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Isaiah Isserles (Isserlein) MP (1580 - d.)

1. Source: The Unbroken Chain, Neil Rosenstein, Page 495

? Isserlein (deceased)

Aaron Isserlein (c.1450 - d.)

Abraham Isserlein (deceased)

Isach Morpurgo (Isserlein) (1509 - d.)

Israel Isser Isserlein (deceased)

Israel, Rabbi Joseph Isserlein (1480 - 1568)

Jonah Isserlein (b. - c.1849)

Muscat Isserlein (deceased)

Petachia (Kachil, Khatschel) Isserlein (deceased)

Petachia o Ptachya Isserlein o Iserlin (deceased)

Rabbi Israel Isserlein (c.1390 - 1460)

Rabbi Israel Isserlin ben Petahiah (1390-1460) was a Talmudist, and Halakhist, best known for his Terumat HaDeshen, which served as one source for HaMapah, the component of the Shulkhan Arukh by Moses ...

Rabbi Israel Joseph Isserlein (1480 - 1568)

Rabi Israel Isserlein o Iserlin da Marbourg (c.1390 - 1460)

Schoendlein (Sheindl) Isserlein (deceased)

Shalom Shachna Isserlein (deceased)

Yosef Isserlein (deceased)

Zissel Isserlein (Lipschutz) (b. - c.1829)