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Abigail Dow (Hobbs) MP (1664 - 1700)

•Name: Abigail HOBBS •Sex: F •Birth: 29 JUL 1664 in Hampton, Rockingham, NH •Death: 12 MAY 1700 in Hampton, Rockingham, NH •Note: Abigail died in child birth with t...

Abraham Hobbs MP (deceased)

Bethia Tuck (Hobbs) MP (1659 - 1738)

Caroline Church (Hobbs) MP (1808 - 1862)

Charity Hobbs (Francis) MP (1785 - 1828)

David Wishart Hobbs MP

[ David Wishart Hobbs[1] (born 9 June 1939 in Royal Leamington Spa, England] is a British former racing driver. Originally employed as a commentator for the Speed Channel, he currently works as a com...

Elisha Hobbs MP (1744 - 1818)

Elizabeth Hobbs MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Harrison Woodson (Hobbs) MP (1780 - 1857)

Frances Hobbs (McLana) MP (1752 - 1819)

Gregory Hobbs MP

Guy Hobbs MP

Hannah Macy (Hobbs) MP (c.1707 - c.1770)

Jane Elliot (Hobbs) MP (1468 - d.)

Joanna Powell (Hobbs) MP (1785 - 1831)

Joel Hobbs MP (1757 - 1853)

Thomas was born in 1749 in Maryland on the Potomac River where modern day Hagerstown, MD is located. Thomas was a grown man when his father Vincent Sr. and the whole family moved to Southwest Virginia ...

John S Hobbs, II MP (1712 - 1768)

John Hobbs b 1712, d 1768 m Elizabeth ?Dorsey Hammond b about 1712 (probably either neé Dorsey widow Hammond or the dau of John Brice and Sarah Howard wid of John Worthington and granddau of Mat...

Margaret Hobbs MP

Mary Hannah Hobbs (Shelby) MP (c.1725 - 1808)

Mary Low (Hobbs) MP (1777 - 1851)

Mary Hobbs (Hill) MP (1722 - 1759)

Mary Hobbs (Randel) MP (1695 - 1748)

Mary Hobbs (Orredge) MP (c.1675 - 1731)

Mary Ann Hobbs MP (1842 - d.)

Morris Hobbs MP (1615 - 1706)

•Name: Morris HOBBS •Sex: M •Birth: ABT 1615 in England •Death: 4 JAN 1705/06 in Hampton, Rockingham, NH •Note: Morris came to Hampton between 1640 and 1645...

Nancy Hobbs (Dobbins) MP (deceased)

Nancy Hobbs (Hall) MP (deceased)

Nancy Hobbs (Baber) MP (deceased)

Nancy Baber's father James Baber was close frinds with Thomas Hobbs Richard's father.

Nathaniel Hobbs MP (1674 - 1727)

Nathaniel Barrye Hobbs MP (1690 - 1747)

It is believed the Nathaniel and his father were wine merchants in England.

Patty Richmond (Hobbs) MP (1782 - 1841)

From the Thomas Rogers Society page on Patty Hobbs: Patty Hobbs (?)[1] F, b. 1782, d. 3 January 1841 Patty Hobbs (?) was born in 1782 at of Rutland, VT.[1] She married Sylvester Richmond,...

Phebe E. Chadbourne (Hobbs) MP (1722 - 1807)

ELDER/CAPTAIN HUMPHREY5 CHADBOURNE "JR" (41. William4 Humphrey3-2 William1), born Berwick 20 June 1716; baptized 5 Aug 1716 (Berwick First Church; NEHGR 82:77); died Berwick 11 May 1798 (gs, 11 June in...

Phillip Hobbs, Snr, SV/PROG MP (c.1792 - 1870)

Born: Jul 1792, Weymouth, England. Marriage (1): Charity Francis on 7 Nov 1814 in Westbury Parish Church, Wiltshire, U.K. Marriage (2): Jane Mary Randall on 18 Jun 1829 in Grahamstown, Cape Provinc...

Rebecca Blanton (Hobbs) MP (1744 - 1804)

Ruth Hobbs (Thomas) MP (deceased)

Sally Hobbs (Traver) MP (deceased)

Samuel Hobbs MP (1751 - 1823)

Samuel Hobbs was born in 1750 and became part of American history when he participated in the Tea Party when he was only 23 years old. Hobbs worked at a tannery in Sturbridge, MA. He later took over th...

Sarah Hobbs (Eastow) MP (1625 - 1685)

•Name: Sarah ESTOW •Sex: F •Birth: ABT 1625 in Ormesby St. Margaret, Norfolk, England •Death: 5 MAY 1686 in Hampton, Rockingham, NH Father: William ESTOW b: in Norfo...

Sarah Perkins (Hobbs) MP (deceased)

Sarah Barker (Hobbs) MP (1800 - 1878)

Susannah Hobbs MP (c.1683 - d.)

Susanna Powell b about 1683, d before 1793. She left husband John Hobbs c1720-21 to live with William Powell. Since she was still married to John, the four children she had with William Powell carried ...

Thomas Hobbs MP (1718 - 1784)

Vincent Hobbs, Sr. MP (c.1720 - 1808)

Vincent came to America in 1735 into the Port of Dover, DE. He and his brothers William and Beale setteled in Maryland. Vincent married Mary Hanna Selby about 1842 and produced several (10) children in...

HOBBS (1860 - d.)

Hobbs (deceased)

Hobbs (deceased)

Hobbs (c.1632 - d.)

(Minnie) Minta Elvira Hobbs (1868 - d.)

(Unknown) Hobbs (Lyon) (deceased)

(Unknown) Nicholas (Hobbs) (deceased)

(Unknown) Hobbs (Basson) (deceased)

(Unknown) Hobbs (deceased)

(Unknown) Hale-Page (Hobbs) (deceased)

(Unknown) Hobbs (Roux) (deceased)

(Unknown) Hobbs (deceased)

- Hobbs? (c.1850 - c.1880)

--- HOBBS (1796 - d.)

. Hobbs (Backhurst) (deceased)

... Hobbs (deceased)

...... Hobbs (deceased)

........... (deceased)

6 sibblings Hobbs (deceased)

<Private> Butler (Hobbs) (deceased)

? hobbs (deceased)

? Hobbs (deceased)

? Hobbs (deceased)

? hobbs (deceased)

? Hobbs (?) (b. - 1873)

? Hobbs (deceased)

? Hobbs (Marlow) (deceased)

? Hobbs (deceased)

? Hobbs (deceased)

? Hobbs (deceased)

? Hobbs (deceased)

? Hobbs (deceased)

? Hobbs (deceased)

? Hobbs (deceased)

? Hobbs (1874 - 1874)

Source of info - JOSHUA AND JOSEPH HOBBS, SONS OF JOHN HOBBS AND ELIZABETH compiled by Robert P. Moore Hobbs page: Stith Valley front page:

? Hobbs (deceased)

Died in infancy, was 1st white child born in territory where there was an Indian reservation.

?? Dart (Hobbs) (deceased)

?? Bates (Hobbs) (deceased)

?? Hobbs (deceased)

?? Hobbs (deceased)

??? Hobbs (deceased)

???? Hobbs (deceased)

[Thomas's father] Hobbs (deceased)

[Thomas's Mother] Hobbs (deceased)

A'Court Devonish Hobbs (c.1801 - d.)

A.W. "Gus" HOBBS (deceased)

Aaron Spencer Hobbs (1834 - 1863)

Aaron Hobbs (deceased)

Abel Hobbs (deceased)

Abel Hobbs (1835 - 1898)

Abgail Dow (Hobbs) (1664 - 1700)

Abigail Eva Hobbs (1855 - d.)

Abigail Harlow (Hobbs) (1728 - 1752)

Abigail Hobbs (Urann) (deceased)

Abigail Hobbs (1801 - d.)

Abigail Hobbs (c.1675 - d.)

Abigail Hobbs , daughter of William Hobbs and Deliverance MNU, was from Casco, Maine, the frontier of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, during a time when there were many attacks by the Wabanaki Native Ame...

Abigail Hobbs (Urann) (deceased)