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Ann Linville (Hendricks) MP (1692 - 1733)

Annie Eliza Hendricks (Woodall) MP (1852 - 1942)

Annie Eliza Woodall was the daughter of Margaret "Peggy" Hendricks and Andrew Woodall. She was also known as Elizabeth Ann or Eliza Ann. She was born December 8, 1852 in Tahleqhah District, Oklahoma In...

Barbara Schrauger (Hendricks) MP (1660 - 1740)

Chaim Hendricks MP (deceased)

Charity Manning (Hendricks) MP (1806 - d.)

Chloe Hendricks MP (1873 - 1950)

Christina Hendricks MP

New York, New York County, New York, United States

Christina Rene Hendricks (born May 3, 1975) is an American actress. She is known for her role as Joan Harris in the AMC television series Mad Men and as Saffron on the FOX series Firefly. She has been ...

Deborah Jackson (Hendricks) MP (deceased)

Elma McBride (Hendricks) MP (1927 - d.)

Birth: Feb. 25, 1927 Death: unknown Family links: Spouse: Edwin McBride (1917 - 1980)* Calculated relationship Inscription: "Wife of Edwin McBride" Burial: Mount Pleasant Cemete...

Emma Fonseca Hendricks (Brandon) MP (1831 - 1906)

Grietie Margaret Hendricks MP (c.1640 - 1728)

New Amsterdam - Immigrants -------------------- Source: Revised History of Harlem (City of New York) Its Origin And Early Annals By: James Riker (published 1904) Margaret's 1st husband Jan was kill...

Hattie Belle Smith (Hendricks) MP (1876 - 1941)

Ida Folk (Hendricks) MP (deceased)

Joshua Hendricks MP (1832 - 1893)

Judith Hendricks MP (1697 - d.)

1722-Anthony COSSART (1673-1740) married second at Somerset Co., New Jersey, in 1722 to Judith Hendricks of Woodbridge, daughter of Jabez and Hannah (More) Hendricks and widow of Henry Alward of Woodbr...

Magdalena Rixe Hendricks MP (1649 - 1708) - Magdalene Hendricks

Martha Hendricks (Blackburn) MP (1750 - 1821)

Mary Jane Hendricks MP (c.1830 - d.)

Nancy Chambers (Hendricks) MP (deceased)

Rachel Burleson (Hendricks) MP (c.1730 - c.1788)

Sarah Shoemaker (Hendricks) MP (1678 - 1742)

Sarah Schumacher (Hendricks) MP (1641 - 1711)

3. GEORGE4 SCHUMACHER (ARNDTS3, ARNDTS HEINRICH2, JOHANN1) was born Abt. 1635 in Dollendorf, Germany, and died Abt. 1686 in at sea on immigration to America. He married SARAH HENDRICKS 1662 in Heidelbe...

Sarah Schumacher (Hendricks) MP (1626 - 1685)

Death Date: 1685.10.16?--------------------Source: Michelle Detwiler . However, History of Bucks C o, W.W.H. Davis, 1905, states that there was a Sarah Schumacher who accomp anied Pete...

Thomas A. Hendricks, 21st Vice President of the USA MP (1819 - 1885)

Thomas Andrews Hendricks (September 7, 1819 – November 25, 1885) was an American politician who served as a Representative and a Senator from Indiana, the 16th Governor of Indiana (1873-1877),...

HENDRICKS (c.1800 - d.)

Hendricks (c.1868 - d.)

Hendricks (deceased)

Hendricks (deceased)

Hendricks (deceased)

H. Hendricks (1840 - d.)

Hendricks (c.1873 - d.)

Hendricks (1876 - 1876)

HENDRICKS (c.1790 - d.)

HENDRICKS (1791 - d.)

HENDRICKS (c.1790 - d.)

Hendricks (1830 - d.)

Hendricks (c.1830 - d.)

HENDRICKS (1791 - d.)

HENDRICKS (c.1793 - d.)

Hendricks (1815 - d.)

Hendricks (deceased)

HENDRICKS (c.1785 - d.)

A. Hendricks (c.1835 - d.)

Hendricks (1820 - 1825)

Hendricks (1820 - d.)

Hendricks (1814 - d.)

"Dare" Hendricks (deceased)

(Dont Know name) Hendricks (deceased)

(fnu) Hendricks (deceased)


(Unknown) Hendricks (deceased)

2 Mama Hendricks (deceased)

2nd Wife Hendricks (deceased)

? Meixell (Hendricks) (deceased)

? Hendricks (deceased)

? Hendricks (Beister) (deceased)

? Hendricks (deceased)

? Hendricks (deceased)

? Hendricks (deceased)

? Hendricks (deceased)

? Hendricks (deceased)

? Hendricks (deceased)

? Hendricks (b. - 1773)

? Hendricks (deceased)

? Hendricks (Kiem) (deceased)

??? Hendricks (deceased)

??? Hendricks (Norris) (deceased)

??? Hendricks (deceased)

???? Hendricks (deceased)

????? Hendricks (deceased)

A Peter Hendricks (1739 - d.)

A Ray Hendricks (c.1908 - c.1927)

A. Shelton Hendricks (deceased)

Aamien Hendricks (deceased)

Was a tailor in Port Elizabeth. Experienced inheritance problems and decided to move to Cape Town and settled in Adam Street (off Tennant Street) District Six.

Aaron Hendricks (b. - 1771)

Aaron Hendricks (1772 - d.)

Aaron Hendricks (1793 - d.)

Aaron Hendricks (1858 - d.)

Aaron Hendricks (1784 - d.)

Aaron G. Hendricks (deceased)

Aashia Hendricks (deceased)

Abby Caroline Hendricks (c.1830 - 1910)

Abd Al-Bari Hendricks (deceased)

Abd Al-Basir Hendricks (b. - 1895)

Abdieyah Hendricks (deceased)

Abdollatief Hendricks (b. - 1938)

After the birth of the first child Gamdieya, the marriage ran into problems. When the second child, Hagiera (Moegiera) was born. he came to Cape Town from Port Elizabeth and sent his Talaq to his wife ...

Abdraghmaan Hendricks (deceased)

Abdul Hendricks (deceased)

Abdul Aziz Hendricks (deceased)

Abdul Aziz Hendricks (deceased)

Abdul Aziz Ajies Sallie Hendricks (b. - 1982)

Abdul Baseer Hendricks (deceased)

Abdul Doeruk Hendricks (deceased)

Abdul Doeruk Hendricks (b. - 1904)

Imaam and Tailor , he arrived in South Africa from Surabaya, Indonesia (Shore of Java)when he was thirty years old. It is estimated that he arrived in 1795. Abdul Doeruk and his wife emigrated to the C...

Abdul Gamiet Hendricks (deceased)

Abdul Gamiet Hendricks (deceased)

Abdul Gasiep Hendricks (deceased)

Abdul Hakeem Hendricks (b. - 1930)

Abdul Kahaar Hendricks (deceased)

Abdul Kahaar Hendricks (deceased)