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Angelo Heilprin MP (1853 - 1907)

Angelo Heilprin (March 31, 1853 – July 17, 1907) was an American geologist, paleontologist, naturalist, and explorer. He is mostly known for the part he took into the Peary expedition to Gre...

R' Eliezer Lipman, A.B.D. Tarnogrod MP (c.1630 - d.)

Daughter married Avraham Weisblum ancestor of the Noam Elimelech. Family Tree

R' Jehiel Michel Heilprin, Admor of Berezno MP (b. - 1848)

R' Jehiel (Yehiel) Michel Heilprin, Admor of Berezno - רבי יחיאל מיכל היילפר...

R' Joel Heilprin, Baal Shem Tov of Zamosc, the elder MP (c.1635 - d.)

HEILPRIN, JOEL BEN ISAAC: Polish Ḥasidic rabbi; lived at Ostrog in the middle of the seventeenth century. He was known as "Ba'al Shem I.," and, owing to his Talmudic and cabalistic learning, e...

R' Joel Heilprin, Baal Shem Tov MP (deceased)

Michael Heilprin MP (1823 - 1888)

Michael Heilprin (Hungarian: Heilprin Mihály, 1823 – 1888) was a Polish-American Jewish biblical scholar, critic, and writer, born at Piotrków, Russian Poland, to Jewish parent...

Yechiel Heilprin (Seder Hadorot) MP (1660 - 1742)

Jehiel ben Solomon Heilprin (ca. 1660–ca. 1746) was a Lithuanian rabbi, kabbalist, and chronicler---he was one of the most eminent Talmudists of his time, a descendant of Solomon Luria, and trac...

2nd Wife of R' Issachar Dov Rokeah (Heilprin) (deceased)

? Heilprin (Shapira) (deceased)

? Heilprin (deceased)

? Segal (Heilprin) (deceased)

R' Aaron Heilprin (1889 - 1943)

Abraham Heilprin (deceased)

R' Abraham Solomon Halpern (Heilprin) of Rohatyn (deceased)

R' Abraham Samuel Heilprin, Admur Berezno (b. - 1918)

R' Abraham Heilprin (deceased)

Adassa Loveman (Heilprin) (deceased)

Alexander Heilprin in Vitebsk (deceased)

Alexander Heilprin (deceased)

Alexander Heilprin (deceased)

Amelia Silver (Heilprin) (deceased)

Annie Horwitz (Heilprin) (deceased)

R' Aryey Leib Heliprin (deceased)

Avraham Ben Moshe Ashkenazi-Heilprin (c.1580 - c.1649)

Avraham (of Lublin) Heilprin (deceased)

R' Baruch Josefow (Heilprin) (b. - 1936)

Bat-Sheva Heilprin (Brandwein) (1934 - 1968)

1913--1996- The Eger Family Association- pg. 35

Batya Gittel Isaac Halprin (deceased)

Beila bat Leib of Premsla Heilprin (Premsla) (deceased)

Ben-Zion Halprin (Heilprin) (1614 - d.)

Benjamin Heilprin (b. - 1882)

R' BenZion Halpert, A.B.D. Hajdunanas (Nonos) (1861 - 1919)

Bernard B Heilprin (1909 - 1994)

Blume Lipschutz (Heilprin) (deceased)

Bracha Perlow (Heilprin) (deceased)

Braha Bergsztejn (Heilprin) (1889 - 1960)

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Celia Pollak (Heilprin) (1850 - 1911)

Chaya Liba Heilprin (Paltrowicz) (b. - 1929)

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Chaya 7.41 Zakheim (deceased)

Cili Heilprin (c.1901 - c.1944)

Daughter Heilprin (Epstein) (deceased)

Daughter Heilprin (deceased)

Daughter Ashkenazi-Heilprin (deceased)

David Heilprin (1862 - d.)

David ben Isaac Heilprin (1635 - d.)

Deborah Press (Heilprin) (deceased)

Dina Za'k (Heilprin) (deceased)

Rabbi of Ladi family book (Hebrew)

Dobrish Heilprin (Babad) (deceased)

<private> heilprin (falk)

Dreizel Heilprin-Abba Mari (Bunim-Meisels) (deceased)

Edna Heilprin (Rubenstein) (deceased)

Elchanan Heilprin (deceased)

Elchanon Heilbrun (pre Heilprin) (1525 - d.)

Eliezer Heilprin (deceased)

Eliezer ben Mordechai Lezer Charit Heilprin (1648 - c.1701)

Eliezer Lipman Heilprin (deceased)

Eliyahu Zalman Eli Zalmans Halperin (Heilprin) (b. - 1874)

Elizer Lipman Heilprin Pulvermacher (deceased)

Esther Heilprin (deceased)

Esther Beila Heilprin (Globus) (b. - 1848)

Fanny Horwitz (Heilprin) (c.1831 - 1876)

Fayge Heilprin (b. - 1857)

Feiga-Malca Heilprin (c.1837 - d.)

Feige Heilprin (deceased)

Feigel Heilprin (deceased)

Feigel Swinn (Heilprin) (deceased)

Feivel Meir Heilprin (deceased)

Feiwel Heilprin (deceased)

Feiwel Heilprin (deceased)

Gaon Rabbi Yisrael Heilprin (deceased)

Gertrude Smolev (Heilprin) (deceased)

Giles Fabian Heilprin (1853 - 1943)

Giles Fabian Heilprin (1853 - 1943)

Gittel Heilprin (Alecsanderov) (deceased)

Giza Gizela HEILPRIN (c.1865 - d.)

Gizi Heilprin (c.1916 - c.1944)

Great Grand-daughter of Yehiel Heilprin Shapira Heilprin (deceased)

Haim Ben Heilprin (1725 - d.)

Henrietta Heilprin (deceased)

Hermina Hencshe Rot (Heilprin) (c.1859 - c.1943)

Hesia Heilprin (Heschel) (1664 - d.)

HoRav Avrohom Zerach Aryeh Yehuda Leibish Halpern (Heilprin) (deceased)

Authored the Torah commentary "Imrei Yehuda."

HoRav Naftali Hertz Heilprin, ABD Brezhan (1775 - 1844)

Student of HoRav Yitzchok Yaakov, the Chozeh, or Seer, of Lublin.

Irene Straus (Heilprin) (1923 - 1988)

Irma Heilprin (deceased)

R' Isaac Heilprin (b. - 1939)

Isaac Heilprin (1827 - 1900)

R' Isaac Heilprin, Admur of Berezno (b. - 1865)

R' Isaiah Heilprin (deceased)

Isidor Heilprin (c.1897 - d.)

Israel Heilprin (deceased)

R' Israel Jacob Heilprin of Lesko (b. - 1874)

issac aisek Yitzhak Aisek Heilprin (deceased)

Ita Halberstadt (Heilprin) (deceased)

Itchak Heilprin Pulvermacher (c.1670 - c.1736)

Jaakow Mosche Hildesheim (Heilprin) (c.1498 - d.)

ou Jacob Moses Hildesheimer

Jacob Koppel Heilprin of Bialystok (b. - c.1853)

the above-mentioned Isak Dawidowicz ZABLUDOWSKI, exploited the nearby Bialowieska government forests and chopped down their famous oaks and transported them abroad. He became a very wealthy man from th...

R' Jacob Koppel Heilprint (deceased)

R' Jacob Halpern, A.B.D. Kreszow (b. - 1536)

Jacob Halpern (Heilprin) (1698 - 1748)