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Akiva HaGaon HaCohen Katz [of Budin], עקיבא כ"ץ MP (c.1460 - 1496)

Akiva Ha-COHEN There was a man here in Prague that was great in Torah, wealth and Yichus that came to Prague from those that were exiled from the holy congregation of Uban (Budapest) because of a lib...

Chaim HaCohen-Katz / חיים הכהן כץ MP (c.1582 - d.)

Die Familie Wolf - by Ernst Wolf 1924 see chart of family Latzko Rabbi of Frankfurt am Main

Meir HaCohen (Katz), The Shach youngest son MP (deceased)

-------------------- became Gdol Hador and an author --------------------

Naftali HaCohen Katz, רבי נפתלי הכהן כץ בעל סמיכת חכמים MP (c.1650 - 1717)

נפטר כד טבת תע"ט to make it easier to read the old hebrew script copy and paste to a word document and it wil...

R` Chaim HaCohen Katz MP (c.1466 - 1509)

ID: I65806 Name: Hayyim (Rabbi) KATZ 1 Sex: M Name: Chaim KATZ Name: Hayyim KATZ Birth: ABT 1466 in Salonika, Central Macedonia, Death: 12 OCT 1509 in Praha (Prague), Bohemia (Czech Republic) Father:...

Rabbi Moshe Gershom HaCohen Katz [of Nikolsburg] MP (deceased)

Rabbi Yitzhak of Buda and Galanta HaCohen Katz [of Buda] MP (c.1400 - 1460)

הג"ר יצחק כ"ץ ס"ט אב"ד גלנטה ---------- הגא...

Wife Chaim HaCohen-Katz אשת חיים הכהן כץ MP (deceased)

Yosef HaCohen Katz, הג"ר יוסף הכהן כ"ץ אבד"ק קראקא MP (1511 - 1591)

ID: I67071 Name: Yosef (Rabbi) ben Gershon KATZ (KOHN-ZEDEK) Birth: 1510/1511 in Kraków, Poland. Death: 18 JAN 1590/91 in Krakow, Poland Occupation: BET 1576 AND 1591 Rabbi of Krakó...

ר' משה הכהן כ"ץ R' Moshe HaCohen Katz MP (c.1620 - 1686)

Rabbi אב"דק מינסק מו"ל הספרים "נקוד&#...

Amalie Mahle Toibe Reissner (HaCohen (Katz)) (1812 - 1884)

Brother הכהן-כץ HaCohen-Katz (1730 - d.)

Chaim HaCohen Katz, Rabbi (c.1600 - c.1698)

ID: I72417 Name: Chajim ben Naftali KATZ Sex: M Name: Chajim KOHN 1 Birth: ABT 1610 Death: 1698 in Praha (Prague), Bohemia (Czech Republic) 1 Father: Naftali (Chief Rabbi) ben Isaac KATZ b: ABT 1588 ...

eidel hacohen katz (deceased)

ester sheindel hacohen katz (deceased)

harav naftali {semichas chachamim} hacohen katz (deceased)

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Hava HaCohen Katz (1580 - 1651)

Itzhak HaCohen Katz (1550 - 1624)

Josef Juspa Hacohen Katz (deceased)

Die Inschriften des alten Judenfriedhofes in Wien by dr. Bernhard Wachstein- I Teil page 241

Mrs. Naftali HaCohen-Katz (Liberlish) (deceased)

Pepi (Perl) Berger ((Hacohen) Katz) (deceased)

Rab. Arje Jehuda Löb Ben Jizchak Kohn HaCohen Katz, Rabbi (c.1654 - d.)

ABD Plotsk -------------------- הג"ר יהודה ליב הכהן אב"ד פל...

Rabbi Yitzhak HaCohen Katz (b. - c.1460)

Rav Shabtai Hashach Hacohen Katz (1621 - 1663)

Samuel Phoebus Hacohen Katz (deceased)

ממגורשי ווינא בעל "דרוש שמואל"

Shimshon HaCohen Katz (deceased)

unknown Hacohen Katz (deceased)

yaakov mordechai hacohen katz (1670 - 1719)

Yehuda Leib Hacohen Katz (deceased)

Rabbi in Swarzędz (Schwersenz in German)

Yeoshua Heschel HaCohen Katz (deceased)

בת רבי אלעזר מוכיח מלאסק שכנא? (כ"ץ הכהן (deceased)

Yitzchok HaCohen Katz (c.1690 - d.)

Chief Rabbi of Pinczow מווינה, מו"ל ספר "גבורת אנשי...