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Abigail Dill (Hickman) MP (c.1743 - 1816)

Anna Maria Hickman (Greene) MP (1728 - 1779)

Catherine Moyle (Hickman) MP (b. - 1898)

Edward Hickman MP (1734 - 1802)

Elizabeth Hickman (Stroud) MP (1630 - 1698)

Elizabeth Stroud, born in Baydon Parish, Wiltshire, England, was first married to Robert Chamberlain in Lambourn, Berkshire, England, until his death in early 1664. With her second husband Francis Hick...

Elizabeth Hickman (Windsor) MP (c.1595 - d.)

Father: Henry Windsor Baron Windsor of Bradenham b: 10 Aug 1562 Mother: Anne Rivet Notes  Eldest sister and coheir of Thomas, Lord Windsor. Marriage 1 Dixie Hickman of Kew Mar...

Elmira Hickman (Balis) MP (1814 - 1882)

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Experience Hickman (Linnell) MP (1748 - 1819)

Francis Hickman MP (1630 - 1685)

Hickman family biogaphical sketch from Futhey and Cope's "History of Chester County, Pennsylvania, with genealogical and biographical sketches" Philadelphia (1881) PRESS OF J. B. LIPPINCOTT & CO. "HI...

James Hickman MP (c.1749 - 1820)

James Hickman MP (c.1715 - c.1811)

Jemima Sally Pitchlynn (Hickman) MP (deceased)

I have see her listed as Native American online but this is NOT the case. Her son John Pitchlynn is clearly stated to be white, he was not part Native American.

Leonard Mark Hickman MP (1887 - 1912)

Mr Leonard Mark Hickman, 24, from Fritham, Hampshire, England Leonard emigrated to Neepawa, Manitoba, in 1908, and had done well for himself working at nearby Eden as a farmhand for a wealthy mixed-gra...

Lewis Hickman MP (1879 - 1912)

Mr Lewis Hickman was born in Fritham, Hampshire, England in 1879, and worked in a munitions factory at Fritham. After his marriage he decided to seek his fortune in Canada. His younger brother Leonar...

Mary Dill (Hickman) MP (c.1786 - d.)

Mary Ann Folger (Hickman) MP (1833 - 1903)


Mary Phipps (Hickman) MP (1800 - 1867)

Mary Holloway (Hickman) MP (deceased)

Mary Elizabeth Edwards (Hickman) MP (1665 - 1733)

Mary Hickman (Smith) MP (c.1718 - d.)

Mourning Carter (Hickman) MP (1745 - 1804)

Sarah Sellers (Hickman) MP (c.1736 - c.1816)

Sarah Elizabeth Hickman Beebe Berry (Luce) MP (1828 - 1909)

Sarah Ann Harvey (Hickman) MP (1828 - 1894)

Sarah Hickman (Strickland) MP (1713 - 1803)

Sarah Strickland Birth: 1713 - Isle of Wight, Isle of Wight, Virginia Death: 1803 - Edgecombe, North Carolina, United States Parents: Matthew Strickland, Ann Braswell Husband: Nathaniel Hickman

Stanley George Hickman MP (1890 - 1912)

Stanley George Hickman, 21, from Fritham, Hampshire, England was emigrating to Canada with his brothers - Leonard and Lewis. They travelled with four companions from Fritham, Percy Deacon, Ambrose Hood...

William "Wild Bill' Adams Hickman MP (1815 - 1883)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary: "... William Adams Hickman, also known as "Wild Bill" Hickman (April 16, 1815 - August 21, 1883), was a frontiersman. He also served as a representative to the Utah Te...

William Hickman, Sr. MP (1730 - c.1816)

The will of William Hickman: Will of William Hickman: Jackson Co. GA. I William Hickman of the state and County aforesaid, being weak in body but in perfect soundness of mind do and desire this to be...

Hickman (c.1799 - d.)

hICKMAN (deceased)

Hickman (deceased)

Hickman (deceased)

Hickman (deceased)

Hickman (1840 - d.)

Hickman (deceased)

Martha Hickman (c.1838 - d.)

Hickman (c.1798 - d.)

Hickman (c.1785 - d.)

Hickman (deceased)

(Baby) Hickman (1946 - 1946)

(unknown) Hickman (deceased)

- Hickman (deceased)

--- Hickman (deceased)

. Hickman (Unknown) (deceased)

2ndly Francis w. Sir Nevil Hickman (deceased)

<Private> Hickman (Raats) (deceased)

? Hickman (deceased)

? Hickman (b. - 1994)

? Hickman (1898 - d.)

? Hickman (deceased)

? Hickman (records show Inkman) (deceased)

? Hickman (deceased)

? Hickman (deceased)

? Hickman (deceased)

? Hickman (?) (deceased)

? kidger-preston (hickman) (deceased)

?? HICKMAN (deceased)

?? Hickman (Wilsford) (deceased)

??? Hickman (Alexander) (deceased)

?Anna? ?Annie? ?Bowdoin? (?Hickman?) (deceased)

A Hickman (deceased)

A Hickman (deceased)

A L Hickman (c.1852 - d.)

Aaron D Hickman (1846 - 1915)

Abel Hickman (c.1770 - d.)

Abigail Hickman (1784 - d.)

Abigail Hickman (Wilkinson) (b. - c.1887)

Abigail HICKMAN (deceased)

Abigail Hickman (Fawcett) (1776 - 1842)

Abigail Hickman (1768 - 1844)

Abraham Hickman, Jr. (1806 - 1879)

Abraham William Hickman (deceased)

Abraham Hickman (deceased)

Abraham Hickman, III (1848 - 1925)

Abraham Hickman, Sr. (c.1775 - 1822)

Abraham Hickman (deceased)

Abraham Hickman (1755 - d.)

Abraham Hickman, Jr. (1806 - 1879)

Abraham Hickman (1794 - 1883)

Abraham Hickman (c.1770 - d.)

Achsa Hickman (Pruden) (1840 - 1927)

Ada Louise Hickman (Crox) (b. - 2005)

Ada Alice Hickman (1867 - d.)

Ada Sebelia Hickman (Neff) (deceased)

Ada Hickman (deceased)

Ada A. Hickman (c.1878 - d.)

Ada A. Hook (Hickman) (1863 - 1924)

Ada Blanche Hickman (Hillard) (deceased)

Ada Cherry (1907 - 2005)

Adam Hickman (deceased)

Adam Hickman (deceased)

Adam Hickman (1880 - c.1956)

Changed the Heckman name sometime between 1910 and 1920. Also had a daughter named Ruth in 1909 which passed away as an infant. Was born between George and Walter.

Adda Gumm (Hickman) (1869 - 1909)

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Addie Hickman (deceased)

Addie Hickman (deceased)

Addie Hickman (1870 - d.)

addie lee hickman (stowels) (deceased)

Addie Parker Hickman (deceased)

Adeline Hickman (deceased)

Adrienne Muriel Hickman (DeGraffenried) (1909 - 1997)

Adrienne and Arthur Hickman had 1 daughter.