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Abdon Javier (deceased)

Abdon Javier (deceased)

Abdon Jr Torres Javier (deceased)

Abigail Javier (deceased)

Abner dela Cruz (Javier) (deceased)

adelia javier (deceased)

Adelia Javier (deceased)

Ading Javier (deceased)

Adriano Javier (deceased)

Agapito Javier-Carrillo (deceased)

Agapito Arquerro Javier (1889 - 1969)

Mama (Agueda Estrella Javier) Castaneda (1919 - 1995)

by Mer: What I know about my mom is that growing up she was spoiled, getting her hair and nails done, going to get a dress and shoes made, while her mother ran a business, that sold "Tuba" and was the ...

Agustin Fajardo Javier (1740 - 1818)

Aleine Javier (c.1900 - d.)

Alejandrina Guerra San Javier (deceased)

Alejandro Maiwat Javier (c.1925 - c.1974)

Alfonso Javier (deceased)

Alfonso Segundo Javier (deceased)

Alfonza Javier (deceased)

Alfredo Javier (deceased)

Alfredo Javier (deceased)

Amado Javier (1916 - 1997)

Amelita Javier (deceased)

Amparo Salvador (Javier) (deceased)

Ana Pangelinan Javier (Taitano) (1909 - 2007)

Ana(Lola Aning)J. Soriano (deceased)

Ana(Lola Aning) J.Soriano (1881 - 1967)

Ana María González Javier (deceased)

Ana Maria Teresa Javier de Padilla y Estrada (1692 - 1759)

Anacleta Javier (Fernandez) (deceased)

Anastacia Javier (c.1865 - d.)

Anastasia Javier (deceased)

Andrea Javier (deceased)

Andrea Javier Javier (deceased)

andrei Javier (deceased)

Andres Javier (deceased)

Andres Javier (deceased)

Angeles Dealino (Javier) (deceased)

Angelina Javier Cantada (Javier) (1916 - 2009)

Angelina Casado Tobias (deceased)

angelita javier (deceased)

Aniceta javier (deceased)

Aniceto Javier-Carrillo (deceased)

Anita Javier (deceased)

Anna Javier Soriano (deceased)

Antonia Javier Camerino (Javier) (deceased)

Antonia GARCIA (Javier) (deceased)

antonio javier (deceased)

Antonio de Pacheco y Tovar, I Conde de San Javier. (deceased)

Antonio de Pacheco y Mijares de Solórzano, II Conde de San Javier. (deceased)

Antonio Reyes Javier (1930 - 1958)

Apolinaria Lalican (Javier) (deceased)

Apolinario Javier (deceased)

Apolinario Javier (deceased)

Apolonia Javier (Salvador) (1920 - 2004)

Arestona Javier (deceased)

Ariel Javier (deceased)

Artemio Dimayuga Javier (deceased)

Asias Javier (deceased)

Asuncion Javier Javier (deceased)

Asuncion S. Alandy (1916 - 2006)

Augusto Javier (deceased)

Aurora Javier Jundos (deceased)

Avelina Ching (1921 - d.)

Avila de Jesus Nunez, Javier (1974 - 2007)

Bartolome Javier (deceased)

Basilia Javier (Untalan) (deceased)

Basilio Ming Javier (1800 - d.)

basilio javier (deceased)

Beata Napoles Javier (Napoles) (1930 - c.1979)

Beatriz Javier (Opiniano) (1927 - 2004)

Belen Perez JAVIER (deceased)

Belgica Javier (Suriel Balcacer) (deceased)

Ben Javier (deceased)

Benigno Javier (deceased)

Benita Javier Caruncho (Javier) (deceased)

Benjamin Javier (deceased)

Benjamin Javier (deceased)

Benvienido Javier (deceased)

Bessie Barnes Javier (deceased)

Binay Javier (deceased)

Blesilda Javier (deceased)

Braulia Veloso Faigal (Javier) (1925 - 2011)

Buenaventura Javier (deceased)

carlos javier jr (deceased)

Carmen Domingo Javier (Carmen Domingo) (deceased)

Carmen Salvosa Javier (deceased)

Casar Torres Javier (deceased)

Castora Javier (deceased)

Catalina Garro y Javier (deceased)

Catilina Javier (Evangelista) (deceased)

cayetano javier (deceased)

Cecilio Reynera Javier (deceased)

Celedonia Javier Garces (Javier) (deceased)

Celedonio Javier (deceased)

Celedonio Jr. Javier (deceased)

Celestina Javier (Gonzalez) (b. - 1933)

Celestino Javier (deceased)

Celso M. Javier Javier (deceased)

Cenon Javier (deceased)