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Alexander Irvine of Drum MP (c.1530 - 1603)

Extract from "Short account of the family of Irvine of Drum in the county of Aberdeen", 1893, Page 7 ( ) Alexander, the 8th laird, grandson of the preceding, married Lady Elizabeth Keith, 2nd daughte...

Alexander Irvine of Lonmay MP (1500 - 1547)

Alexander Irvine of Drum MP (c.1450 - c.1533)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Alexander Irvine of Drum: Alexander Irvine of Drum [1] M, #447453 Last Edited=12 Sep 2010 Alexander Irvine of Drum is the son of Sir Alexander Irvine o...

Sir Alexander Irvine of Drum MP (c.1434 - 1527)

He Recieved Lonmay and Cairness in 1475. Sheriff of Aberdeenshire in 1492. ---------------------- From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Sir Alexander Irvine of Drum: Sir Alexander Irvine of Drum ...

Alexander Irvine of Drum MP (c.1425 - 1493)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page for Alexander Irvine of Drum: Alexander Irvine of Drum [1] M, #447458, d. December 1493 Last Edited=25 Nov 2012 Consanguinity Index=0.01% Alexander Irvi...

Andrew Comyn "Sandy" Irvine MP (1902 - 1924)

see the wikipedia article at ) Andrew "Sandy" Comyn Irvine (8 April 1902 – 8 June 1924) was an English mountaineer who took part in the 1924 British Everest Expedition, the third British exped...

Anne Irvine (Keith) MP (1620 - d.)

Beatrix Irvine MP (c.1593 - d.)

Betsy Irvine (Darling) MP (deceased)

Charles Irvine MP (deceased)

Christena E. Beaudoin (Irvine) MP (1879 - 1958)

Christopher Irvine MP (deceased)

Christopher Irvine MP (b. - 1680)

Daniel Irvine MP (1859 - 1928)

David Irwin (Irvine) MP (c.1692 - d.)

David Irwin Birth: 1700 - Glencoe, Ulster, Ireland Parents: Robert Irvine, Margaret Wylie Wife: Margaret Berry Children: Unknown Irwin, Unknown Irwin, Richard Edward IRWIN

David Irvine MP (c.1639 - c.1678)

David Irvine Birth: 1646 - Ireland Death: 1678 - Ireland Parents: Robert Irvine, Elizabeth Wylie Wife: Sophia Gault David never saw his father. Birthplace often seen as "Drum Castle, Ab...

Elizabeth Irvine (Keith) MP (1535 - 1585)

Lady Elizabeth Keith is the daughter of George Keith, 4th Earl Marischal.2 She married Alexander Irvine, 8th of Drum, son of Alexander Irvine of Lonmay and Elizabeth Ogilvy, in 1552.1 From 1552, her m...

Elizabeth Marion de Irvine (de Forbes) MP (c.1412 - 1497)

Elizabeth Seton (Irvine) MP (b. - 1579)

Gilbert Irvine MP (deceased)

James Irvine MP (b. - 1756)

Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation, by John O'Hart; Errata: Chideock, of Fermanagh, Ireland, and America, pg. 946 He bequeathed the estate to his cousin, James Squire, the ...

James Irvine MP (deceased)

Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation, by John O'Hart; Errata: Chideock, of Fermanagh, Ireland, and America, pg. 946 James Irvine was Physician to the "Pretender" at Rome. He ...

James Irvine MP (1615 - 1672)

One of Charles II's most earnest Scottish supporters, and when Charles became King in 1660, he offered an earldom, which was refused. The royalist, after the reverses his party suffered, was led to con...

James Irvine MP (1827 - 1886)

The Irvine family were agricultural pioneers and prominent landowners in California who gave their name to the city of Irvine, CA. James Irvine I James Irvine (1827–1886) was born in County ...

James Irvine MP (c.1558 - d.)

Janet Gordon (Irvine) MP (c.1559 - d.)

Janet Gordon (Irvine) MP (c.1555 - d.)

John Irvine MP (deceased)

John Irvine of Kingcaussie MP (deceased)

John Irvine of Artamford MP (1589 - 1636)

John Irvine, Dr. MP (deceased)

Jonet Barclay (Irvine) MP (1426 - 1497)

Margaret Fraser (Irvine) MP (b. - 1603)

Margaret Cheyne (Irvine) MP (1557 - d.)

Margaret McDowell (Irvine) MP (1674 - 1728)

Margaret Irvine Birth: Sep 7 1674 - Leochel-Cushnie, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland Death: 1728 - Larne, Antrim, Ireland Parents: James Irvine, Margaret Wylie Husband: Ephraim McDowell ...

Martha Jane Firth (Irvine) MP (c.1904 - d.)

Mary McDowell (Irvine) MP (1684 - 1782)

89. Mary (May) IRVINE was born about 1688 in Ireland. She was also known as Mary (May) Irwin. She died on 18 Feb 1782 in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania. Mary (May) IRVINE and William MCDOWELL were married...

Mary Irvine (Gordon) MP (1760 - 1841)

Mary Irvine (Forbes) MP (1712 - 1797)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Mary Forbes: Lady Mary Forbes [1] F, #61477, d. 27 November 1797 Last Edited=10 Apr 2011 Consanguinity Index=3.13% Lady Mary Forbes was the daughte...

Mary Anne Rae (Irvine) MP (1820 - 1892)

Penuel Irvine (Colquhoun) MP (deceased)

Phoebe Irvine (Hume) MP (b. - 1710)

Robert Irvine MP (c.1554 - d.)

James or Robert Irvine MP (1670 - 1729)

James Irvine was also known as Robert Irvine. In this generation the name is "Irvine," but his American sons all changed the spelling of the name to Irwin. Birth: after 1670 - County Antrim, Northe...

Robert Irvine MP (c.1620 - 1646)

Robert Irvine Birth: 1620 - Drum Castle, Aberdeenshire, Scotland Death: Feb 4 1646 - Tolbooth Prison, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland Parents: Alexander Irvine, Magdalene Scrimgrour Wife: Eli...

William Irwin (Irvine) MP (1693 - 1767)

William Irwin Birth: 1693 - Ireland Death: Feb 15 1763 - Carlisle, Cumberland, Pennsylvania, United States Parents: Robert Irwin, Margaret Wylie Wife: Elander Blackstock From papers of Ca...

William Irvine MP (c.1570 - d.)

Irvine (deceased)

Irvine (deceased)

Irvine ( Mrs. ) (c.1480 - d.)

Irvine (1684 - d.)

Irvine (1911 - 1911)

? Irwin (Irvine) (c.1800 - c.1880)

(Sir) Alexander Irvine (b. - 1658)

(Tease) Herbert Irvine (1923 - d.)

(Widow) Irvine (Morrison) (deceased)

(wife) Irvine (1503 - d.)

3 Irvine (deceased)

<Private> Irvine (Thomson) (deceased)

<unknown> Irvine (c.1704 - d.)

? Irvine (deceased)

? Irvine (deceased)

? Crozier (Irvine) (deceased)

? Irvine (deceased)

? Irvine (Ralston) (deceased)

? Irvine (deceased)

? Gilonis (Irvine) (deceased)

? Irvine of Pitmurchie and Lumphanan (1415 - d.)

? IRVINE (deceased)

? Irvine (deceased)

? Irvine (deceased)

Of Co. Fermanagh.

? Irvine (deceased)

?? Irvine (Cantrell) (deceased)

?? Irvine (Caldwell) (deceased)

?? Irvine (deceased)

?? Irvine (?) (deceased)

??? Irvine (deceased)

??? Irvine (???) (deceased)

[-?-] Irvine (deceased)

A Irvine (deceased)

A E Sadie Irvine (1885 - d.)

Abalow or Abraham Irvine (deceased)

ABC Irvine (deceased)

ABC Irvine (deceased)

Abigail (deceased)

Abraham Irvine (1725 - d.)

Abraham Smith Irvine (deceased)

Abraham Irvine (deceased)

ABRAM IRVINE (deceased)

Abram IRVINE (1802 - d.)

Abram Irvine (deceased)

Abram Irvine (deceased)

ABV Irvine (deceased)

Acker Irvine (1902 - d.)

Ada Irvine (1865 - d.)

Ada Mellor (Irvine) (b. - 1923)

Ada Irvine (Whited) (1911 - 2008)

Ada L. Irvine (deceased)

Ada Irvine (Brown) (deceased)

Ada A. Irvine (deceased)