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Alice Maud Frankel (Imroth) (1903 - 1992)

Bim Imroth (deceased)

Emilie Schwarz (Imroth) (deceased)

Florence "Florrie" Imroth (Hirschhorn) (1871 - 1974)

Francisca Imroth (deceased)

Freda Imroth (Hirschhorn) (deceased)

Freda May Salomonson (Imroth) (deceased)

Gustav Imroth (1862 - 1946)

Gustav Imroth (29 June 1862 – 10 October 1946) Gustav was a minor Randlord who played a role in the development of the South African diamond-mining industry and sports. He was born in Friedberg, Ge...

Johanna Imroth (deceased)

Lena Imroth (deceased)

Liebman Imroth (deceased)

Lieutenant Leslie Imroth (1896 - 1918)

Siegfried Imroth (deceased)