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Abaslom Hanks MP (1773 - 1827)

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Abigail Hanks (Heiford) MP (1678 - 1726)

Abigail Hanks MP (c.1693 - d.)

Abigail Hanks MP (1726 - 1780)

Abner Hanks MP (c.1763 - 1846)

Abner and his father served in the Revolutionary War. Was married 6 times and had 21 children. Abner was the first white settler of Ninevah Twp. in Johnson Co., IN (now NW Indianapolis) ---------...

Abraham Hanks, Jr. MP (1770 - 1813)

Abraham Hanks MP (c.1745 - 1815)

The evidence pertaining to what had become of Abraham Hanks is indirect. Another prominent family of the time was the Glascock family. William Glascock Jr., had married Elizabeth Chichester, the member...

Absalom Hanks MP (1800 - 1872)

Absalom and Solomon were twins, born on Dec. 6th, 1800. Absalom married Harriet Climer, and had 14 children. Both of the references below list 15 children, but there is, to date, no supporting eviden...

Agatha Hanks (Dodson) MP (1749 - 1830)

Child of Thomas Dodson, III and Mary Neville. Wife of Moses Hanks. Unmarked grave

Albert Hanks MP (deceased)

Alexander Hanks MP (1734 - 1776)

He was a private in Capt. Burges Ball's Company of the 5th Virginia Regiment of the Foot under the command of Lt. Col. Josiah Parker when he died.

Alexander Hanks MP (1719 - d.)

Alice Hanks (Bell) MP (c.1539 - c.1588)

Ref: MH Family Tree record

Alice Hanks (Bell) MP (c.1558 - d.)

Reference for name: MH Family Tree record (has birth date of 1588, but that seems to be a typo.)

Amaltha Jane Loper (Hanks) MP (c.1830 - c.1891)

See Sources. Also ref: records

Amanda Hanks MP (1833 - d.)

Amy Hanks (Swift) MP (deceased)

Amy Walters (Hanks) MP (deceased)

Andrew Hanks (Hancks) MP (c.1529 - d.)

Andrew Jackson Hanks MP (1815 - 1889)

Ref: FamilyTreeMaker entry of Carey Gardner has many details of life, marriages, and children. ============================================= These descendants are reported: (and consistent with F...

Andrew Jackson Hanks MP (c.1788 - d.)

Anettie A. Maysey (Hanks) MP (1870 - d.)

Date of birth and marriage taken from marriage information: MARRIAGE BONDS OF BRECKINRIDGE COUNTY, KENTUCKY BOOK #17 22 Sept 1886 - 18 Jan 1889 Year 1887 June 1887-Dec 1887 338 Charles...

Ann Hanks MP (c.1534 - d.)

Ref: MH Family Tree record

Ann Hanks MP (1725 - d.)

Ann "Nanny" Hanks (Lee) MP (c.1742 - c.1794)

Joseph & Ann migrated to Mercer County, Kentucky 1784, to Nelson County 1787. Alternate dates: Birth Date c. 1728; Death Date c. 1808 (which would give an age of ~80).

Annie Hanks (.) MP (deceased)

Annie H. Hanks MP (1788 - d.)

Artemisia Evans (Hanks) MP (1837 - 1898)

Asa Hanks MP (1764 - 1822)

Austin Jerome Hanks MP (1845 - c.1944)

Name: Austin J Hanks Titles: Residence: Willmington City (east half), Clinton, Ohio Birth date: Apr 1845 Birthplace: Ohio Relationship to head-of-household: Self Spouse's name: Sarah C Hank...

Benjamin Hanks, Jr. MP (1702 - 1787)

Birth: Jul. 16, 1702 Pembroke Plymouth County Massachusetts, USA Death: Jan. 10, 1787 Mansfield Tolland County Connecticut, USA Benjamin Hanks Jr. was the son of Benjamin Hanks Sr. and Abigail Heif...

Benjamin Hanks MP (1738 - 1810)

Benjamin Hanks, Sr. MP (1665 - 1755)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------Notes for BENJAMIN HANKS, SR.: All of the branches of the Hanks Family in England and America see...

Benjamin William Hanks, Jr MP (1779 - 1822)

Married Rebecca Polly Barton on 12-25-1803. She was born in Hunterdon N.J. William Benjamin and Rebecca Polly are buried on the Hanks Farm, or it was called the Cave Farm then. Ref: FindAGrave memo...

Benjamin Hanks MP (1788 - 1843)

Last Will & Testament of Benjamin Hanks I, Benjamin Hanks, of the County of Lake, in the State of Ohio, do make and publish this, my last will and testament in manner and form following, Amen. 1st,...

Private Benson Hanks MP (1835 - 1909)

Served in the civil war.Co.B 87th Pa Infantry. Drafted 6-3-1864 and Discharged 6-29-1865. Benson and his father John did the brick work for the McKindree church. They were founding members. ---------...

Burrell Hanks MP (deceased)

Caroline Hawks (Hanks) MP (1837 - 1892)

Caroline's father is a 1st cousin of President Abraham Lincoln. DEATH: Kirwin, Kansas Newspaper "A Terrible Accident." Last Saturday morning about ten o'clock, the people of Kirwin were shocked to ...

Caroline Hall (Hanks) MP (c.1836 - c.1894)

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Catharine Hanks MP (c.1834 - d.)

Catharine Hanks (Ross) MP (deceased)

Solomon had a total of 14 children. ========================== From FindAGrave : Wife of Solomon Hanks, m.7/28/1825 Ross Co., OH. They had 9 children: Phillip R. Hanks 1826-4/14/1906 Ma...

Catherine Hanks MP (1721 - d.)

Catherine Ellis (Hanks) MP (c.1573 - d.)

Ref: MH Family Tree record

Catherine Hanks (Williams) MP (c.1695 - c.1780)

Cecelia Wright (Hanks) MP (c.1814 - 1844)

From FindAGrave memorial Cecelia aka Celia married John Dunham Wright on Nov. 4, 1832 in Macon Co., IL. Celia and John had 7 children: Marvin, Hannah Elizabeth, William Linneous, Priscilla, John ...

Cecilia Hanks MP (c.1850 - d.)

Cecilia Hanks MP (deceased)

Charles Hanks MP (c.1841 - c.1870)

Charles Addison Hanks MP (1841 - d.)

Charles Hanks MP (c.1770 - c.1828)

Charlotte Hanks MP (deceased)

Chester Malon Hanks MP

Chloe Additon (Hanks) MP (1737 - d.)

Colin Hanks MP

Actor Colin Hanks rose to fame playing Alex Whitman on the sci-fi series Roswell. He has since appeared on The O.C., Orange County, the 2005 remake of King Kong, roles in several movies that debuted in...

Creed Harris Hanks MP (c.1816 - c.1850)

Cuthbart Million Hanks MP (1814 - d.)

Dawson Hanks MP (1717 - 1807)

Dennis Friend Hanks MP (1799 - 1892)

DENNIS HANKS (1799-1892). President Lincoln's cousin-once-removed, foster brother, and step-brother-in-law. He is the child of Charles Friend and Nancy Hall (Hanks), although they did not marry. Born...

Ebenezer Hanks MP (1815 - 1884)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary: "... Ebenezer Hanks (1815-1884) was an early California settler during the gold rush of 1849. Hanks was born on 11 February 1815 in Argyle, Washington County, New York...

Edmond Hanks MP (c.1602 - d.)

Ref: MH Family Tree record

Eleanor Dodson (Hanks) MP (1717 - c.1782)

Rev. Elijah Hanks MP (1793 - 1871)

Birth: Dec. 12, 1793 Pittsylvania County Virginia, USA Death: Aug. 12, 1871 Maury County Tennessee, USA Son of Moses Hanks and Agatha Dodson. Married Mary Woolverton 6 Jun 1811 in Maury County, TN....

Elijah Hanks MP (1766 - c.1821)

Elinor Hanks MP (1709 - c.1733)

Elizabeth Hanks (Lloyd) MP (1785 - d.)

Elizabeth Hanks (Ryan) MP (c.1759 - c.1803)

Elizabeth Hanks (Lee) MP (c.1627 - 1702)

Elizabeth Hanks (Hood) MP (1778 - 1858)

Elizabeth Jane Best (Hanks) MP (1800 - 1874)

Elizabeth Hanks MP (1839 - d.)

Elizabeth Sparrow (Hanks) MP (1771 - 1818)

ELIZABETH HANKS (1771-1818). Married 1796 Mercer County, Kentucky, Thomas Sparrow (c.1770-1818), brother of her sister Lucey's husband. Resided in Mercer and Hardin Counties, Kentucky. Since they wer...

Elizabeth Hanks (Wyatt) MP (1739 - 1830)

Elizabeth Hanks MP (1668 - 1746)

Elizabeth Hanks (Hancks) MP (c.1540 - d.)

Elizabeth Woolard (Hanks) MP (1720 - c.1788)

Children: Catharine Woolard John Woolard Winifred Woolard Joseph Woolard Richard Woolard

Elizabeth Hanks MP (1825 - d.)

Elizabeth Hanks (Dale) MP (1758 - d.)

Elizabeth Hanks (Glasscock) MP (c.1700 - c.1750)

Elizabeth Hanks (Hall) MP (c.1766 - 1844)

========================== From FindAGrave: Daughter of James and Elizabeth Hall. Elizabeth married William Hanks on Sep. 12 1793 in Bardstown, Nelson County, KY. William and Elizabeth had 11 known...

Elizabeth "Isabel" Hanks (Berger) MP (c.1474 - d.)

Ref: MH Family Tree

Elizabeth Hanks MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Meador (Hanks) MP (1804 - 1870)

Elizabeth Hanks MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Hanks (Knatzear) MP (1804 - 1879)

Elizabeth Hanks MP (1814 - 1849)

Elizabeth Hanks (Grace) MP (c.1602 - 1610)

Ref: MH Family Tree record - birth name as Grace. (One other gave first name as Grace; most have as 'unknown') -- in other words, her name is not known.

Elizabeth Hanks (Kitchens) MP (1811 - 1896)

Elizabeth Hanks MP (1813 - 1830)

Elizabeth Hanks MP (c.1681 - d.)

Ellen Hanks (Perdue) MP (1848 - 1934)

Emeli Hanks (McKinney) MP (deceased)

Emeline Josephine Tate Hanks (Meredith) MP (c.1850 - d.)

Emily Pulse (Hanks) MP (1839 - 1879)

Emily Malissa Truman (Hanks) MP (1846 - 1941)

Ephraim Knowlton Hanks MP (1826 - 1896)

Biographical Summary: "... Ephraim Knowlton Hanks was born 21 March, 1826, in Madison, Lake County, Ohio, to Benjamin Hanks and Martha Knowlton. At 16 years of age, Eph ran away from home, and work...

Epiphroditus Hanks MP (1747 - 1848)

Esther L. Hanks (Williams) MP (c.1806 - 1868)

Aged 62 years; Wife of E. Hanks. Ref: FindAGrave memorial .

Fidelia Hanks MP (1812 - d.)

Fielden Hanks MP (1812 - d.)

Fielding Hanks MP (1784 - 1861)

Historical Sketches by Joe Nickell Fielding Hanks, son of Abraham, and presumed uncle of Abraham Lincoln was one of Morgan County's founding magistrates. Tradition says that plentiful game lured him fr...