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2nd wife ibn Yachya HaZaken MP (c.1265 - d.)

Asher haZaken haSofer al-Pembeditha (ibn Habibi) MP (c.719 - c.800)

bat R. Joseph Klonymides (Hazaken) MP (deceased)

Eliyahu haZaken MP (deceased)

Gedalia גדליא ben Shlomo ibn Yaḥyā haZaken, Don MP (1295 - 1385)

Reference: "Divrei ha-Yamim le-Bnei Yahya,( דברי הימים לבני יחייא )" , by E...

Hillel Hazaken הלל הזקן, נשיא הסנהדרין - 'The Elder' grandfather of Gamaliel I MP (c.-110 - c.10)

Hillel the Elder הלל הזקן (author of "The Golden Rule") Hillel (הלל) (born Babylon traditionally c.110BCE-10CE in Jerusalem) was a ...

Rabban Gamliel II of Yavne רבן גמליאל ד-יבנה, נשיא הסנהדרין ביבנה MP (c.55 - c.118)

Rabban Gamliel, רבן גמליאל דיבנה‎ was the first person to lead the sanhedrin as nasi after the f...

Rabbi Meir ben Yehudah HaKohen HaZaken al-Khazari, Rabbi MP (deceased)

JEWISH KINGDOM OF KHAZARIA Khazaria accepted Judaism c.740CE [KHAJ341] King Nisi of Khazaria m. ? . [KHAJ351] King Aaron I of Khazaria m. ? *. . [KHAJ361] King Menahem of Khazaria m. . ...

Shlomo ben Isaac haLevi haZaken (HaLevi) MP (c.1532 - c.1600)

Solomon (II) the Elder (Salonica, 1532–1600) became one of the leading scholars and most prolific writers of the Ottoman Empire during the sixteenth century. In his youth, he studied Talmud with...

wife Raban Gamliel I Hazaken, אשת רבן גמליאל הזקן MP (deceased)

Yosef ibn Yahya HaZaken MP (1210 - 1264)

Reference: "Divrei ha-Yamim le-Bnei Yahya,( דברי הימים לבני יחייא )" , by E...

Yosef ibn Yachya HaMeshorer (ibn Yachya Hazaken) MP (c.1305 - d.)

Reference: "Divrei ha-Yamim le-Bnei Yahya,( דברי הימים לבני יחייא )" , by E...

Abraham ben Moshes Algazi haZaken (1560 - 1640)

The Algazis were a noted Turkish rabbinical family from the sixteenth through the nineteenth century. Their origins lay in the city of Bursa, near Istanbul. The family was founded by Abraham ben Moses ...

Devorah bat Yehudah ben Meir ha-Kohen HaZaken (deceased)

Gamliel HaZaken (deceased)

Hezekiah Hazaken / חזקיה הזקן (deceased)

Descendant of Benjamin ?

Hezkia Hazaken HaZaken (deceased)

Hilel HaZaken (deceased)

Hillel הלל הזקן הבבלי Hazaken (Hazokein) (deceased)

Moshe ben Nehemiah ben Asher haZaken (c.760 - d.)

Nehemiah ben Asher haZaken (c.740 - 805)

Rabban Gamliel HaZaken (deceased)

Rabbi Avraham Azulay HaZaken (deceased)

His grandson speaks of him as having lived in Fez.

Rav Yehuda Lowy HaZaken (deceased)

Solomon Hazaken (deceased)

wife Uzziah Hazaken ben Shlomo Hazaken אשת עוזיה הזקן בן שלמה הזקן (deceased)

wife, Shehnya ben Eliab (bat Hillel HaZaken) (c.-90 - d.)

Yehuda Loew ben Bezalel (Hazaken) (b. - 1440)

Yehudah Loew Hazaken (deceased)