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Isabella Inglis MP (c.1670 - d.)

John Frederic Inglis MP (1853 - 1923)

John Frederic Inglis (16 July 1853 – 27 February 1923) was a Scottish amateur sportsman who became a Major in the Duke of Edinburgh's (Wiltshire Regiment). He played cricket for Kent and footbal...

Nora Evelyn Crouch (Inglis) MP (1904 - 1953)

Rupert Edward Inglis MP (1863 - 1916)

Rupert Edward Inglis (17 May 1863 – 18 September 1916) was an England international rugby player who later became a Church of England rector. During the First World War, Inglis was a chaplain to...

Inglis (Philipse) (deceased)

Mary (Philipse) Morris and her sister, the wife of Rev. Charles Inglis were the only women accused of treason during the Revolution.

Inglis (deceased)

Inglis (deceased)

(unknown) Inglis (deceased)

(Unknown) Inglis (deceased)

,, Inglis (deceased)

. Inglis (deceased)

.... Inglis (deceased)

? Inglis (Innes) (deceased)

? Inglis (deceased)

? Inglis (deceased)

? Inglis (deceased)

? Inglis (Angus) (deceased)

?Inglis Morrison (?Inglis) (deceased)

Ada Christine De Villiers (Inglis) (1902 - 1984)

Ada Inglis (Lanyon) (deceased)

Ada Inglis (Harper) (deceased)

Ada Roxby Inglis (deceased)

Adam Inglis (1718 - d.)

Sir Adam Inglis of Cramond, 3rd Baronet (1714 - 1772)

Biographical Summary " Sir Adam Inglis, Baronet [S 1687] of Cramond , 2nd but surviving son and heir, born 21 October 1714; admitted Advocate, 1736; studied the Law at Leyden University; succeeded to...

Adam Inglis (deceased)

Adelaida Von Inglis (deceased)

Adelaide Mary Wilson Inglis (1866 - 1867)

Agnes Inglis (Brown) (1882 - 1938)

Agnes Inglis (deceased)

Agnes Inglis (deceased)

Agnes (Inglis) Bell (Inglis) (1855 - 1920)

Agnes Mcgregor White Inglis (1874 - 1956)

Agnes McCreadie (Inglis) (1910 - d.)

Agnes Inglis (1802 - d.)

Agnes Inglis (Brown) (1882 - 1938)

Agnes Bieman (Inglis) (1919 - d.)

Agnes Inglis (Fleming) (1819 - d.)

Agnes Inglis (Logan) (1844 - d.)

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Agnes Inglis (gausden) (1939 - 1998)

Agnes Inglis (deceased)

Agnes Dickson (Inglis) (deceased)

Agnes Reinking (Inglis) (deceased)

She and her husband Herman lived in Maywood, IL where they owned and operated a delicatessen in town. They had no children.

Agnes Inglis (Train) (deceased)

Agnes Lindsay Inglis (Watret) (deceased)

Agnes Inglis (1773 - d.)

Agnes INGLIS (1763 - d.)

Agnes Tulloch Inglis (1910 - 1996)

Agnes Nancy Minichiello (Inglis) (1938 - 1993)

Agnes Inglis (deceased)

Agnes Inglis (b. - 1680)

Agnes Inglis (1901 - d.)

Agnes Marshall (Inglis) (1836 - 1903)

Agnes Inglis (deceased)

Agnes Edna Price (Inglis) (deceased)

Agnes Downer (Inglis) (deceased)

Agnes Inglis (Tait) (deceased)

Agnes Inglis (Grieve) (1874 - 1970)

Agnes Inglis (c.1811 - d.)

Agnes Black Inglis (1830 - d.)

Agnes Inglis (Gorman) (deceased)

Agnes Inglis (Lindsey) (1861 - d.)

She arrived from Scotland in 1887 and lived in Maywood, IL.

Agnes Inglis (deceased)

Agnes Inglis (Lambie) (deceased)

Agnes Inglis (Graham) (1779 - d.)

Agnes Inglis (1878 - 1901)

Agnes Mary Inglis (deceased)

Agnes Mary Mary Winch late Gready nee Inglis (Inglis) (c.1866 - 1943)

Agnes Mary Winch late Gready nee Inglis (deceased)

Agnus Inglis (Daniel) (deceased)

Agnus Inglis (Daniel) (deceased)

Agripina Macleod e Inglis (deceased)

Alan George Inglis (b. - 1973)

Alan Moore Inglis (deceased)

Albert Inglis (deceased)

Albert Inglis (1871 - d.)

Albert Frederick Hernon Hope Inglis (1923 - 1986)

Alec INGLIS (deceased)

Alex Inglis (1821 - d.)

Alex Inglis (c.1805 - d.)

Alexander Inglis (1828 - d.)

Alexander Inglis (1862 - c.1933)

He came from Scotland in the 1880's and settled in Maywood, a suburb of Chicago, IL. where he raised his family. He was a carpenter/contractor.

Alexander Inglis (deceased)

Alexander Inglis (deceased)

Sir Alexander Inglis of Ingliston (deceased)

Sir Alexander Inglis of Ingliston, Linlithgow, son of James Inglis. (Source: ).

Alexander Inglis (deceased)

Alexander Inglis (deceased)

Alexander Inglis (1883 - 1917)

Alexander "Sandy" Inglis (deceased)

Alexander Peter Inglis (deceased)

Alexander Inglis (1813 - c.1820)

alexander inglis (deceased)

Alexander Inglis, of Tarvit (b. - c.1590)

Alexander Inglis of Tarvit, son of Alexander Inglis of Tarvit, married, first, before 1549, Elizabeth Kemp, and, second, after 1569, Agnes Scott, relict of Dishington of Ardross, who survived him. His ...

Alexander Inglis, of Tarvit and Carslogie (b. - 1518)

Alexander Inglis of Tarvit and Carslogie, son of Alexander Inglis of West Tarvit, is mentioned in 1503 and 1511. He died between 1513 and 1518. Source: The East Neuk of Fife: its history and antiquities

Alexander Inglis, of Tarvit (b. - 1547)

Alexander Inglis of Tarvit, son of Alexander Inglis of Tarvit and Carslogie, was a minor at his father's death ; and John Inglis, probably his uncle, appears as tutor in 1518 and 1521. He has in 1513 a...

Alexander Inglis, of West Tarvit (deceased)

Alexander Inglis of West Tarvit is mentioned in 1443. He married, in 1480, Christian Balfour, relict of James, heir of William Bonar of Rossie. A brother, Thomas, is mentioned in 1497. Source: The Ea...

Alexander Inglis (c.1743 - 1791)

Alexander Evan Johnstone Inglis (1887 - 1977)

First Name: A E J Surname: Inglis Nationality: British Incident Details: Enrolled at King's College, Cambridge Incident Date: 1906 Rank: Lieutenant Service: British Army Regiment: Army Pr...

Alexander St Clair Inglis (1876 - 1877)

Alexander Inglis (deceased)

Alexander Inglis (deceased)