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Lady Jane Houstoun (Maitland) MP (1769 - 1833)

Sir John Houstoun, 12th of that Ilk MP (1397 - 1456)

Sir John Houstoun of that Ilk Birth:  Abt 1398  Houston, Renfrewshire, Scotland   Death:  1456. Buried Houston Chapel, Houston, Renfrewshire, Scotland: effigy  ...

John Houstoun, Governor MP (1744 - 1796)

John Houstoun ( /ˈhaʊstən/; August 31, 1744 – July 20, 1796) was an American lawyer and statesman from Savannah, Georgia. He was a delegate for Georgia in the Continenta...

Sir John Houstoun of that Ilk MP (1566 - 1609)

John Houstoun, 13th of that Ilk MP (b. - 1465)

"would have to conclude from this that Sir John Houston of that Ilk, died after 14th October 1465, nine years later than the "1456" date that I have been carrying in my database. Although, this John Ho...

Mary Houstoun MP (c.1587 - d.)

Mary Houstoun Birth: Abt 1595 in Houstoun, Rendrewshire, Scotland Parents: John Houstoun of that ilk & Margaret Stirling Married: Alexander Cunynghame, 5th of Corsehill, Laird of Corsehill, son...

Agnes Houstoun (deceased)

Alexander HOUSTOUN

Alexander Houstoun (1709 - 1777)

Allan Houstoun (1815 - 1865)

Ann Marion Johnston (Houstoun) (1778 - 1817)

Ann Houstoun (Moodie) (c.1749 - c.1821)

Ann Houstoun (Moodie) (1745 - d.)

Ann Marion Houstoun (1778 - 1817)

Ann Houstoun (deceased)

Ann Marion Johnston (Houstoun) (1778 - 1817)

Anne Houstoun (Drummond) (1630 - 1678)

Anne Houstoun (Houston), of Houstoun (deceased)

Anne Bond Houstoun (1835 - 1916)

Anne Bond Houstoun (1835 - 1916)

Archibald Houstoun (deceased)

Archibald Houston Parents: Sir Patrick Houston of Houston, 1st Bt. and Ana Hamilton. Wife: Margaret Barclay, daughter of Sir Robert Barclay of Pierston, 2nd Bt. and Bethia Baird. REF: Burkes Pe...

Catherine Houstoun (deceased)

Caudia Wilhemina Houstoun (Bond) (deceased)

Charles Houstoun (deceased)

daughter Houstoun (deceased)

Edward Houstoun (deceased)

Edward Houstoun (c.1810 - d.)

Edward Houstoun (1808 - d.)

Eliza Fuller Houstoun (McQueen) (deceased)

Eliza McQueen Demere (Houstoun) (deceased)

Elizabeth Houstoun (deceased)

Elizabeth Phoebe Timpson (Houstoun-Boswall) (1915 - d.)

Elizabeth Houstoun (deceased)

Elizabeth Montgomery (Houstoun) (deceased)

Findlay Houstoun (1321 - 1359)

Finlay de Houstoun (deceased)

Sir Finlay was the first to be known officially by the family surname and his signature appears on the Ragman Roll swearing fealty to King Edward I of England in 1296. In fact, those who signed were si...

George Houstoun (1810 - d.)

George Houstoun, 1st of Johnstone (c.1652 - d.)

George Ludovic Houstoun (b. - 1931)

George Houstoun (deceased)

Sir George Reginald Houstoun-Boswall, 4th Baronet (1877 - 1915)

George Houstoun (1742 - 1795)

George Houstoun, of Johnstone (b. - c.1816)

Sir George Houston, 7th Baronet (c.1744 - c.1795)

Biographical Summary " Sir George Houston, Baronet [S. 1668] , of Georgia, br. and h., b. probably about 1745; suc. to the Baronetcy, 24 March 1785. He m. Anne, da. of Thomas Moodie, of Georgia afore...

Georgia Ann HOUSTOUN (1803 - d.)

Helen Houstoun (Houston) (b. - 1746)

Helen Houstoun (Houston) (deceased)

Henrietta Mackenzie (Houstoun) (1677 - d.)

Hugh Houstoun (1284 - 1321)

Hugh Houstoun of Creich (deceased)

Isabel Houstoun (Johnstone) (1676 - d.)

Isabel Douglas (Houstoun) (1704 - d.)

James Houstoun (1705 - d.)

James Flower HOUSTOUN (1842 - 1904)

Jane Helen Norton (Houstoun) (1852 - 1925)

Jane Houstoun (Scobie) (1817 - 1852)

Jean Houstoun (deceased)

Jean Curruth (Houstoun) (1635 - 1662)

Jean Houstoun (deceased)

Jean Houstoun (1774 - d.)

Jean Houstoun, of Houston (1653 - d.)

Jean, married thrice, (1) Walter Dundas of that Ilk, (2) Richard Lockhart of Lee, (3) Ludovick Grant of that Ilk.

John Houstoun, of Whitburn (b. - 1425)

John Frances Houstoun - Boswell, Major (deceased)

John Houstoun (deceased)

Sir John Houstoun of that Ilk, 4th Baronet (b. - 1751)

Biographical Summary " Sir John Houston, Baronet [S. 1668], of Houston , only s. and h. ; suc. to the Baronetcy, 11 Feb. 1722, and sold the much encumbered estate of Houston in 1740. He (though impot...

John (Sir) Houstoun, 2nd Baronet of Houstoun (deceased)

Lindsey Arthur Houstoun (deceased)

Loudovick Houstoun (1600 - d.)

Ludovic Houstoun (1702 - d.)

Ludovic Houstoun, of Johnstoun (1672 - d.)

Ludovic Houstoun, of Johnstone Castle (1780 - 1862)

Maisie Violet Annabella Houstoun (Dundas) (1892 - 1929)

Margaret Dorothy Houstoun-Boswall (Byron) (1892 - 1957)

Margaret Houstoun (Maxwell) (1604 - 1662)

Margaret Houstoun (Barclay) (deceased)

Margaret Barclay Parents: Sir Robert Barclay of Pierston, 2nd Bt. and Bethia Baird. Husband: Archibald Houston, son of Sir Patrick Houston of Houston, 1st Bt. and Ana Hamilton. REF: Burkes Peer...

Margaret Houstoun (deceased)

Biographical Summary "George Montgomerie of Skelmorlie, second son of Alexander, first Lord Montgomerie ... married Margaret , daughter of Sir John Houstoun of that Ilk." SOURCE: History of the C...

Margaret Eliza Pitt (Houstoun) (deceased)

Margret M. Houstoun (1744 - d.)

Marion Houstoun (Kirkwood) (deceased)

Marion Campbell (Houstoun) (1433 - d.)

Marion Houstoun (deceased)

Mary Murray (Houstoun) (1681 - d.)

Naomi Veronica Houstoun-Boswall (Anstey) (b. - 1970)

Pamela Houstoun (1922 - 2002)

Sir Patrick Houstoun, Kt. of Colt (deceased)

Patrick John Houston, Sir, of that Ilk (b. - c.1450)

Sir Patrick Houston of that Ilk1 M, d. 1450 Anecdote*: He descended from Sir Findlay Houstoun, Knt., living in the time of King Alexander of Scotland. Name Variation: Sir Patrick Houston of that Il...

Patrick Houston (Houstoun) (1672 - 1769)

The second son of the 1st Baronet, Sir Patrick Houstoun

Patrick Houstoun (deceased)

Sir Patrick Houston, 5th Baronet (1698 - 1762)

Biographical Summary " Sir Patrick Houston, Baronet [S. 1668] , of Savanna, in Georgia, cousin and h. male, being 2d s. but eventually (before Dec. 1747) h. male of Patrick Houston, Merchant, of Glas...

Patrick Houstoun (1697 - 1762)

Patrick Houstoun (deceased)

Patrick Houstoun (1698 - 1762)

Sir Patrick Houstoun of that Ilk, 1st Baronet (1630 - 1696)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary " Sir Patrick Houstoun of that Ilk, 1st Baronet , (d.1696) was created a Baronet of Nova Scotia on February 29, 1668, the elder son of Sir Ludovick (or Louis) Houstoun ...

Sir Patrick Houstoun, 6th Baronet (c.1743 - 1785)

Biographical Summary " Sir Patrick Houston, Baronet [S. 1668] , of Savanna, 1st s. and h. ; b. about 1743 ; suc. to the Baronetcy, 5 Feb. 1762 ; was a Lawyer. He, in the American War of Independence,...

Patrick Houstoun (1777 - 1802)

Sir Peter Houstoun, 14th of that Ilk (c.1438 - 1513)

Father*: Sir John Houstoun , Knt.1 d. 1456 Mother*: Maria Colquohon Sir Peter Houstoun , Knt. was the son of Sir John Houstoun , Knt. and Maria Colquohon.1 Anecdote*: He was at the''' Battle of F...

Peter Houstoun (deceased)

Priscella Houstoun (Dunbar) (1711 - 1775)

Priscilla Houstoun (deceased)

Priscilla Houstoun (Dunbar) (1711 - 1775)