היהודי בפר...

Yitzhak Shimshon Ha'Levi Horowitz (deceased)