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Stan Laurel MP (1890 - 1965)

Best remembered as the first half of the comedy team Laurel and Hardy, Stan Laurel's film acting career stretched between 1917 and 1951 and included a starring role in the Academy Award winning film Th...

Eston John Jefferson (Hemings) MP (1808 - 1856)

Eston was born a slave at Monticello in 1808, the youngest of Sally Heming's six children. Eston was freed in 1829 at the age of 21, as provided for in President Jefferson's will. The following year,...

Field Jefferson MP (c.1702 - 1765)

From Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia : Field Jefferson ( 16 March 1702 - 10 February 1765) was Thomas Jefferson's uncle, the older brother of his father, Peter Jefferson.[1] He was the third child of T...

Frances Jefferson (unknown) MP (1706 - 1750)

From Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia : Field Jefferson ( 16 March 1702 - 10 February 1765) was Thomas Jefferson's uncle, the older brother of his father, Peter Jefferson.[1] He was the third child of T...

Jane Jefferson (Randolph) MP (1720 - 1776)

Randolph was born in the Tower Hamlets of Shadwell, a maritime neighborhood of London. Her family moved to Virginia when she was young, though it is unclear from available sources whether she immediate...

Jeremiah Jefferson MP (deceased)

Col. John Wayles Jefferson (USA) MP (1835 - 1892)

John's birth name was Hemings..he later adopted the name Jefferson. He was the grandson of Sarah Hemings, a slave owned by Thomas Jefferson. DNA tests in 1998 confirmed that a male descendant of John...

Judith Farrar (Jefferson) MP (c.1698 - 1786)

Judith Jefferson (daughter of Thomas Jefferson II and Mary Field) was born August 30, 1698 in Osbornes, Henrico Co. Virginia, and died November 1786 in St. James Parish, Mecklenburg Co Virginia. She ma...

Madison Jefferson (Hemings) MP (1805 - 1877)

Madison HEMINGS [Parents] 1, 2, 3, 4 was born on 19 Jan 1805 in Monticello, Virginia. He died in 1877. He married Mary Hughes MCCOY in 1831. Madison Hemings was born in Monticello, Albemarle, Virg...

Maria Eppes (Jefferson) MP (1778 - 1804)

Mary Wayles Jefferson is the daughter of Thomas & Martha Jefferson. She was born at "Monticello" and died there, soon after the birth of her third child. Her father's nickname for her was Polly. Mary s...

Martha Skelton Jefferson (Wayles) MP (1748 - 1782)

Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson, born Martha Wayles (October 30 [O.S. October 19] 1748 – September 6, 1782) was the wife of Thomas Jefferson, who was the third President of the United States. ...

Martha Wynne (Jefferson) MP (c.1682 - c.1754)

ROBERT Wynne MAJOR married MARTHA JEFFERSON, daughter of THOMAS JEFFERSON SR and MARY BRANCH, at Surry, VA. He married MARY (--?- at Surry, VA. He was b. at Charles City, VA. He died on 23 Jul 1754 at ...

Mary Martha Jefferson (Branch) MP (c.1662 - 1715)

resolve Birth Date //1660 c. //1662 Death Date //1700 //1682 -------------------- Mary Martha Branch married Thomas Jefferson I at Curles, James River, Henrico County, Virginia.

Mary Jefferson (Hunt) MP (c.1695 - 1763)

Field Jefferson married a second time in 1753, to Mary Allen "of Albemarle County."  No children were born to Field and his second wife.[4] notes From A correspondent of Mr. Landon C. Bell...

Mary Wayles Bolling (Jefferson) MP (c.1741 - 1817)

Mary Jefferson, also known as Polly, was the daughter of Peter Jefferson and wife Jane Randolph, and the sister of Thomas Jefferson. She was born October 1, 1741 at Shadwell, Goochland County, Virginia...

Mary Harris (Jefferson) MP (c.1655 - 1745)

Mary Nicholls Turpin (Jefferson) MP (c.1708 - 1784)

Nancy Bachelor (Jefferson) MP (1795 - 1883)

Peter Jefferson MP (1707 - 1757)

Peter Jefferson (February 29, 1708, - August 17, 1757) was the father of American President Thomas Jefferson (1743–1826)[1]. A surveyor and cartographer, his Fry-Jefferson Map of 1751 accurately...

Samuel Jefferson, Jr. MP (1607 - 1685)

He was born a little before Oct. 11, 1607.--------------------John Jefferson was born at Gwynedd, Wales, UK.

Sarah E. Byrd (Jefferson / Hemings) MP (c.1835 - c.1884)

Capt. Thomas Jefferson MP (c.1679 - 1731)

Resolve... Birth Date c. //1677 //1679 Birth Location Osborne, Chesterfield, VA Henrico Co., VA Death Date 4/13/1725 2/18/1731 -------------------- Thomas II died: February 18, 1731, Os...

Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the United States of America MP (1743 - 1826)

Thomas Jefferson was part of the Committee of Five appointed by the Continental Congress to draft the Declaration of Independence and the main author. The others were John Adams, Roger Sherman, Robert ...

Thomas Jefferson, I MP (1653 - 1697)

resolve Birth Date //1653 c. //1660 Death Date //1697 //1682--------------------He died before the Dec. 7, 1697.

Mary Jefferson MP (c.1679 - 1715)

Death Date 8/15/1715 8/13/1715 -------------------- Virginia Mary Field was born at New Kent, Henrico County, Virginia, c.February 3, 1678

William Beverly Frederick Jefferson (Hemings) MP (c.1838 - 1908)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin; November 12, 1908; Editor of the Tribune: In the Tribune today is a notice of the death of Beverly Jefferson of Madison. His death deserves more than a passing notice, as he was...

John Alan Jefferson (deceased)

(Son) JEFFERSON (1750 - 1750)

(Son) JEFFERSON (1777 - 1777)

*PENDING* Jefferson (deceased)

? Jefferson (deceased)

? Jefferson (deceased)

? Jefferson (deceased)

?? Martin (Jefferson) (deceased)

??? Jefferson (deceased)

???? Jefferson (deceased)

????? Jefferson (deceased)

[Infant] Jefferson (1931 - 1931)

A C Jefferson (deceased)

Abraham Jefferson (1848 - 1935)

Ada Belle Lewis (Jefferson) (1860 - 1929)

Ada Banks Jefferson (1850 - d.)

Ada B. Jefferson (1870 - d.)

Adda Jefferson (deceased)

Addie Lee-Jefferson (deceased)

Addie Lori Fonseca (Jefferson) (deceased)

Addie Lori Jefferson (Fonseca) (deceased)

Adele Marie Motley (Jefferson) (1928 - d.)

Adelia Jefferson (Spoor) (1837 - d.)

Adeline Jefferson (Proelss) (1906 - 1993)

Adeline Jefferson (deceased)


Adrian Jefferson (1934 - 1935)

Adrian Jefferson (deceased)

Agnes Jefferson (deceased)

Agnes Jefferson (Ninow) (b. - 1991)

Agnes Douglass (Jefferson) (1864 - 1910)

Agnes Jefferson (deceased)

Agnes Jefferson (c.1796 - 1868)

Agnes Jefferson (Brewer) (deceased)

Agnes Annie Jefferson (1872 - d.)

Alabama Council Jip Jefferson (deceased)

Alan Jefferson (deceased)

Albert Gallatin Jefferson (1808 - d.)

ID: I14588 Name: Albert Gallatin JEFFERSON 1 Sex: M Birth: 06 JUL 1808 in Tennessee 1 Reference Number: 18 Event: Heritage Related to President Thomas Jefferson Death: BET 1880 AND 1900 in Living with ...

Albert Jefferson (deceased)

Albert Jefferson (deceased)

Albert Jefferson (deceased)

Albert Jefferson (deceased)


Albert Jefferson Gammidge-Jefferson (deceased)

Albert Wayne Jefferson (deceased)

Alberta O'Bannon (Jefferson) (1920 - 1993)

Albertha Tremper (Jefferson) (1867 - d.)

Aldoph Jefferson (deceased)

Alex Jefferson (deceased)

Alexander Jefferson (1815 - 1880)

Alexander Jefferson (deceased)

Alexander Jefferson (1779 - d.)

Alexander Jefferson (1779 - 1870)

Alexander Jefferson (deceased)

Alexandra Denise Williams (Jefferson) (1975 - 2011)

ALFI JEFFERSON (c.1937 - d.)

Alfred G Jefferson (deceased)

Alfreda JEFFERSON (1900 - 1989)

Alice Jefferson (deceased)

Alice Smith (Jefferson) (deceased)

Alice Jefferson (deceased)

Alice Jefferson (deceased)

Alice Jefferson (deceased)

Alice Jefferson (deceased)

Alice lucille thomas (jefferson) (1902 - 1971)

Alice Jefferson (Wetmore) (c.1854 - 1910)

1910 Census of Santa Barbara California shows her living with her husband, two nieces, & 4 servants

Alice Jefferson (deceased)

Alice E. Jefferson (1879 - d.)

Alice Jefferson (c.1878 - 1938)

Alice Fishburn (Jefferson) (1862 - d.)

Alice Jefferson (Unthank) (1856 - 1942)

Alice Jefferson (1908 - 1911)

Alice Jefferson (deceased)

Alice Luella Jefferson (Holmes) (1863 - 1897)