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Abiel [Abigail] Abiel Harrington MP (1712 - c.1787)

Abraham Herrington, 1620 MP (c.1620 - 1677)

Agnes (Harrington) Assheton MP (c.1473 - c.1557)

'Agnes Harrington1 'F, d. circa 1493 Father Sir James Harington2,1 b. 1448, d. 26 Jun 1497 Mother Isabella Radcliffe2,1 d. 20 Jun 1497 ' Agnes Harrington married Sir Thomas Ashton, son of Sir J...

Agnes Radcliffe (Harrington) MP (c.1420 - 1490)

Alice Standish (Harrington) MP (c.1471 - 1537)

Ann Harrington (Clinton) MP (c.1595 - 1632)

B: 1595/96 Newcastle, Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England D: 25 Dec 1632 Charlestown, Suffolk, Massachusetts Links Discussion from WARNING: the genealogy of our subject, that is, the...

Anna Harrington (Rice) MP (1678 - 1727)

Anne Harrington MP (c.1590 - d.)

From the book, "Baronetage of England," printed for John Stockdale, published in 1806: Sir John Molineux, 1st Baronet Molineux of Teversal, married twice. He married first, Isabel, daughter of John Mar...

Azubah Harrington MP (1762 - d.)

Charles Henry Harrington MP (1875 - 1912)

Wikipedia give his home town as Washington, D.C., USA Name: Mr Charles Henry Harrington Born: 1875 Age: 37 years Occupation: Servant to Mr Clarence Bloomfield Moore 1st Class passenger ...

Edith Harrington MP (1250 - 1353)

Edward Harrington MP (1669 - 1736)

Elijah Harrington MP (1734 - 1811)

Elisha Harrington MP (c.1693 - 1777)

Elizabeth (Bradshagh) Harrington MP (c.1403 - d.)

Elizabeth is the dau. of William Bradshagh and Johanna. ------------------------------ ------ Ancestral roots of certain American colonists who came to America before ... By Frederick Lewis Weis, Wa...

Elizabeth (Ellinor) Harrington MP (c.1545 - 1618)

Elizabeth Norrys (Harrington) MP (1403 - d.)

Elizabeth Harrington was born in 1403. She was also known as Percival.[1] Parents: daughter and heiress of Sir James Harrington (1375-1417), Esquire, of Westby Lane; and Ellen Urswick (born about 1...

Elizabeth Harrington MP (c.1550 - c.1583)

Elizabeth Harrington (Dacre) MP (1408 - 1485)

Elizabeth Harriet Harrington (Hudson) MP (1804 - 1898)

From her Find A Grave page: Elizabeth Harriet Hudson Harrington Birth: Sep. 3, 1804 - Marion County, South Carolina, USA Death: Aug. 17, 1898 - Darlington County, South Carolina, USA MR...

Elizabeth Norreys (Molyneux-Harrington) MP (c.1398 - c.1428)

SOURCES: LDS FHL Ancestal File # ( AWTP: "Thorns among the roses" Holly Forrest Tamer (who cites: "Complete Peerage of England Scotland Ireland Great Britain ...

Elizabeth Wilbore (Harrington/Thickines) MP (c.1562 - 1624)

Her father was not Robert Harrington; she was a Thickens, though married to a Robert Harrington before her marriage to Nicholas Wilbore. NICHOLAS3 WILBORE (NICHOLAS2, THOMAS1) was born in Braintree, ...

Esther Harrington MP (1660 - 1728)

Ethelreda Harrington (Malte) MP (c.1532 - c.1559)

from "ETHELREDA, AUDREY or ESTHER MALTE (c.1526-c.1555) Ethelreda Malte, also called Audrey and Esther, was the daughter of John Malte (d.1547), Henry VIII’s tailor, and Joanna Dyngley, although so...

Helen Molyneux (Harrington) MP (1400 - d.)

Sir Henry Harrington MP (deceased)

Isabel Harrington MP (c.1387 - 1445)

There are three different parents listed in the references. Which is correct, Robert Harrington & Isabel Loring, Nicholas Harrington & Isabel English or John Harrington? 'Elizabeth HARRINGTON 'Bo...

Isabel Kathrine Harrington MP (c.1405 - 1441)

Isabel de Harrington (English) MP (c.1351 - 1400)

ID: I15250 Name: Isabel ENGLISH Given Name: Isabel Surname: ENGLISH Sex: F Birth: 1344-1345 Death: Bef 1397 _UID: CE8AD904413545F88CC289E6826A64 675C9C Change Date: 27 Jan 2000 at 20:37 ...

Isabella Harrington MP (c.1364 - 1414)

was born about 1364 in , Knowsley, Lancashire, England Children were: Sir Thomas STANLEY Knight Lord of Lathom, Richard STANLEY, Edward STANLEY, Alice STANLEY, Isabel STANLEY, William STANLEY, John S...

Isabella Harrington (Radcliffe) MP (c.1450 - 1497)

RADCLIFFE1 Isabella RADCLIFFE Born: 1445, Ordsall, Lancashire, England Died: 20 Jun 1497 / 20 Jun 1518, Brixworth, Northamptonshire, England Father: Alexander RADCLIFFE of Ordsall (Sir Knight) ...

Sir James Harrington MP (c.1443 - 1497)

'Sir James Harington1,2 'M, b. 1448, d. 26 June 1497 Father Sir William Harington b. c 1422, d. 12 Aug 1487 Mother Elizabeth Pilkington ' Sir James Harington was born in 1448 at of Old Hall, La...

Sir James Harrington "Esquire of Westby Lane" MP (c.1375 - 1417)

Records of the family of Urswyk, Urswick, or Urwick By Thomas Augustus Urwick, William Urwick ------------------------------ ------------------------------ -----------------------

Sir James Harrington of Exton MP (c.1511 - 1592)

James Harington (by 1517-92), of Exton, Rutland Biographical notes from HARINGTON, James I (by 1517-92), of Exton, Rutland. The Haringtons were the leading landowners in Rutland, and Haringto...

Jennet Ashton (Harrington) MP (1474 - c.1519)

Joan Harrington MP (1455 - c.1529)

about - Joan Harrington - 'Our Royal,Titled, Noble & Commoner Ancestors & cousins'. says Joan was b. 1425 ID: I18754 Name: Joan Harrington Heiress Of Doncaster 1 Sex: F Title: Heiress Of Doncaster

Joanna Tainter (Harrington) MP (1699 - d.)

Sir John Harrington of Hornby MP (1421 - d.)

John Harington of Stepney MP (c.1525 - 1582)

) John Harington (or Harrington) (fl. 1550) was an English official working for Henry VIII, and husband to one of his reputed illegitimate children, Ethelreda Malte. ------------------------------ -...

John Harrington (Harington), of Farleton MP (c.1304 - 1359)

Sir John Harington of Farleton (c. 1307, Farleton, Melling Parish, Lancashire, England; died 1359). See genealogical diagram, attached. Parents: Sir John DE HARINGTON 1st Baron Harington of Aldingham...

Sir John Harrington of Exton MP (c.1503 - 1589)

From Sir John Harington is the son of Sir John Harington and Alice Southill. He married Elizabeth Moton. He served as Treasurer to the Army of Henry VIII at Boulogne. He lived Exton. ...

John George Harrington MP (c.1651 - 1741)

Died before August 10, 1741 in Waltham, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Harrington, not Herrington or Herrindon, per

Rev. John W. Harrington MP (1790 - 1859)

John de Harrington, Baron Harington MP (1384 - 1417)

Sir James Harrington MP (c.1595 - 1630)

Apparently drowned in Boston Harbor -------------------- He drowned in Plymouth, MA, USA, in 1631. -- Harrington Genealogical Gazetteer, by George Harrington, CS71.H311 1939 When John Harrington arri...

Margaret Lumley (Harrington) MP (1411 - d.)

JUST A NOTE : all the accendung Tree information was gathered from the Smith-Goodale-Caldwell family tree on I have attempted to copy accurately, however I may have made mistakes in transf...

Margaret Pilkington (Harrington) MP (c.1427 - d.)

From Jorge Castelli' Tudor Place page on the Harringtons: Margaret HARRINGTON Born: ABT 1427, Westleigh, Lancashire, England Father: Richard HARRINGTON (Sir Knight) Mother: Elizabeth BRADSH...

Margaret Harrington (de Neville) MP (c.1386 - 1443)

ID: I18488 Name: Margaret DE NEVILLE Given Name: Margaret Surname: DE NEVILLE Sex: F Birth: 1386 in England Death: in England _UID: F4582E98092A4084A59E6E28D0E1F6 8C1533 Change Date: 12 ...

Margaret de Harrington MP (c.1475 - d.)

Joan Harrington (Dacre) (c.1283 - c.1347)

JUST A NOTE : all the accending Tree information was gathered from the Smith-Goodale-Caldwell family tree on I have attempted to copy accurately, however I may have made mistakes in transf...

Lady Mary Harrington MP (c.1571 - c.1634)

Mary Rogers was the daughter of Sir George Rogers of Carrington, Somersetshire (1540-1587) and Joan or Jane Winter (c.1545-1602). She married Sir John Harington of Kelston (1561-November 20, 1612) an...

Mary Harrington (Brown) MP (1662 - 1732)

Mary Harrington (Olington) MP (1669 - 1725)

Maude Coppledike (Harrington) MP (c.1318 - 1338)

'Maude Harrington 'F, b. circa 1318 Father Sir John Harington d. 1 Aug 1359 Mother Katherine Banastre d. 7 Aug 1359 ' Maude Harrington was born circa 1318 at of Harrington, Lincolnshire, Englan...

Melinda Parthenia Crawford (Harrington) MP (1830 - d.)

Mercy Tefft (Harrington) MP (1722 - d.)

Michael de Harrington MP (deceased)

Mindwell Harrington MP (1697 - 1700)

Sir Nicholas Harrington, Lord of Farleton MP (1347 - c.1397)

ID: I15249 Name: Nicholas DE HARINGTON Given Name: Nicholas Surname: DE HARINGTON Prefix: Sir Sex: M Birth: 1345 in Farleton, Lancashire, England Death: Bef 8 Feb 1404 _UID: A1DC26D765C...

Rachel Herrington or Harrington MP (1777 - 1858)

Rebecca Gibson (Harrington/Herendeen) MP (1650 - 1713)

Richard Harrington MP (c.1400 - c.1466)

'Sir Richard Harington1 'M, b. circa 1400, d. 1467 Father Sir James Harington, Constable of Liverpool Castle. d. Sep 1417 Mother Ellen Urswick b. c 1376, d. a 1 Sep 1432 ' Sir Richard Harington...

Sir Robert de Harrington MP (deceased)

Robert Harrington MP (c.1616 - 1707)

buried in Arlington St. Cemetery, Watertown. Note: Robert Harrington's name is the last on the list of proprietors,made out 1642-44. He then owned a homestall, "given him byThomas Hastings." This gif...

Lord Robert de Haverington (Baron) (de Harrington) MP (c.1356 - 1406)

'A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain and ... (1835) Vol. II SIR RICHARD DE HODLESTON, one of the heroes of AGINCOURT, and made a KNIGHT BANNERET on that celebrat...

Samuel Herendeen Harrington MP (1666 - c.1712)

Sarah Livermore (Harrington) MP (1693 - 1741)

Sarah Bennett (Harrington) MP (c.1704 - 1741)

Sarah Melissa Harrington MP (deceased)

4-4-1959: Wiley A. Harrington's will was probated. To my beloved wife: Margaret Harrington all my land where I now live and my personal property during her widowhood or natural life. Then to be divid...

Simeon Harrington MP (1778 - d.)

Susanna Harrington (Ruttenburg) MP (c.1699 - 1742)

Susannah Harrington (George) MP (c.1622 - 1694)


Thomas Harrington MP (deceased)

Thomas de Harrington MP (deceased)

Sir Thomas Harrington, Kt. MP (c.1400 - 1460)

Waite Harrington (Angell) MP (1785 - 1853)

William Harrington MP (1660 - 1727)

William Harrington MP (1515 - 1533)

William de Harrington MP (deceased)

Sir William Harrington of Hornby MP (c.1373 - 1440)

ID: I18490 Name: William HARINGTON Given Name: William Surname: HARINGTON Prefix: Sir Sex: M Birth: 1373 in Hornby, Lancashire, England Death: 22 Feb 1439 in Hornby Castle, Lancashire, En...

William Harrington MP (c.1425 - 1488)

'Sir William Harington1 'M, b. circa 1422, d. 12 August 1487 Father Sir Richard Harington b. c 1400, d. 1467 Mother Elizabeth Bradshaw b. 1402 ' Sir William Harington was born circa 1422 at of ...

Harrington (deceased)

Harrington (deceased)

HARRINGTON (c.1775 - d.)

Harrington (deceased)

Harrington (c.1605 - d.)

HARRINGTON (deceased)

Harrington (deceased)

(1643) Ella Mary Harrington (Crutchfield) (1897 - c.1936)

(perhaps) Thomas Harrington (deceased)

(perhaps) Aaron Harrington (deceased)

(shipwrecked Dursey Island) Harrington (Causkey) (deceased)

(unknown) Harrington (deceased)

(Unknown) Harrington (deceased)

+ Thorold (Harrington) (deceased)

? Harrington (deceased)

? Harrington (deceased)

? Harrington (deceased)

? Harrington (?) (deceased)

? Harrington/Herendeen (?) (deceased)