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Elizabeth Hockley (O'Moore), SM/PROG MP (1791 - 1862)

1820 British Settler Elizabeth O'Moore 29, together with her husband and 4 children, were members of Bailie's Party of 256 Settlers on the Chapman . Party originated from London. Departed Londo...

Mary Ann Hockley, SM/PROG MP (1801 - 1865)

Hood or Hockley, Mary Ann Last Name: Hood (nee Hockley) First Name: Mary Ann Date of Birth: 17 Aug 1801 chr. 1 Nov 1801 Place of Birth: Saint Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, London, England ...

. Yetman (Hockley) (deceased)

???? Howes (Hockley) (deceased)

?James Hockley (deceased)

Queenie Hockley (1906 - 1999)

Agnes Bessie Hart (Hockley) (1900 - 1994)

Alan Hockley (1894 - d.)

Albert Hockley (c.1877 - d.)

Alex Hockley (deceased)

Alfred W Hockley (deceased)

Alfred Hockley (1869 - 1937)

Alice Hockley (Taylor) (1865 - 1939)

Alice May Hockley (deceased)

Allan Frederick Hockley (1926 - d.)

Amelia Hockley (Daniell) (1843 - d.)

Amelia Ethel HOCKLEY (1892 - d.)

Amy Hockley (deceased)

Andrew Hockley (deceased)

Ann Cunningham (Hockley) (1757 - 1811)

anna marie hockley (deceased)

Anne Rogers (Hockley) (c.1789 - d.)

Annie Lucinda Hockley (Lyons) (1875 - 1963)

Annie Mary Hockley (Jordan) (1876 - d.)

Annie I'Ons (Hockley) (1837 - 1886)

Annie Hockley (c.1900 - d.)

Annie Elizabeth Button (Hockley) (1896 - 1971)

Anthony Hockley (deceased)

Anthony Hockley (deceased)

Anthony George Hockley (deceased)

Arthur Bertie Charles Hockley (deceased)

arthur hockley (deceased)

Arthur Hockley (c.1867 - d.)

Arthur Hockley (deceased)

Arthur Arnold Hockley (1917 - 1918)

Arthur Rolland Joseph Hockley (1895 - c.1978)

Athalie Weir (Hockley then Moorshead) (deceased)

Beatrice Hockley (Cornford) (deceased)

Bertie Leonard Hockley (1894 - 1961)

Beryl Violet Hockley (1926 - d.)

Bessie Keller Hockley (deceased)

Bessie Hockley (c.1898 - d.)

Bessie Hockley (deceased)

Betty Hinehou Hockley (Weymss) (1917 - d.)

Blanche Louise Maude Hockley (Moore) (deceased)

Caldeon Leonard Hockley (1882 - 1929)

Caroline Patient (Hockley) (1857 - d.)

Caroline Ann Hockley (Mayley) (deceased)

Catherine Emma Carefoot (Hockley) (c.1863 - d.)

Charles Hockley (deceased)

Charles Hockley (deceased)

Charles Hockley (c.1835 - d.)

In 1851 Charles was living with his aunt and uncle Joseph and Mary Cordery at 20 Old Worple Way, Richmond. He was working as a grocers labourer, aged 17. Believe Charles may have married Mary Ann Col...

Charles Twyman Hockley (1854 - d.)

Charles Hockley (1870 - d.)

Charles Hockley (deceased)

Charlotte Hockley (c.1827 - d.)

Charlotte Hockley (deceased)

Charlotte Walters (Hockley) (deceased)

Cis Hockley (Sullivan) (deceased)

Clarissa Ann Ruth Hockley (1856 - d.)

Claude Hockley (deceased)

Claude Hockley (deceased)

Clinton H Hockley (1913 - 2000)

Daisy Knight Pearman (Hockley) (deceased)

Daniel Laverne Hockley (deceased)

Daniel Hockley (deceased)

Daniel Hugh Hockley (1886 - d.)

Daphne Gladys Hockley (nee-....) (deceased)

David John Hockley (deceased)

Derek Hockley (deceased)

Donald Eric Hockley (deceased)

Dora Beatrice Patterson (Hockley) (1908 - 1990)

Doreen Hockley (deceased)

Doreen Hockley (Gibson) (deceased)

Doris (Hockley) JOHNSTON (1922 - 2003)

Doris Dower (Hockley) (deceased)

Doris Brown (Hockley) (deceased)

dorothy mary Sophie (hockley), mrs. (1919 - d.)

Dorothy James (Hockley) (1928 - 2004)

Dorothy Victoria Hockley (1908 - c.1993)

Douglas Hockley (deceased)

Douglas Hockley (deceased)

Douglas David Hockley (deceased)

Douglas Haig Hockley (1917 - d.)

Druscilla Hockley (1910 - 2003)

Edith Alma Elizabeth Hockley (1909 - d.)

Edith Hockley (Andrewartha) (deceased)

Edna Violet Hockley (1918 - d.)

Edward Hockley (1864 - 1908)

Edward W Hockley (1922 - d.)

Edward 'James' Hockley (1860 - d.)

Edward James was born at 21 Worple Way, Richmond, Surrey. His father was working as a bricklayer labourer. Edward James and Annie were living at Artichoke Alley, Richmond at the time of their marriag...

Edward James Hockley (1837 - 1861)

In 1841 Edward was living with his parents at Worple Way, Marsh Gate, Richmond, Surrey. By 1851 his father had died and he was living with his sister Elizabeth who was married to John Wise and was li...

Eileen PHyllis Hockley (Lee) (1917 - d.)

Eillen Hockley (nee Johnston) (deceased)

Eli HOCKLEY (1888 - d.)

Eliza Ann Hockley (1838 - d.)

Elizabeth Hockley (deceased)

Elizabeth Hockley (c.1827 - d.)

Rootsweb shows a marriage for Elizabeth Hockley and John Wise in 1854 in the Kensington registration district. However the 1851 census shows Elizabeth and John as husband and wife living at 26 Old Worp...

Elizabeth Marquart Hockley (deceased)

Elizabeth Ann Hockley (c.1868 - d.)