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Enrique Iglesias MP

Enrique Iglesias is a Spanish singer and songwriter. More here: . -------------------- From Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler (English /ɛnˈriːkeɪ ɪˈ&...

Gabriëlle Andrée Iglesias Valayas y Taliaferro MP (1933 - 2010)

Julio Iglesias MP

Julio Iglesias is a Spanish singer who has sold over 300 million records worldwide. More here: . -------------------- Julio Iglesias (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈxuljo iˈɣlesjas...

Julio Iglesias Jr. MP

Julio Iglesias, Jr. is a Spanish model and singer.. More here: .

Chabeli Iglesias MP

Chabeli Preysler Iglesias is a Spanish journalist. More here: .

Miguel Iglesias Pino, Presidente de Perú MP (1830 - 1909)

Iglesias (deceased)

"Mamaria" Iglesias (deceased)

(María) Jesús Iglesias Montes (deceased)

(not known) Iglesias (deceased)

. Iglesias (deceased)

? iglesias (deceased)

? Iglesias (deceased)

? Iglesias (deceased)

? Iglesias Castellano (deceased)

? Iglesias (deceased)

??? Iglesias (deceased)

Abel Augusto Iglesias (deceased)

Adela Iglesias(gómez) García(Trevías) (1913 - 2003)

Adela Iglesias Cadiz (deceased)

Adela Asunción Iglesias(gómez) García(Trevías) (1894 - d.)

Adelaida Agullo Iglesias (deceased)

Adelfa Valdes Iglesias (deceased)

Adelina Dopazo Iglesias (deceased)

Adolfo Iglesias (deceased)

Adolfo Sanchez Iglesias (1848 - 1917)

Adolfo Iglesias (Franca) (deceased)

Adolfo Iglesias Feito (1897 - d.)

Adolina Agrait Iglesias (deceased)

Adriana Mascitti Iglesias (Iglesias Mendoza) (1963 - 1963)

Agapita Bernarda Etayo Iglesias (1794 - d.)

Agustin Iglesias (deceased)

Agustina Pascual Iglesias (1812 - d.)

Carolina “La Belle” Otero (1868 - 1965)

Carolina “La Belle” Otero (4 November 1868 – 12 April 1965) was a Galician (Spain) born dancer, actress and courtesan. Early years Born Agustina Otero Iglesias in Valga, Pont...

Agustín Iglesias (deceased)

Agustín Iglesias Carús (1838 - d.)

Alberto Iglesias Cabrera (deceased)

Alberto Iglesias (deceased)

Alberto Armando Moreira Iglésias (1928 - d.)

Alberto Seco Iglesias (deceased)

Alberto Iglesias Amoroso (deceased)

Alberto Iglesias Castellanos (deceased)

Alberto felipe Iglesias Puig, Sr. (1924 - 84)

Albino Prado Prado Iglesias (deceased)

Alejandra Díaz Iglesias (Díaz) (deceased)

Alejandro Perez Iglesias (deceased)

Alejandro Iglesias (deceased)

Alejandro MARIN Iglesias (deceased)

Alejandro Seco Iglesias (deceased)

Alejandro Iglesias (deceased)

Alejandro de Jesús Crichton Iglesias (deceased)

Alejos Etayo Iglesias (1808 - d.)

Alfonso Iglesias Prado (deceased)

Alfredo Iglesias (deceased)

Alfredo Iglesias (1911 - d.)

Alfredo Luis Iglesias (1955 - 2010)

Alfredo Iglesias (deceased)

Alfredo Fuentes Iglesias (deceased)

Alfredo Iglesias Pardo (deceased)

Alfredo Iglesias (deceased)

Alina Varela Iglesias (deceased)

Altagracia Iglesias Urrea (deceased)

Amada IGLESIAS MELLADO (1869 - d.)

Amada Iglesias Ruedas (deceased)

Amadeo Fuentes Iglesias (b. - 1896)

Amador Iglesias Mendoza (deceased)

Amalia Iglesias Galindo (deceased)

Amalia Sanz Iglesias (1860 - d.)

Amalia Correa Iglesias C.S.18 (deceased)

Amalia Iglesias Ameigeiras (deceased)

Amalia Iglesias (Gomez) (deceased)

Rosalina Rodriguez de Iglesias (1919 - 1977)

Born in Puriales, Sabana, Baracoa, Oriente, Cuba. The family used to call her "Rocha". Rosalina was studying in Guantánamo to become a teacher but her mother Alfonsa got pregnant again and sen...

Amalia Iglesias (deceased)


Amelia Carmen Iglesias (Copello) (c.1898 - d.)

Amena Iglesias (deceased)

America Iglesias Gonzenbach (b. - 1994)

Amiano Hernandez Iglesias (deceased)

Amor IGLESIAS VAMPELT (1880 - d.)

Amparo Iglesias (deceased)

Ana Iglesias Sotomayor (deceased)

Ana Iglesias Cebrian (deceased)

Ana Iglesias (deceased)

Ana Rosa Paredes (deceased)

Ana Iglesias (deceased)

Ana Cebrian Iglesias (deceased)

Ana Iglesias (1931 - d.)

Ana L.G. Iglesias (deceased)

Ana Lorenza de Iglesias Frías (deceased)

Ana Maria Iglesias Velasco (deceased)

Ana Maria Iglesias (deceased)

Ana Maria Calçado Iglésias (deceased)

Ana Teresa del Carmen Seco Iglesias (c.1862 - d.)

Anacleto Iglesias (deceased)

Andres Antonio Iglesias Villa (deceased)

Andres Iglesias Valayas (deceased)

Andrés Pérez Iglesias (deceased)

Andrés Iglesias (deceased)


angel iglesias (deceased)