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Sir Christopher Hildyard MP (c.1560 - 1634)

Christopher Hildyard, 4th Lord of Winestead MP (c.1491 - 1538)

Dionis Barneby (Hildyard) MP (deceased)

Dionis Hildyard Birth: Yorkshire, England Parents: Robert Hildyard, Elizabeth Hastings Married: Charles Barneby ------ [S23] Magna Carta Ancestry: A study in Colonial and Medieval Famil...

Elizabeth de Willoughby (Hildyard) MP (1615 - 1672)

William Willoughby, 3rd Baron Willoughby of Parham Charles Willoughby, 2nd Baron Willoughby of Parham outlived his son and heir William and on his death in 1603 the title passed to his grandson, Wi...

Emma Anna Hildyard (Rudston) MP (1512 - c.1570)

Joan/Jane Hildyard (de la See) MP (c.1445 - 1528)

Katherine Hildyard MP (1462 - 1540)

Katherine Hildyard, the daughter of Sir Robert Hildyard of Winestead (d. 21 May 1501) and Elizabeth Hastings. Modern sources say she married 1st, John Haldenby of Haldenby, Yorks., and 2nd, William Gir...

Martin Hildyard MP (c.1509 - c.1545)

Peter Hildyard, 3rd Lord of Winestead MP (c.1460 - 1503)

Richard Hildyard, Esq. MP (1532 - 1602)

Robert Hildyard, of Reiston MP (1348 - 1405)

Robert Hildyard M, #145511, b. circa 1348 Father Peter Hildyard b. c 1324 Mother Matilda b. c 1325 Robert Hildyard was born circa 1348 at of Arnold, Yorkshire, England. Family Child Sir...

Robert Hildyard MP (1395 - 1428)

Sir Robert Hildyard1 M, #145494, b. circa 1380, d. 23 August 1428 Father Robert Hildyard b. c 1348 Sir Robert Hildyard was born circa 1380 at of Winestead, Yorkshire, England.1 He married Isabel ...

Robert Hildyard, 1st Lord of Winestead MP (1420 - 1485)

Sir Robert Hildyard1,2,3 M, #80320, b. circa 1416 Father Sir Robert Hildyard2 b. c 1380, d. 23 Aug 1428 Mother Isabel Hilton2 b. c 1396 Sir Robert Hildyard was born circa 1416 at of Winestead, ...

Robert Hildyard , 2nd Lord of Winestead MP (1435 - 1501)

Sir Robert Hildyard1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 M, #80318, b. circa 1436, d. 21 May 1501 Father Sir Robert Hildyard1,4,8 b. c 1416 Mother Katherine de la Hay1,4,8 b. c 1412 Sir Robert Hildyard was born ci...

Ursula Hildyard MP (c.1577 - c.1607)

Ursula Hildyard was descended from Emperor Charlemagne of Germany; Louis I, King of France; Charles the Simple, King of France; Henry I, Emperor of France; Prince Hugh Magus, Commander-in-Chief of the ...

Adam Hildyard (deceased)

Agnes Hildyard (Creyke) (deceased)

Agnes Hildyard (deceased)

Alice Hildyard (Daubeney) (deceased)

Amelia Elizabeth Francina Hildyard (Fahrenfort) (1894 - d.)

Ann Watkins (Hildyard) (1777 - d.)

Ann Hildyard (deceased)

Ann Hildyard (deceased)

Ann Hildyard (Hildeyard) (deceased)

Ann McEvoy (Hildyard) (deceased)

Ann Hildyard (1796 - d.)

Anna Hildyard (deceased)

Anne Hildyard (deceased)

Anne Hildyard (deceased)

Anne Hildyard (deceased)

Anne Cadman (Hildyard) (1814 - 1883)

Anthony Hildyard (deceased)

Barbara Swaine (Hildyard) (deceased)

Barbara Hildyard (Swaine) (deceased)

Catherine Holmes (Hildyard) (c.1483 - c.1524)

Catherine Hildyard (1320 - d.)

Charles Thoroton Hildyard, Rev (deceased)

Christoper Hildyard (1664 - 1719)

Christopher Hildyard (deceased)

Christopher Hildyard (deceased)

Christopher Ralph Hildyard (deceased)

Christopher Hildyard (deceased)

Cicely Hildyard (deceased)

Cicily Hildyard (deceased)

David Hildyard (1844 - d.)

David Hildyard (1812 - 1874)

Dorothy Hildyard (Grantham) (c.1667 - d.)

Dorothy Clayton (Hildyard) (c.1701 - 1781)

Edith Mary Hildyard (deceased)

Edward Hildyard (deceased)

Eleanor (Ellen) Hildyard (Beams) (1816 - 1842)

Elinor Hildyard (deceased)

Elinor Hildyard (deceased)

Elizabeth Hildyard (deceased)

Elizabeth Hildyard (Garton Maxwell) (deceased)

Elizabeth Hildyard (deceased)

Elizabeth Hildyard (deceased)

Elizabeth Frances Thorold (Hildyard) (b. - 1894)

Elizabeth Hildyard (deceased)

Elizabeth Hildyard (deceased)

Ellen (deceased)

Ellen Hildyard (1831 - 1832)

Emma Leeds (Hildyard) (c.1834 - 1918)

Emma Hildyard (deceased)

Ethel Julia Bagot (Hildyard) (deceased)

Francis Hildyard (Constable) (deceased)

Francis More (Hildyard) (c.1573 - 1639)

George Hildyard (deceased)

George Hildyard (1849 - d.)

Henry Hildyard (deceased)

Henry Hildyard (deceased)

Henry Hildyard (1608 - d.)

Henry Hildyard (deceased)

General Sir Henry Hildyard GCB (1846 - 1916)

General Sir Henry John Thoroton Hildyard GCB (5 July 1846 – 25 July 1916) was a British Army general who saw active service in the Anglo-Egyptian War of 1882 and the Second Boer War. He wa...

Henry Hildyard (1637 - d.)

Hugh Hildyard (deceased)

Humphry Hildyard (deceased)

Isabel Hildyard (c.1498 - 1540)

Named in the 1527 will of her mother. 5 sons, 3 daughters from marriage to Ralph Legard Links

Isabel Hildyard (1426 - d.)

Isabel Hildyard daughter of Sir Robert Hildyard.2 Married John Hotham, son of Sir John Hotham and Elizabeth Eure.1 Sir Thomas Netham.1 Child of Isabel Hildyard and John Hotham Sir...

James Henry Hildyard (deceased)

Jane Hildyard (de la Warr) (deceased)

Jane Hildyard (deceased)

Jane Hildyard (Pitt) (1665 - d.)

Jane Clarke aka Jackson (Hildyard) (1833 - 1889)

Joan Hildyard (deceased)

Joan Hildyard (Constable) (deceased)

Joan Hildyard (1428 - d.)

John Hildyard (deceased)

John Hildyard (deceased)

John Hildyard (1310 - 1373)

John Hildyard M, #145514, b. circa 1305 Father Robert Hildyard b. c 1285 Mother Alice Daubeney b. c 1277 John Hildyard was born circa 1305 at of Arnold, Yorkshire, England.1 He married Katherin...

John Hildyard (deceased)

John Batten Hildyard (1801 - 1830)

John Hildyard (1370 - 1407)

John Hildyard (deceased)

John Hildyard (b. - c.1443)

John Hildyard (deceased)

Katherine Holme (Hildyard) (c.1485 - d.)

Leonard Hildyard (deceased)

Leonard Hildyard (deceased)

Leonard Hildyard (deceased)