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Abel Hankins, Sr. MP (c.1764 - d.)

a land deed of Frederick Co. VA dated 6 Oct 1795 said that Abel Hankin and his wife Deborah were of North Carolina. .

Abel Hankins, Jr. MP (c.1815 - c.1844)

Abel Millican Hankins MP (c.1837 - 1906)

Asa Hankins MP (c.1807 - d.)

David Hankins MP (c.1730 - c.1736)

Deborah Susannah Hankins (Churchman) MP (1734 - 1800)

Ref: MH Family Tree record only one of many giving birth location of Tennesse. Ref: MH Family Tree record2 only one of many with oct 6 1734 birth, Frederick, VA; marriage 1755 or 1762. (earlier birth...

Deborah Nation (Hankins) MP (c.1778 - c.1850)

Ref: MH Family Tree record - birth, death locations. Ref: MH Family Tree record2 Ref: MH Family Tree record3

Elizabeth Ramey (Hankins) MP (1780 - 1859)

Elizabeth Hankins (Skaggs) MP (1740 - c.1820)

Elizabeth Hankins MP (deceased)

Fielden Lewis Hankins MP (c.1789 - c.1882)

Jane Hankins (Sharp) MP (c.1738 - 1795)

Jane Elizabeth Sharp was born 1738 in Burlington County, New Jersey, and died 6 October 1795 in Frederick, Virginia. Ancestral File Number: 1048-C32 Last Will and Testament of Thomas Sharp 1 Jan 17...

Joel Hankins MP (1800 - 1838)

Joel Hankins was the nephew of Barnabas Hankins. His wife, Sarah Weeks, was the sister of Barnabas' daughter-in-law, Mary "Polly" Weeks. 1830 United States Federal Census, Joel Hankins household, Liv...

John Hankins MP (c.1760 - 1834)

Biography: John Hankins was born abt 1760 in Frederick County, Virginia [2946]. He died aft. 1833 in Hopkins County, Kentucky [2947] Parents: may have been William Hankins & Jane Sharp but further ...

John P. Hankins MP (c.1873 - d.)

John Thomas Hankins MP (c.1665 - 1748)

John Hankins, Sr. MP (c.1740 - c.1830)

HANKINS, JOHN DAR Ancestor #: A201890 Service:  VIRGINIA    Rank(s): PRIVATE, PATRIOTIC SERVICE Birth:  (CIRCA) 1740    NEW JERSEY Death:  ...

John Wesley Hankins MP (c.1798 - d.)

John C. Hankins MP (c.1878 - d.)

Joseph Hankins, Sr. MP (c.1735 - c.1770)

Katherin Hankins (Wilsheere) MP (1568 - 1603)

Leah Hankins MP (c.1842 - d.)

Mary Hankins (Clevenger) MP (c.1706 - c.1748)

Mary Clevenger was born Abt 1706 (also seen as abt 1712) in New Hanover, Burlington County, New Jersey and died after 5 April 1748 in Frederick County, Virginia. [Mary HANKINS Bond Administration: Wido...

Nimrod Hankins MP (c.1793 - 1879)

Rebecca Jane Toliver (Hankins) MP (1843 - d.)

Rebecca Hankins (Badgely) MP (1790 - 1862)

Richard Hankins, of New Sweden Colony MP (1610 - 1692)

Note: there is a Richards Hankins of Virginia as well. Note from 2002 My personal feeling is that the line starts with Richard Hankins in New Nertherlands 1658. His mirgarion to New Sweden which we c...

Richard Hankins MP (c.1733 - 1800)

HANKINS, RICHARD DAR Ancestor #: A132713 Service:  VIRGINIA    Rank: PATRIOTIC SERVICE Birth:  (ANTE) 1745    Death:  (POST) 6-25-1800�...

Robert Hankins MP (1648 - d.)

Samuel Love Hankins MP (c.1828 - 1902)

Sarah Hankins (Weeks) MP (deceased)

Sela A. Hankins MP (1835 - d.)

Thomas R. Hankins MP (c.1839 - d.)

Thomas William Hankins MP (1590 - d.)

Thomas John Hankins, of Crooked Run Creek MP (1704 - 1748)

Thomas Hankins' (b. ca 1700/09) father was John Hankins who came to New Jersey from Westchester Plantation, New York. Thomas Hankins will is located at Bk l, p. 167, Frederick Co., VA where he appoints...

Thomas Clevenger Hankins MP (1801 - 1874)

Thomas Hankins MP (c.1731 - c.1771)

William Danial Hankins MP (c.1570 - 1620)

William Danial Hankins Birth: 1570 - Hamsey, Sussex, England Death: 1620 - England Wife: Katherin Hankins (born Wilsheere) Son: Thomas William Hankins

William Hankins, Sr. MP (c.1662 - 1748)

Apparently died at the same time & place as his son Thomas (John Thomas) Hankins. -------------------- Ref: MH Family Tree record

William Hankins MP (c.1810 - d.)

William Hankins, Sr. MP (c.1734 - c.1782)

Alt birthdate of 1743. William was son of Thomas and Mary Clevenger Hankins who went to Frederick County, VA ca 1740 from New Jersey. "William d. ca 1782 in VA. His children, per his will, in Frede...

William Hankins MP (c.1827 - d.)

"Betty" Tarsia (Hankins) (deceased)

"Bud" Hankins (deceased)

"Dinky" Clyde (Hankins) (deceased)

"Hank" Hankins (deceased)

---- HANKINS (deceased)

? Hankins (deceased)

? Barr (Hankins) (deceased)

? hankins (deceased)

? hankins (deceased)

? Hankins (Stufflebeam) (deceased)

? Hankins (Drain) (deceased)

? Hankins (deceased)

? Hankins (Boone) (deceased)

? Hankins (deceased)

?? Hankins (Booker) (deceased)

A Berta Young (Hankins) (deceased)

a Hankins (deceased)

A. C. Hankins (deceased)

Aaron Hankins (1808 - 1891)

Abel Hankins (1844 - 1914)

Able Hankins, Jr. (deceased)

Abraham Hankins (1825 - 1881)

Absalom Hankins (c.1741 - d.)

Ada Maybelle Chandler (Hankins) (1887 - 1966)

Ada Hankins (Read) (deceased)

Ada Hankins (deceased)

Ada Frances Hankins (Buckley) (1895 - 1964)

Ada Marie Hankins (deceased)

Ada Hankins (Gravely) (1862 - 1925)

Find a Grave Birth: Aug. 24, 1862 Virginia, USA Death: Jun. 16, 1925 Salem Salem City Virginia, USA Married Thomas Fountain Hankins, Sr on February 13, 1884. Children of Thomas and Ada Hankin...

Addie Hankins (deceased)

Addie Hankins (Logan) (deceased)

Addison Hankins (deceased)

Aden Hankins (deceased)

Agnes Smith Hankins (deceased)

Agnes Herbert-Hankins (deceased)

Agnes Breheny Hankins (deceased)

Aimie (Ammie) Susan Ard (Hankins) (1873 - 1968)

Married and a Wednesday by W. B. Thompson in the Court House

Albert HANKINS (deceased)

Albert Hankins (c.1892 - 1943)

Albert Fredric Hankins (1887 - 1970)

Albert Hankins (deceased)

Albert Hankins (1818 - c.1870)

Albert Edwin Hankins (1921 - 1974)

Albert Cox Hankins (deceased)

Albert Cox Hankins (deceased)

Alexander Hankins (deceased)

Alexander Hankins, Sr. (deceased)

Alexander Hankins (1851 - d.)

"Alex" Hankins (1886 - d.)

Alexander Hankins (deceased)

Alfred Hankins (deceased)

Alfred Franklin Hankins (deceased)

Alice M Walker (1921 - 1997)

Alice Floy Hankins (deceased)

Alice HANKINS (deceased)

Alice Black Hankins (wilson) (deceased)

Alice Ogden Hankins (deceased)

Allen HANKINS (deceased)