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Aaron Elisha Holland, Jr. MP (1912 - 2006)

Birth: Dec. 13, 1913 Death: Jun., 2006 Family links: Spouse: Josephine Wilson Holland (1916 - 2001)* Calculated relationship Burial: Luling City Cemetery Luling Caldwell County Texa...

Abigail Holland (Bigelow) MP (1764 - d.)

Ada van Holland, Countess of Holland MP (c.1186 - 1234)

Ada (1188 - 1223) was gravin van Holland vanaf 1203. Ada was een dochter van Dirk VII en Aleid van Kleef. Ze werd vernoemd naar haar grootmoeder Ada van Schotland. Toen haar vader in 1203 stierf was ...

Adam Holland MP (c.1266 - d.)

Addison Hooper Holland MP (1822 - 1880)

Adelina of Holland MP (c.990 - 1052)

Adelaide van Holland b. circa 985 Adelaide van Holland|b. c 985|p44.htm#i5027|Arnulf, Graaf van Holland|b. 955\nd. 18 Nov 993|p330.htm#i5365|Luitgard von Lothringen|b. bt 960 - 965\nd. 13 May 100...

Adèle van Holland, Countess of Holland MP (c.1045 - 1087)

Agnes Holland (Rolleston) MP (c.1549 - d.)

Aleid van Holland, comtesse de Hainaut MP (c.1234 - 1284)

Alianore (the elder) Holland, Countess of March, Baroness Cherleton MP (1373 - 1405)

ALIANORE HOLLAND HAD A SISTER ELEANOR HOLLAND, WHO SHARED HER NAME. It is probable that at the time of Eleanor's birth, Alianore was not expected to live, which was why her sister was given the name of...

Allen Holland MP (1806 - 1874)

Angela Holland (Bassano) MP (1554 - 1584)

Peter Bassano discovered from the death certificate of Angela, that her mother was 'Katharine Bassano'

Ann HOLLAND (WARREN) MP (c.1625 - 1668)

Ann Warren was born on c. 1625 in England to Sir Edwardus Warren, De Poynton, Esq. and Margaret Arderne Warren, De Poynton. She passed away on 1668 in England. Ann Warren is my 10th great aunt.

Ann Humphrey (Holland) MP (c.1575 - 1603)

Ann Whiting (Holland) MP (1803 - 1884)

Baptized Alton HAMPSHIRE 22nd Sept 1803 Died at her daughters residence , Brook Street Nelson ( Mrs Lockyer) MARCH 1884 Buried plot 28 Block 7 Wakapuaka Cemetery Nelson NZ Cemetery: WAKAPUAKA eco...

Anne Kinzett (Holland) MP (1827 - 1903)

Anne Douty (Holland), Of London MP (c.1562 - c.1603)


anne holland (plantagenet) MP (1439 - 1476)

Lady Anne Grey (de Holland) MP (1455 - 1473)

Individual Record FamilySearch™ Pedigree Resource File ANNE DE HOLAND Compact Disc #31 Pin #173995 Pedigree Sex: F Event(s) Birth: abt 1455 - of Bradgate, Leicestershire, Engla...

Arnulf "Gandensis" van Holland MP (c.951 - 993)

Arnulf, also known as Aernout or Arnold succeeded his father in 988 as Count in Frisia. He was born in 951 in Ghent and because of this he is also known as Arnulf of Ghent. Arnulf was the son of Dirk I...

Avena de Holland MP (1277 - d.)

Bertha van Holland, comtesse de Hainaut MP (c.1058 - 1093)

Bertha of Holland (c. 1055–1094) was the first wife and queen of Philip I of France, King of France. She was the daughter of (Florent I) Floris I, Count of Holland, by his wife Gertrude of Sax...

Berthe of Holland MP (1219 - d.)

Bridget Holland, Nun at Barking MP (c.1387 - c.1450)

See 'About' for father Thomas Holland, 2nd Earl of Kent.

Capt. John Holland, Jr. MP (1616 - 1710)

Major May have been buried on Fighting Cock Plantation (Chuckatuck, VA) about 1664 John Holland came to Nansemond County from New England. in 1663 he obtained acres 200 at Kinsale in 1682 ?He o...

Christiana Corbin (Holland) MP (1578 - 1651)

Ralph Sprague's younger brother Edward remained at Upwey with his Mother Christian, who later married John Corben. Notes From Sue Bates, correspondent. The original Will of Edward Sprague,...

Lady Constance de Holand MP (c.1387 - 1437)

Constance Holland NB One user had year of birth as circa 1376 She was the daughter of Elizabeth Plantagenet, (also known as Elizabeth of Lancaster), and John Holland, 1st Duke of Exeter, the brothe...

Dirk VII, graaf van Holland MP (c.1165 - 1203)

Dirk VII (11?? - Dordrecht, 4 november 1203) was graaf van Holland vanaf 1190. Dirk VII was de zoon van Floris III en Ada van Schotland. Hij volgde zijn vader op nadat die in 1190 was overleden tij...

Dirk I, graaf in Holland MP (c.860 - c.922)

) Dirk I of Thidericus Fresonie (rond 8?? - rond 923 of 939) was een Friese graaf die vanaf ongeveer 896 het bewind voerde over een aantal grafelijke gebieden in de kuststreek van het latere graafsch...

Dirk III, count of Westfriesland MP (c.983 - 1039)

Dirk III van Holland in Wikipedia NL Dirk III, Count of Holland Dietrich III. von Holland in Wikipedia DE

Dirk II, count in Holland MP (c.935 - 988)

Dirk II (920/930 – 6 May 988) was Count of Frisia (west of the Vlie) and Holland. He was the son of Count Dirk I and Geva (or Gerberge). [edit] Career In 983 Emperor Otto III confirmed his...

Dirk IV van Holland, Count Of Frisia MP (1015 - 1049)

Dirk IV (born ca. 1020/1030 - died 13 January 1049) was Count of Holland from 1039 to 1049 (which was called Frisia at that time).Dirk's date of birth is unknown but it was probably ca. 1030 or shortly...

Dirk V van Holland, graaf van Friesland MP (c.1052 - 1091)

Dirk V (1052 – June 17, 1091), was Count of Holland (which was called Frisia at that time) from 1061 to 1091. Dirk V succeeded Floris I, under the guardianship of his mother, Gertrude of Saxon...

Edmund Holland MP (1351 - d.)

Edmund Holland, 4th Earl of Kent MP (1384 - 1408)

other possible birth years 1382-1383 ==================================================================== "Edmund Holland, 4th Earl of Kent, 5th Baron Holand, KG (6 January 1384 – 15 Septe...

Elizabeth De Holland FitzRandolph MP (1394 - 1423)

Eleanor Holland Percy (Harbottle) MP (c.1504 - 1566)

Eleanor Harbottle was born c. 1504 in Beamish, England. She passed away May 18, 1566. Eleanor was the daughter of Guiscard Harbottle and Jane Willoughby. Eleanor was married to Sir Thomas Percy, Knig...

Eleanor Tuchet (de Holland), Baroness Audley MP (c.1406 - 1459)

Eleanor (de Holland) Tuchet is a direct decendent and bloodline of the kings of England, Scotland, France, and Norse Kings from Denmark/Norway. Eleanor's identified family bloodline runs to the Pla...

Eleanor (the younger) de Holland, Countess of Salisbury MP (1386 - c.1413)

(viii) Eleanor Holland (1386- after 1413) married Thomas Montacute, 4th Earl of Salisbury, by whom she had a daughter Alice Montacute, 5th Countess of Salisbury (1407- 1462), who married in 1420, Richa...

Eliza Holland (Allport) MP (1826 - 1884)

Elizabeth Holand (Shattuck) MP (1684 - d.)

Elizabeth Taylor (Holland) MP (b. - 1909)

Elizabeth de Holland MP (c.1388 - 1422)

other possible death year is / was 1423 ================== Links: ==================================================================== Citations: 1. [S6] G.E. Cokayne; with Vicary Gibbs, ...

Elizabeth Mary Holland (Oudeland) MP (1637 - 1727)

Believed to be buried in Fighting Cock Plantation

Elizabeth de Holland (de Salmesbury) MP (1256 - 1304)

See "My Lines" ( ) from Compiler: R. B. Stewart, Evans, GA ( ) -------------------- Sources: Title: John Norton.ged Repository: Media: Other Text: Date of Import: 10 Feb 2005 Title:...

Elizabeth Holland MP (1836 - d.)

Elizabeth Betty Robinson (Holland) MP (1760 - c.1838)

Lady Elizabeth de Holland MP (c.1389 - 1449)

sources needed. FMG.AC (medeival lands) does not show Elizabeth as daughter of Elizabeth Plantagenet and John de Holand. shows Elizabeth Holand m. Roger Fiennes as parentage unknown.

Elizabeth (de Holland) Fitz Roger MP (c.1320 - 1387)

'Magna Carta ancestry: a study in colonial and medieval families By Douglas Richardson, Kimball G. Everingham Pg. 430 ALAN LA ZOUCHE, Knt., Lord Zouche, married ELEANOR DE SEGRAVE [see CHARLTON 5].

Emily Gertude Kinzett (Holland) MP (1875 - 1907)

Emma Varina Davis Holland Nagel (Veazey) MP (1893 - 1972)

Died of colon cancer. ======= Birth: Aug. 24, 1893 Death: Jan. 16, 1972 Burial: Luling City Cemetery Luling Caldwell County Texas, USA Edit Virtual Cemetery info [?] Created by: Carol...

Floris van Holland MP (1055 - d.)

Floris I, count of Friesland MP (c.1030 - 1061)

Died in battle of Hannert, France. -------------------- Floris I of Holland (born ca. 1020/1030 in Vlaardingen - killed June 28, 1061 in Gelderland, Netherlands) was Count of Holland (which was c...

Floris II, count of Holland MP (c.1085 - 1121)

Graaf = Count -------------------- Floris II, Count of Holland (reigned 1091—March 2, 1121) or Floris the Fat, was the first from the native dynasty of Holland to be called Count of Holland....

Floris III, count of Holland MP (c.1135 - 1190)

Wikipedia: Floris III, Count of Holland From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Florens III) Jump to:navigation, search This article does not cite any references or sources....

Floris IV, count of Holland MP (1210 - 1234)

Floris IV (24 juni 1210 – 19 juli 1234) was van 1222 tot 1234 graaf van Holland. Hij was de zoon van Willem I en Aleid van Gelre. Hij volgde zijn vader op in 1222. De eerste paar maanden, tot ...

Floris V der Keerlen God van Holland, graaf van Holland en Zeeland MP (1254 - 1296)

Floris V, Count of Holland From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Count Floris V of Holland and Zeeland (June 24, 1254–June 27, 1296), "der Keerlen God" (God of the Peasants), is one of the m...

George Holland MP (1799 - 1876)

Baptised Alton 12th May 1799 George SNR ( 1799c -1876c) and Mary Ann HOLLAND ( 1805c -1878c) The family group arriving on the Bolton in March 18th, 1842 were George SNR (aged 40) and Mary Ann( ag...

George Holland, Sr. MP (c.1720 - 1796)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for Virginia. DAR Ancestor #: A057119

George Holland MP (1824 - 1905)

By the death of Mr George Holland, at Foxhill on June 13 1905, aged 80 one of the fast thinning band of settlers of the early forties has been removed from our midst. Mr Holland was born at Alton, Hamp...

Harriet Elvira Holland MP (1841 - d.)

Henry Holland MP (1859 - 1944)

arrived in New Zealand in October 1863

Henry Holland MP (1834 - 1900)

Arrived a Early Settlers to Nelson NZ 1842 Voyage Name Bolton Holland, Henry Marital Status Child Profession Age On Arrival 7 WITH FAMILY Passenger Name Age on Arrival Date of Arrival Holland...

Henry de Holand, 2nd Duke of Exeter MP (1430 - 1475)

[ ] Henry de Holand, 2nd Duke of Exeter was born on 27 June 1430. He was the son of John de Holand, 1st Duke of Exeter and Anne Stafford.1 He married Anne Plantagenet, daughter of Richard Plantagen...

Hilda Mina Lucy Holland (Lines) MP (1857 - 1938)

HOLLAND Age: 80 years Given Names: MINNA LUCY Date Deceased: 2/02/1938 Address: Interment Date: 4/02/1938 Gender: F Area: CHURCH OF ENGLAND/ANGLICAN Cemetery: WAKAPUAKA Plot 067 Block: 27 Grave/A...

Hooper Holland MP (1796 - d.)

Isabella Elizabeth Holland (Parsons) MP (1660 - 1702)

Marriage Isabelle (Eldest) b. 1664 married 1682 Anthony Holland (our line) Source: discovered jn 1 5 14 Anthony Holland will, mentions Isabella, daughter of Thomas- Anthony Holland (1641 - 1702) ...

James Holland MP (1670 - c.1733)

James Holland MP (1823 - d.)

James Holland MP (c.1842 - d.)

James, youngest son of George Holland at Stoke Diphtheria , aged 16 BURIED (TRAFALGAR ST) 24/07/1862

James Holland MP (1799 - d.)

James Holland MP (1758 - d.)

Jan I van Holland, Graaf van Holland en Zeeland MP (c.1280 - 1299)

John I, Count of Holland From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia John I (1284-Nov 10, 1299, Haarlem) was count of Holland and son of Count Floris V. John inherited the county in 1296 after the murder...

Jane de Holland MP (c.1287 - d.)

Jane Lines (Holland) MP (1829 - 1896)

On October 10th. at her residence cc, Wai-iti, Jane, relict of the late John Lines, in her 77th year.

Jane Holland MP (c.1338 - 1372)

Jane Holland was the daughter of Sir Robert de Holland, Knight, and wife Margaret de Heyton (or Hetton). She was born c.1335 in Lancashire, England. She married William Molyneux in c.1359. She was the ...

Jane Holland MP (c.1461 - d.)

Jane Holland was the daughter and co-heir of Sir Richard Holland. She married (1) John Kendall of Treworgy and had three sons. She married (2) Sir John Trelawny, Knight, and had one daughter. Childre...

Joan Holland MP (1380 - 1434)

"Joan Holland (ca. 1380–12 April 1434) was the third daughter of Thomas Holland, 2nd Earl of Kent, and Alice FitzAlan. She married four times. Her first husband was a duke, and the following thr...

Joan Holland MP (c.1356 - 1384)

Thomas Holland, 1st Earl of Kent, had issue, by the Lady Joan (shortly afterwards Princess of Wales), two sons: Thomas, 2nd Earl of Kent and John, Earl of Huntingdon & Duke of Exeter. He had also two d...

Joan Radcliffe (Holland) MP (1273 - d.)

Joane Radcliffe (Holland) MP (c.1215 - d.)

Joane Holland formerly Holand Born 1215 in Radcliffe, Lancashire, , Englandmap Daughter of [father unknown] and [mother unknown] [sibling(s) unknown] Wife of John Radcliffe — married 1236 in R...

Joanne de Holland MP (c.1290 - c.1347)

This Joan de Holand was the wife of Hugh de Dutton (born 1276), and the daughter of Robert de Holand (born 1241) and Elizabeth de Salmesbury (born 1256). She is NOT the Joanne Holland who was the wif...

Johannes-Voldemar Holland MP (1899 - 1942)

Vabadusrist II/2 ja II/3 Ohvitseride andmekogu Vikipeedia: Johannes-Voldemar Holland VR II/3 (27. (vkj 15.) aprillil 1899 Õisu vald, Paistu kihelkond, Viljandimaa – 9. mai 1942 Soli...

John Holland, II MP (c.1376 - 1397)

John Holland MP (c.1548 - d.)

John Holland, I MP (c.1375 - c.1375)

Sir John de Holland, of Thorpe Waterville MP (c.1318 - 1393)

Sir John Holland, 2nd Baronet MP (1669 - 1724)

William Paston, 2nd Earl of Yarmouth (1654 – 25 December 1732) was a British peer and politician. Born in 1654, he was the son of Robert Paston, 1st Earl of Yarmouth and his wife, Rebecca, n&#...

John A Holland MP (1801 - 1860)

John Holland, 2nd Duke of Exeter MP (1395 - 1447)

notes for burial place Royal Hospital and Collegiate Church of St. Katharine by the Tower ==================================================================== "John Holland, 2nd Duke of Exeter KG...

Joseph Holland MP (1548 - d.)

Joseph Henry Holland MP (1850 - 1925)

Joseph. H Holland, . Brewer and Winemaker, Waimea Road, Nelson; Vinery and Brewery, Bishopdale, Nelson. This successful business was established many years ago by Mr. J. Chapman, and taken over by the ...

Josephine Holland (Wilson) MP (1916 - 2001)

Birth: Dec. 6, 1916 Death: Jul. 13, 2001 beloved wife of Aaron Elisha Holland Family links: Spouse: Aaron Elisha Holland (1913 - 2006) Burial: Luling City Cemetery Luling Caldwell County ...

Julie A. Slack (Holland) MP (1811 - 1856)

Jutta van Holland MP (c.1200 - d.)

Katherine Winnington (Holland) MP (1406 - d.)

Lewis Holland MP (1777 - 1836)

Information on Lewis and his wife is from Becky Nagle in 9-01. She received it from another researcher. Nothing proved. This note from Becky Nagle. Sounds like what I've heard before. "Uncle Toby sai...

Lillian Holland (Veasey) MP

Doraville, GA

Lucy Ann Jacoway (Holland) MP (1831 - 1864)

Lydia Holland (Hodgkinson) MP (1837 - 1925)

Arrived into NZ 25th APRIL 1842 on the ship "Thomas Harrision" age 4 , with her parants German & Mary Ann Hodgkinson and brother George and Sister Emma Surname HOLLAND First Names LYDIA Gender Fe...