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Abial Dennis (Hussey) MP (1746 - 1838)

Abial Hussey (Brown) MP (1727 - d.)

Abial Hussey (Brown) MP (1692 - 1722)

Abigail Hussey (Bunker) MP (1762 - 1831)

Abigail Hussey (Hall) MP (1680 - 1751)

Abigail Hussey MP (1679 - 1763)

Abigail Hussey (Starbuck) MP (1729 - 1817)

Abigail Starbuck married William Hussey, son of Sylvanus Hussey and Hepsabeth Starbuck. Abigail Starbuck was born on 28 February 1729; 10-12-1728 at Vol. VI, p. 137. She died on 4 January 1817 at age 8...

Alice Hussey (de Lathom) MP (1306 - 1409)

The Visitation of Yorkshire in the Years 1563 and 1564 (publ. 1881) Pg. 85 - It simply states that Sir Robert Dalton, son and heir of Sir Richard Dalton, married the daughter of Sir Thomas Latham. Ther...

Ankaret Hussey (le Strange) MP (b. - 1389)

Ankaret Hussey was the Great Grand Daughter Of King Edward lll

Ann Stanyan (Hussey) MP (1669 - 1749)

Ann Hussey (Cox) MP (1692 - 1743)

Jan Garretson, whose wife's name was Ann, had lived in the New Castle vicinity since the time of the Dutch control of the area. He had come to Delaware from Gelderland in Holland, sometime between 1657...

Ann Hussey (Inskeep) MP (1680 - 1733)

From Roots web ancestry- In the chapter regarding James (1751-1784) I include the following paragraph. The ancestors of Theodate Hussey, Content's mother, arrived on the ship William and Francis that...

Anna Hussey (Bunker) MP (b. - 1792)

Lady Anne Grey MP (c.1480 - 1546)

In 1536 she was sent to the Tower for calling the 'illegitimized' Mary (dau. of Henry VIII by his divorced wife Catalina de Aragon) 'princess'. ( )) from Lady Anne Grey1 F, #120...

Batchelder Hussey MP (1684 - 1737)

Links III) Bachelor, second son of Stephen and Martha (Bunker) Hussey, was born February 18, 1685, in Nantucket, where he lived many years, settling later in Biddeford, Maine. He was probably e...

Bathsheba Babb (Hussey) MP (1671 - 1713)

Bathsheba, another daughter of John and Rebecca Hussey, had married Thomas Babb while still in New England. Thomas and Bathsheba Babb settled in Brandywine Hundred. Bathsheba Babb, who died in 1713, se...

Bridget Hussey (Bowes) MP (1526 - 1575)

Bridget Hussey, Countess of Bedford MP (1525 - 1601)

Bridget Hussey was the daughter of John, Lord Hussey of Sleaford and Anne Grey. Some accounts give her birthdate as late as 1528. Her first husband was Sir Richard Morison (b. 1510 - d. 17 Mar 1556), o...

Capt. Christopher Hussey MP (1598 - 1686)

Deacon Hussey was captain of the militia and a magistrate, clerk, selectman and representative to the General Court, and when New Hampshire was made a royal province he was one of the councillors named...

Clothid Hussey (Baker) MP (1799 - c.1867)

Edith Hussey (Way) MP (b. - 1772)

Sir Edward Hussey, 1st Baronet MP (1585 - 1648)

From Wikipedia, November 2014: Sir Edward Hussey, 1st Baronet (10 October 1585 – 22 March 1648) was an English politician who sat in the House of Commons of England in 1640. He supported the R...

Elisabeth Coffin (Hussey) MP (1751 - 1795)

Her married name was Coffin. Elisabeth Hussey was born in 1751. She married Sylvanus Coffin, son of Richard Coffin and Ruth Bunker, in 1767; (m. in 11-1767). Elisabeth Hussey died on 26 July 1795. Li...

Elizabeth Garretson Corner (Hussey) MP (1736 - 1838)

Elizabeth Hussey (de Berkeley) MP (c.1443 - 1504)

Elizabeth Berkeley1,2,3,4 F, #34656, b. circa 1445, d. before 21 December 1504 Father Thomas Berkeley, Sheriff of Leicestershire2,3,4 b. c 1413, d. May 1488 Mother Petronella Brooksby b. c 1415, ...

Elizabeth Dalton (Hussey) MP (c.1318 - d.)

According to The John Dalton Book of Genealogy , on page 26, Sir John Dalton, son of Sir Robert Dalton, married Alice Hussey in 1327. She was the daughter of Sir Henry Hussey of Lancashire. Links to ...

Elizabeth Cole Travers (Hussey) MP (1622 - 1697)

Elizabeth Hungerford (Hussey), 3rd Baroness Hungerford MP (c.1528 - 1572)

Third wife of Walter Hungerford, 1st Baron Hungerford of Heytesbury, whom she married in October 1532. Parents: daughter of John Hussey, 1st Baron Hussey of Sleaford. From Wikipedia : Hungerf...

Sir Giles Hussey, Kt. MP (c.1505 - c.1535)

Giles Hussey1,2 M, b. circa 1510 Father Sir John Hussey, Baron Sleaford b. 1466, d. 27 Aug 1537 Mother Anne Grey2 d. bt 1 Mar 1545 - 11 Feb 1546 Giles Hussey was born circa 1510 at of Dorking, ...

Helene, illegitimate daughter of Richard III, Duke of Normandy MP (1026 - d.)

Henry Hussey, 1st Baron Hussey MP (1265 - 1330)

Refer Henry Hoese From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Caldwell and related families Rootsweb Database. Hussey, was born December 21, 1265, according to "Complete Peerage." In 1275 the heirs of He...

Henry Hussey, 2nd Baron Hussey MP (1292 - 1349)

Henry Hussey, 2nd Baron Hussey, (1292–1349) of Harting and Palborough, co. Sussex, was an English nobleman. He was the son of Henry Hussey, 1st Baron Hussey and wife Isabel Moores. Over the gene...

Sir Henry Hussey, Kt. MP (1343 - 1408)

Sir Henry Hussey, Kt. MP (c.1320 - 1383)

Hepzibah Hussey (Starbuck) MP (1721 - 1808)

Huldah Smith (Hussey) MP (1643 - 1740)

Huldah Bunker (Hussey) MP (1715 - 1798)

Huldah Weare (Hussey) MP (1670 - 1701)

Isabel Hussey (Moores) MP (c.1273 - d.)

Jane Eaton (Hussey) MP (1547 - 1584)

New England families, genealogical and memorial: a record of the ..., Volume 3 edited by William Richard Cutter Pg.1402 (I) Banquo, Thane of Lochabar, A. D. 100.

Jane Hussey (Pigot) MP (1492 - 1531)

Jedida Coffin (Hussey) MP (1708 - 1759)

Joan Hussey de Hungerford (Hussey) MP (c.1349 - 1412)

Of Holbroke, Somersetshire, England. About 1355, Joan born in England, coheir & d/o 7605546. Sir Edmund Hussey. 1376, Thomas married 2nd Joan. [Possibly related to his 1st wife.] 1411, Joan wro...

Joan Hussey Forster MP (1511 - 1605)

Joan's father was a Lord in Sussex. He was beheaded in 1537 for the insurrection against Henry VIII They are descended from Hubert Hussey, a Norman noble who married Helen, daughter of Richard V, Duke ...

John Hussey (Chamness) MP (1748 - 1825)

John Hussey, III MP (1703 - 1770)

(Research):Source: The Epistle Vol I #8, Feb 1975. Marriage date is from IGI. However, the IGI also has a John Hussey and Margaret Riccord married in 1773 in Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire. Marri...

Rev. John Hussey, II MP (1676 - 1707)

Biographical Summary #1: John Hussey was baptized the last day of ye last mo: 1635 in Lynn, Essex, Massachusetts, the son of Christopher Hussey and Theodate Bachiler. John married Rebecca Perkins 2 S...

John Hussey, 1st Baron Hussey of Sleaford MP (1466 - 1537)

John Hussey, 1st Baron Hussey of Sleaford John Hussey, 1st Baron Hussey of Sleaford (1465/1466 – 1536/1537) (sometimes "Huse") was Chief Butler of England[2] from 1521 until his death.[3] He w...

Joseph (Captain) Hussey MP (1634 - 1672)

: Farmer in his "General Register of the First Settlers of New England" suggests that Joseph Hussey was a son of Christopher Hussey. "One Hundred and Sixty Allied Families" concurs. Frank R. Holmes i...

Margaret Hussey (White) MP (1538 - 1571)

Margaret Ballard (Hussey) MP (deceased)

Margaret Hussey (Verdon) MP (1310 - 1363)

Margery de Verdun was born on 10 August 1310 at Alton, Staffordshire, England.1 She was baptised on 10 August 1310 at Alton, Staffordshire, England.1 She was the daughter of Sir Theobald de Verdun, 2...

Margaret Howard (Hussey) MP (c.1389 - c.1418)

HUSSEY2 Mary HUSSEY Born: ABT 1389, Holbrook, Somersetshire, England Father: Henry HUSSEY Mother: Margeria ? Married: Henry HOWARD of Teringhampton Children: 1. Elizabeth HOWARD -------...

Margeria Hussey (Howard) MP (c.1365 - d.)

Sir Mark Hussey, Kt. MP (c.1316 - 1346)

MARCUS WAS THE SON OF HENRY AND HIS 1ST WIFE MAUD. Complete peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and ..., Volume 4 By George Edward Cokayne

Martha Hussey (Chamness) MP (1746 - 1830)

She was listed in both New Vienna Ioof and East Fork Quaker Cemetery, Clinton County Ohio on Find-a- Grave both of these memorials have been merged as one.; and neither one of the source links found in...

Martha Hussey (Bunker) MP (1656 - 1744)

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Mary Barnard (Hussey) MP (1689 - 1771)

Mary Hussey F, b. 1689, d. 8 January 1771 Father: Stephen Hussey b. 1630, d. 2 Feb 1718 Mother: Martha Bunker b. 1656, d. 21 Sep 1744 Her married name was Worth. Her married name was Barnar...

Mary Catherine Jordan (Hussey) MP (1567 - 1626)

Mary Swett (Hussey) MP (1665 - 1719)

Her estate was appraised in 1764 by Meshech Weare and Jonathan Burnham at £1777, old tenor, "a note of hand for £1137 old tenor, on interest 'at 15 per cent' is named in the inventory."

Mary Hussey (Thompson) MP (c.1599 - d.)

Mary Dow (Hussey) MP (1638 - 1733)

Birth: Apr 2 1638 - Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States Death: Jan 21 1733 - Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA Husband: Thomas Page, Henry Green, Henry Dow -------------------- ...

Mary Swain (Hussey) MP (1707 - 1758)


Matilda Hussey MP (c.1354 - d.)

Matilda HUSSEY Born: 1354, Holbrook, Somersetshire, England Father: Edmund HUSSEY (Sir) Mother: Joan ? Married: Phillip De La MARE Children: 1. Eleanor De La Mare (b. ABT 1374) (m. William ...

Maud Hussey MP (b. - c.1316)

N.N. Hussey MP (c.1528 - c.1560)

Nathan Hussey MP (1704 - 1775)

Hockessin Meeting were held in 1730. After the death of Casparius Garretson, Ann (Cox) Garretson married Nathan Hussey, son of John Hussey, Jr. Thus the Garretson and Hussey families became much intert...

Phebe Hussey (Chase) MP (1774 - 1851)

Puella Gorham (Hussey) MP (1677 - 1748)

Sources Elizabeth Pearson White. John Howland of the Mayflower, Vol I. (Name: Rockport, Maine: Picton Press, 2004;), 11._FOOT: Elizabeth Pearson White, John Howland of the Mayflower, Vol I (Rockpor...

Rachel Coleman (Hussey) MP (1715 - 1796)

Rebecca Hussey MP (1662 - 1739)

Marriage place of Rebecca and Samuel Collins was listed as Duxbury, New Hampshire. Laura Rail removed this as there is no town of Duxbury in New Hampshire. There is a town of Duxbury in Plymouth county...

Rebecca Perkins Hussey (Perkins) MP (1641 - 1707)

John Hussey and Rebecca Perkins John Hussey was baptized “the last day of ye last mo: Ao 1635”[1] in Lynn...

Rebecca Brook Hussey Brook Hussey Rawleigh Brook Hussey Rawleigh (Barrett) MP (1597 - d.)

Richard Hussey MP (c.1323 - 1361)

Ruth Swain (Hussey) MP (1758 - c.1830)

Ruth Hussey married Thaddeus Swain, son of David Swain and Martha Hussey. Ruth Hussey was born in 1758. She Removed to New Bedford in 11-1800. (Family of Thaddeus & Ruth) in 1800. She died circa 1830; ...

Ruth Gardner (Hussey) MP (1728 - 1827)

Sarah Hussey (Burnett) MP (1752 - 1836)

Sarah Hussey (Gorham) MP (1711 - 1748)

Silvanus Hussey MP (1682 - 1767)

Simeon Hussey MP (1762 - 1802)

Stephen Hussey MP (1789 - 1862)

Stephen Hussey MP (1739 - 1812)

He is listed as being buried in both cemeteries and both contain some different biographical data for him New Vienna Ioof or East Fork Quaker Cemetery, Clinton County Ohio

Stephen Hussey MP (1632 - 1718)

Stephen was the first child baptized by his Grandfather Rev. Stephen Batchiler. This occurred in Lynn, MA in 1632. (conflicting information shows his parents Christopher Hussey and Theodate Batchiler H...

Susannah Varney Otis (Hussey) MP (1667 - 1710)

Sylvanus Hussey MP (1718 - d.)

Wolf. ND7:1227, MA brig, Capt Shubael Worth, owner Silvanus Hussey, to take trade materials to SC where she was to return with rice, 18 Feb 1777.

Thaddeus Hussey MP (1766 - 1830)

Theodate Hussey MP (1640 - 1649)

Theodate Hussey (Bachelor) MP (c.1588 - 1649)

John Hussey, Sr., was a son of Christopher and Theodate (Batchelder) Hussey. He was a grandson of Stephen Batchelder, a noted nonconformist preacher in e.arly-seventeenth-century England who had spent ...

Theodate Hussey MP (1660 - 1707)

From Roots web ancestry- In the chapter regarding James (1751-1784) I include the following paragraph. The ancestors of Theodate Hussey, Content's mother, arrived on the ship William and Francis that...

Thomas Hussey MP (c.1526 - c.1570)

Sir Thomas Hussey, 2nd Baronet MP (1639 - 1706)

Family and Education bap. 14 Jan. 1639, 2nd but 1st surv. s. of Thomas Hussey (d.1641) of Gonerby by Rhoda, da. and coh. of Thomas Chapman, Draper, of Soper Lane, London and Wormley, Herts. educ. Worml...

William Hussey MP (c.1030 - 1086)

William Hussey, believed to be a son of Hugh Hussey, was born about 1030 in Normandy. It is presumed that he accompanied William the Conqueror in his invasion of England and participated in the Battle ...

William Hussey MP (1749 - 1828)

William Hussey, Lord Chief Justice MP (1443 - 1495)

Sir William HUSSEY, Knight Born: 1443, Gray's Inn, Kent, England Died: 8 Sep 1495/96, Sempringham Buried: Sempringham Father: John HUSSEY of Old Sleaford Mother: Elizabeth NOFFIELD (or Nesfie...

William Hussey MP (1725 - 1805)

William Hussey married Abigail Starbuck, daughter of Paul Starbuck and Ann Tibbetts. William Hussey was born in 1725. He died on 26 February 1805. Links

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