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Celia Hamman MP (1794 - 1823)

Children of Phillip Hamman & Christina Cook: 8. Celia Hamman, born April 13, 1794, Montgomery Co. KY; died March, 1823, Madison Co. KY; no other information. Links

Christina Hamman (Cook) MP (c.1763 - 1842)

Christina Cook's father Valentine built Cook's Fort on the Greenbrier River in Virginia (now West Virginia) in 1770. She first met Phillip Hamman when he arrived at the fort five years later. At the ti...

Elijah Hamman, twin of Jesse MP (1799 - 1860)

Children of Phillip Hamman & Christina Cook: 11. Elijah Hamman, born January 31, 1799 (twin) Montgomery Co. KY; died May 1860, Franklin Co. TN; married Mary Ann Walker. Children: (1) William M. Ham...

Elizabeth C. Lacy (Hamman) MP (1790 - 1879)

Children of Phillip Hamman & Christina Cook: 6. Elizabeth “Betsy” Hamman, born November 23, 1790, Montgomery Co. KY; died November 18 1879, Hickory Co. MO; married Levi Lacy. Children...

Infant Hamman MP (1782 - 1782)

In 1782, Phillip Hamman, his family, and the Baughmans began their move to Kentucky. Along the Wilderness Road at Dix River, near the town of Crab Orchard in Lincoln County, tradegy befell the party wh...

James Hamman MP (1787 - 1857)

Children of Phillip Hamman & Christina Cook: 5. James Hamman/Hammond, born August 26, 1787, Madison Co. KY; died 1857, Owsley Co. KY; married Susan Evans. Children: (1) Angelina Hamman. (2) Maria H...

Jesse Franklin Hamman, twin of Elijah MP (1799 - 1871)

Children of Phillip Hamman & Christina Cook: 10. Jesse Franklin Hamman, born January 31, 1799 (twin), Montgomery Co. KY; died September 7, 1871, Prairie Co. AR; married 1st Jane Travis, 2nd Margare...

Johann Jürgen Hamman, (SV/PROG) MP (c.1705 - 1787)

GISA SAG volume 3 H-I 1992 pg 49 JOHANN JURGEN HAMMAN *c 1705, Died 1788 s/o Johannes Hamman & Maria Hessing Arrived 1732 from Straucha, Dresden on board ship Petronella Alida. Black-smith 1732 -...

John Hammond (Hamman) MP (1781 - 1854)

Additional Curator's Note: John Hamman, son of Phillip Hamman, generally used the Americanized version of his name, Hammond. Not all of his children adopted this spelling. Some of his siblings used H...

Mary Polly Cope (Hamman) MP (1785 - 1872)

Children of Phillip Hamman & Christina Cook: 4. Mary “Polly” Hamman, born August 4, 1785, Fayette Co. KY; died October, 1872, Breathitt Co. KY; married James P. Cope. Children: (1) Le...

Nancy Hamman MP (1783 - d.)

Children of Phillip Hamman & Christina Cook: 3. Nancy Hamman, born November 19, 1873, Fayette Co. KY, no other information. Links

Phillip Hamman Jr. MP (1801 - 1871)

Around 1823, Phillip Hamman, Jr., came to Jackson County, Alabama, with his father and settled for some twenty years at Valley Head where he married Mary Ann Allen, an Alabama native. Their first six c...

Phillip Hamman, "Savior of Greenbrier" MP (c.1753 - 1832)

Phillip Hamman arrived in America from Germany on 16 October 1772, debarking from the ship Crawford. He settled in the Greenbrier Valley of Virginia. Phillip served with Capt. John Lewis's company at t...

Sarah Hall (Hamman) MP (1792 - 1856)

Children of Phillip Hamman & Christina Cook: 7. Sarah “Sally” Hamman, born December 23, 1792, Montgomery Co. KY; died after 1856, Powell Co. KY; married Bazil Hall. Children: (1) Will...

Susana Maria Jacoba Haumann b1c4 MP (1780 - 1852)

Valentine C. Hamman MP (1802 - c.1862)

Children of Phillip Hamman & Christina Cook: 13. Valentine C. Hamman, born August 15, 1802, Montgomery Co. KY; died about 1861 Hickory Co. MO; married Mary “Polly” Alexander. Children...

William Cook Hamman MP (1796 - 1870)

Children of Phillip Hamman & Christina Cook: 9. William Cook Hammond, born June 26, 1796, Montgomery Co. KY; died October 12, 1870, DeLalb Co. AL; married 1st Sarah Hanks, 2nd Eleanor Rowe. Childre...

? Hamman (Utz) (deceased)

? Hamman (Beard) (deceased)

? Hamman (deceased)

? Rogers (Hamman) (deceased)

?? Hamman (c.1723 - 1793)

Hamman's son claimed in his Revolutionary War pension file that his father used the "German language" in their family Bible, possibly hinting at Mr. Hamman's origins.

Abraham Hamman (deceased)

Abraham Cecil Hammond (Hamman) (c.1923 - 1997)

Abraham Hamman (c.1753 - 1844)

Abraham Hamman's Revolutionary War pension file says that he was born in New Jersey around 1754. Hamman claimed that his father used the "German language" in their family Bible. On January 4, 1806, H...

Abraham Albertus hamman (deceased)

Ada Gainsford Searle (Hamman) (deceased)

Adam Hindman Hamman (1868 - 1945)

Adam(Doc) Hamman (1881 - 1945)

Adeline Hamman (deceased)

Adolf Hamman (deceased)

Agnus Human Hamman (Van der Merwe) (1906 - 1985)

Albert Hamman (deceased)

Albert Hamman (deceased)

Albert H Hamman (1893 - d.)

Albert Marthinus Hamman (deceased)

Alberthina Magdalena Hamman (deceased)

Albertina Magdalena (DUVENHAGE) (deceased)

triegaardt (deceased)

Albertina Magdalena Prinsloo (Hamman), b5c1d7e2 (deceased)

Albertus hamman (deceased)

Albertus Philipus Hamman (1959 - 2009)

albertus hendrik Hamman (deceased)

Albertus Hendrik Hamman, b5c1d5 (1831 - 1906)

Albertus Martinus Hamman (1866 - 1940)

Aletta Johanna Dorothea Steyn (Hamman), b10c9d15 (1851 - 1940)

Aletta Hendrika Malan (Hamman) (1858 - 1928)

Aletta Dorothea Roome (Hamman), b5c9d13e9 (c.1886 - 1954)

At the time of her death Aletta Dorothea lived in Johannesburg and was a secretary. She died at Pretoria General Hospital at the age of 67 years and 10 months and was, at the time, judicially separated...

Aletta Dorothea Hamman (deceased)

Alfred Tate Hamman (1884 - 1968)

Alice (Dunno) Hamman (deceased)

Alice Vermaas (Hamman) (deceased)

Alida Andriesa Steyn (Hamman) (1904 - d.)

Alida Jacoba Hamman (Ahrens) (1878 - d.)

Alida Jacoba Du Toit (Hamman) (c.1915 - 1990)

Alida Jacoba Hamman (1863 - 1947)

Alida Jacoba Faculyn Hamman (c.1835 - 1889)

Alletha Elizabeth Bekker (Hamman) (1891 - 1918)

Alton B. Hamman (1930 - 1996)

Amanda Hamman (Brobst) (1828 - 1915)

Amanda Amey (Hamman) (deceased)

Amelia Bailie ( Lalie) Hamman (Murray) (1923 - d.)

Andrew Jackson Hamman (1818 - 1853)

"Andrew J. Hammons" appears on the 1850 census as a thirty-one year old living with his wife Jane and his children; Perlina (Purlina), Thomas (William Thomas), and Christianna (Artelia Christina). He w...

Aneke Catharina Dekena Hamman (deceased)

Ann Lee Smith (Hamman) (c.1848 - d.)

Ann Lentz Hamman (deceased)

Ann Lee Hamman (deceased)

Anna Maria Catherine Bicher (Hamman) (deceased)

Anna Hamman (deceased)

Anna Marie Hottle (Hamman) (1788 - 1865)

Anna Hamman (Bosman) (c.1892 - 1924)

Anna Georgina Hamman (Roodt) (deceased)

Anna Garman (Hamman) (deceased)

Anna Magdalene Dietrich (Hamman) (1774 - 1851)

Anna Belle Lewis (1923 - 2002)

Anna Marie Hamman (Nelson) (1926 - d.)

Anna G Hamman (Hottel) (1756 - 1834)

Anna Hamman (Grobler) (deceased)

Anna Elizabeth Hamman (Butz) (1674 - 1744)

Anna Hamman (deceased)

Anna Hamman (deceased)

Anna Dorothea Hamman (Spengler) (deceased)

Anna Christina Hottle (Hamman) (deceased)

Anna Christina Hamman, b2 (1741 - d.)

Anna Cornelia (Susanna) Wilsenach (Hamman) (1882 - 1954)

Anna Debora Hamman (Bosman) (deceased)

Anna Elizabeth Hamman (Retief) (1874 - 1963)

Na haar dood het haar dogter Esperance Kelber 'n boekie oor haar lewe geskryf. Die titel is Gebedsheldin – 'n Lewenskets van Ouma Hamman.

Anna Elsabe Vermaak (Hamman) (1927 - d.)

Anna Elsabe Hamman (1849 - d.)

Anna Elsabe Hamman (deceased)

Anna Josina Hamman, b8 (c.1756 - d.)

SAG GISA Vol 3 1992 page 49 Anna x 25 Apr 1778 at Stellenbosch with Sybrand Cornelissen of Ballum,East Friesland.

Anna Margaretha Hamman, b3 (1743 - d.)

Anna Maria Hamman (deceased)

Anna Maria Vogel (Hamman) (1644 - 1692)

Peter Hammans ehelich hinterlaßene Tochter

Anna Maria Hamman (Lemmer), b1c9 (1848 - d.)

Anna Maria Fidrika Hamman (1874 - 1952)

Anna Maria Jacoba Hamman, b5c1d10 (1841 - d.)

Anna Sophia Aletta Hamman (deceased)

Annastina Christina Huddle (Hamman) (c.1752 - c.1816)

Annastina Charlotte Hamman (1750 - 1869)