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Abigail Judd (Adams) MP (1718 - 1755)

Achsa Judd MP (c.1772 - d.)

Alexander Judd MP (c.1768 - d.)

Amyrillis Crane (Judd) MP (1816 - d.)

Ann Charlotte Judd (Sears) MP (1810 - 1870)

Annice Alvord (Judd) MP (1744 - d.)

Arvilla Judd (Blackman) MP (c.1770 - d.)

Arza Judd, Sr. MP (1766 - 1840)

Arza Judd, Jr. MP (1798 - 1840)

Benjamin Judd MP (1642 - 1698)

(f/g) Benjamin Judd Birth: Mar., 1642 Farmington Hartford County Connecticut, USA Death: 1699 Farmington Hartford County Connecticut, USA Husband of Mary Lewis. Family links: Parents: Thomas...

Benjamin Judd MP (1710 - 1755)

Benjamin Judd MP (1740 - 1840)

Charles E. Judd MP (1880 - 1965)

Mr Charles E. Judd Age: 32 years Marital Status: Married. Last Residence: in Southampton Hampshire England Occupation: Fireman / Stoker Engine crew First Embarked: Southampton Rescu...

Chris Judd MP

Clemence Judd MP (1608 - 1696)

Mason was her widowed last name. No children with Thomas Judd

Cris Judd MP

Cristan Leenon "Cris" Judd is an American actor and choreographer known for his brief marriage to Jennifer Lopez. He was born on August 15, 1969 in Abilene, Texas. Before Hollywood, Judd spent his ea...

Naomi Judd MP

Naomi Judd (born January 11, 1946) is an American country music singer, songwriter, and activist. She was born Diana Ellen Judd to Charles Glen Judd and his wife Pauline (Oliver) Judd on January 11...

Ebenezer Judd MP (1714 - d.)

Elizabeth Loomis (Judd) MP (1635 - 1696)

Born either around 1633 or 1636 Elizabeth and Samuel removed to Windsor in 1660.

Wife of Deacon Thomas Judd - parents unknown MP (c.1616 - 1678)

There was ANOTHER Thomas Judd, grandson of this Thomas Judd, who married Sarah Freeman. Not this Thomas Judd. Deacon Thomas Judd of Waterbury ------------------ This profile needs to be documente...

Eunice Hanchett (Judd) MP (1702 - d.)

George Alexander Judd MP (1835 - 1934)

Hannah Judd MP (1697 - 1713)

Hannah Judd (Hickock) MP (c.1669 - 1750)

Hannah Benedict (Judd) MP (deceased)

Hannah Smith (Judd) MP (1681 - d.)

Harvey Judd MP (1802 - d.)

Huldah Judd MP (1807 - 1850)

Hyrum Judd MP (1793 - d.)

Ira Philip Judd MP (1812 - 1879)

Itha Judd MP (c.1770 - d.)

Iva Judd MP (1812 - d.)

Joel Judd MP (1748 - 1779)

Johanna Scott (Judd) MP (b. - 1771)

John Judd MP (1833 - 1911)

John Judd MP (c.1639 - 1715)

John Judd M, b. 1667, d. 1717 John Judd was born in 1667 at Waterbury, New Haven County, Connecticut, the son of Lieut. Thomas Judd.1,2 He married Hannah Hickok, daughter of Sergeant Samuel Hicko...

Joseph Judd MP (deceased)

Joseph Judd MP (1701 - 1750)

Families of Ancient New Haven by Donald Lines Jacobus, pg. 1563 Thomas Judd and His Descendants by Sylvester Judd, pg. 38, 39 "Joseph Judd, son of Thomas Judd of Hartford, had land in Farmington an...

Joseph Judd (twin) MP (c.1693 - 1693)

Katherine Judd (Norwood) MP (c.1575 - 1609)

Lesley Fowlds (Judd) MP

Judd is an English dancer and TV presenter, best known as a long-serving host of the BBC children's programme Blue Peter.

Leva Bench (Judd) MP (1810 - d.)

Lois Judd (French) MP (c.1813 - c.1854)

Lois Judd (Knapp) MP (1773 - 1840)

Margaret Wright (Judd) MP (1697 - d.)

Margaret Ames (Judd) MP (c.1774 - d.)

Maria Judd (Strong) MP (1663 - 1751)

Mary Judd MP (c.1715 - d.)

Mary Judd (Lewis) MP (1645 - 1722)

Mary Judd (Alvord) MP (1744 - 1795)

Mary Judd MP (c.1701 - 1744)

Mary Loomis (Judd) MP (1644 - c.1704)

Mary Wright (Judd) MP (1682 - 1748)

Mary Webster (Judd) MP (1675 - 1698)

Mercy Judd (Hickox) MP (deceased)

Orra Holcomb (Judd) MP (c.1772 - d.)

Roger Judd MP (1651 - 1720)

According to Torrey's New England Marriages, he died in 1720 at the age of 69. That would mean that he was born in 1750-51. He married Elizabeth ------- in Boston in 1693 or 1694. He is not listed in...

Ruth Steele (Judd) MP (c.1646 - 1689)

Sally Judd MP (1799 - d.)

Sally Judd MP (1795 - d.)

Samuel Judd MP (1651 - 1721)

Samuel Judd, Youngest son of Deac. Thomas Judd, came to Northampton and married Mariah Strong, daughter of Thomas Strong and Mary (Hewet) about 1681. He seems to have lived in the house with his father...

Sarah Judd (Steele) MP (c.1638 - 1695)

Alternate place of birth, Hartford, Hartford, CT Thomas Judd and His Descendants by Sylvester Judd, pg. 37 The Great Migration Begins; Immigrants to New England 1620-1633 by Robert Charles Anderson...

Sarah Hopkins (Judd) MP (c.1666 - 1693)

Sarah Williams (Judd, twin) MP (1693 - 1740)

Sarah Judd MP (1726 - 1810)

Sarah Buck (Judd) MP (1677 - 1751)

Sarah Judd (Gaylord) MP (1671 - 1738)

Families of Ancient New Haven by Donald Lines Jacobus, pg. 636 Thomas Judd and His Descendants by Sylvester Judd, pg. 37

Sarah Judd (Freeman) MP (c.1670 - d.)

Daughter of Stephen Freeman and Hannah Astwood. Sarah, probably born 1670. Sarah married Thos. Judd, of Watcrbury son of William Judd and Mary Steele. Thomas was born ca 1662.

Silvia Rogers (Judd) MP (1777 - 1832)

Stephen Judd MP (1837 - 1890)

Susanna Content Boyce (Judd) MP (1815 - 1880)

Mormon Pioneer Overland Travel 1847–1868 William Snow/Joseph Young Company (1850 Age at departure: 35 Find a Grave Birth: Feb. 25, 1815 Leeds Ontario, Canada Death: Apr. 11, 1880 Salt ...

Sybil Judd (Davis) MP (c.1755 - d.)

Capt. Thomas Judd MP (1663 - 1724)

Families of Ancient New Haven by Donald Lines Jacobus, pg. 636 Thomas Judd and His Descendants by Sylvester Judd, pg. 37, 38 "He was a Deputy to the General Court from Waterbury, five or six times,...

Lieutenant Thomas Judd MP (1638 - 1703)

Thomas Judd and His Descendants by Sylvester Judd, pg. 11, 12, 37 "Waterbury, called by the Indians Mattatuck, began to be settled by families from Farmington about 1677. Among the early settlers wer...

Deacon Thomas Judd of Waterbury MP (c.1662 - d.)

Deacon Thomas (2) Judd, son of Sergeant William and Mary (Steele) Judd, was born in 1663, and settled in Waterbury, Connecticut. He was a blacksmith by trade, and conducted a farm. He was town clerk, d...

Deacon Thomas Judd MP (1607 - 1688)

Thomas Judd from England 1633/34, with wife Mary, settled at Cambridge, Mass., where he had a home lot granted to him Aug. 1634, with other lands assigned him in 1635, and was admitted freeman that yea...

Thomas Judd MP (1743 - 1765)

Unnamed daughter Judd MP (1739 - d.)

William Judd MP (1802 - 1876)

William Judd MP (c.1634 - 1690)

"Sergeant" William Judd (1635-1690) married 30 Mar. 1658, Mary , daughter of John and Rachel Steele of Farmington. The inventory of his estate was presented 5 Nov. 1690 - his age about 55 years. His wi...

Wynonna Claire Judd (Ciminella) MP

Wynonna Ellen Judd (born Christina Claire Ciminella, May 30, 1964, in Ashland, Kentucky) is an American country music singer. Her solo albums and singles are all credited to the singular name Wynonna...

Judd (deceased)

Judd (deceased)

Judd (deceased)

Judd (deceased)

Judd (deceased)

"2" Eliza Judd (CHANDELL) (deceased)

"CHEROKEE" JUDD (deceased)

*Beatrice Judd (deceased)

*Harold Judd (deceased)

? JUDD (deceased)

? Judd (Pullen) (deceased)

? Judd (Judelovitz) (deceased)

? JUDD (deceased)

? Judd (Wald) (deceased)

? Judd (deceased)

? Clear (Judd) (deceased)

? Judd (Cook) (deceased)

? Judd (deceased)

? Judd (1717 - d.)