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David Hemmings MP (1941 - 2003)

Date of Birth 18 November 1941, Guildford, Surrey, England, UK Date of Death 3 December 2003, Bucharest, Romania (heart attack) Birth Name David Leslie Edward Hemmings Height 5' 8" (1.73 m) Min...

Nolan Hemmings MP

Nolan Hemmings (born 1970) is an English stage and film actor. Hemmings is the son of actor/director David Hemmings and actress Gayle Hunnicutt. He is named after his father's character, Captain No...

Sarah "Sally" Hemings MP (c.1773 - c.1835)

Sally Hemings (Shadwell, Albemarle County, Virginia, circa 1773 – Charlottesville, Virginia, 1835) was an American slave owned by Thomas Jefferson. She is said to have been the half-sister of Je...

Hemmings (1820 - d.)

Hemmings-John (deceased)

Hemmings (deceased)

"Gran Sis" Hemmings (deceased)

??? Hemmings (deceased)

Ada Sophia Rose Hemmings (Wiblin) (1899 - 1958)

Albert Hemmings (deceased)

Albert Hemmings (deceased)

Albert Hemmings (deceased)

Alexander Hemmings (1902 - 1921)

Alfred Hemmings (deceased)

Alfred Hemmings (deceased)

alice hemmings (gladstone) (1869 - d.)

Alice Hemmings (deceased)

Alice Hemmings (deceased)

Alice Dixon (Hemmings) (1862 - 1904)

alvin hemmings (deceased)

Amy Hemmings (deceased)

Amy Rosina Hemmings (deceased)

Anders Gunnuldsen Hemmings-Augland (1731 - 1802)

Anna "Myrtle" (Q) Hemmings (Quisenberry) (1883 - 1970)

Anne Fricker (Hemmings) (1826 - 1882)

Annie Hemmings (c.1862 - d.)

Annie Hemmings (deceased)

Annie Hemmings (1883 - 1949)

Annie M Hemmings (deceased)

Anthony Hemmings (deceased)

Arthur Leonard Hemmings (1914 - 2005)

arthur charles hemmings (deceased)

Ayiku Hemmings-John (Fraser) (deceased)

Bernard Hemmings (deceased)

Bertha Hemmings (deceased)

Beryl J Hemmings (Crowfoot) (1917 - d.)

Besey May Hemmings (Hunter) (deceased)

Brian Hemmings (deceased)

Brian Hemmings (deceased)

Brita Hemmings'dr (1648 - 1732)

Carrie Hemmings (deceased)

cecil hemmings (deceased)

Charles Hemmings (1790 - d.)

<private> Hemmings (deceased)

Charles Hemmings (1808 - d.)

Charlotte Hemmings (1815 - d.)

Charlotte Walledge (Hemmings) (c.1873 - d.)

Cheyl Ann Hemmings (deceased)

Christine (Crete) Hemmings (1894 - 1958)

Cissy Hemmings (deceased)

Daisy Hemmings (deceased)

Daniel Hemmings (deceased)

Daniel Hemmings (deceased)

David Hemmings (c.1679 - d.)

David hemmings (deceased)

Dennis Hemmings (deceased)

Deykin Hemmings (deceased)

Dollie Hemmings (Dennison) (deceased)

Donald Eugene Hemmings (1933 - 2010)

Dora Mcneice (Hemmings) (deceased)

dorothy hemmings (deceased)

Dorothy Hemmings (deceased)

Dorothy Beadon (Hemmings) (b. - c.1943)

Dotothea Hemmings MÜNTER (deceased)

Edward Hemmings (1801 - d.)

Edward Hemmings (1781 - d.)

Edward Hemmings (1755 - d.)

Edward Hemmings (deceased)

Edward Ernest Hemmings (1859 - 1913)

Edward Ernest Hemmings (c.1853 - d.)

Eileen Hemmings (Wallis) (deceased)

Eleanor Jane Hemmings (b. - 1918)

Elisabet Hemmings (deceased)

Elise Hemmings (deceased)

Eliza Hemmings (deceased)

Eliza Hemmings (deceased)

Eliza Hemmings (deceased)

Eliza Hemmings (1848 - d.)

Elizabeth Hemmings (1827 - 1904)

Elizabeth Hemmings (1863 - 1944)

Elizabeth Hemmings (Sale) (1612 - d.)

Elizabeth Gegg (Hemmings) (deceased)

Elizabeth Hemmings (deceased)

Elizabeth Hemmings (Jones) (deceased)

Elizabeth Perry (Hemmings) (deceased)

Elizabeth Moffett (Hemmings) (1654 - 1690)

Elizabeth Whittaker (Hemmings) (deceased)

Elizabeth Benfield (Hemmings) (1838 - d.)

Elizabeth Hemmings (deceased)

Elizabeth Moffett (Hemmings) (c.1654 - c.1690)

Elizabeth Hemmings (1654 - 1690)

Elizabeth Perry (Hemmings) (deceased)

Elizabeth Hemmings (deceased)

Elizabeth Hemmings (deceased)

Elizabeth Hemmings (deceased)

Elizabeth Agnes Judd (Hemmings) (c.1864 - d.)

Elizabeth Zara McKune (Hemmings) (1918 - d.)

Elizabeth Jane Hemmings (c.1813 - 1853)

ELLEN Gossington (HEMMINGS) (c.1851 - d.)

Ellen Hemmings (1847 - d.)