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Jungman (deceased)

. Jungman (deceased)

2nd wife Jungman (deceased)

3rd wife Jungman (deceased)

? Jungman (Schmidt) (deceased)

? Jungman (b. - c.1725)

? Jungman (deceased)

Abram Borech JUNGMAN (1837 - d.)

Abram Chaim JUNGMAN (1816 - d.)

Abram icek JUNGMAN (1884 - 1884)

Adele Orlando (Jungman) (deceased)

Adolf Jungman (deceased)

Albert Jungman (deceased)

Alice Jungman (deceased)

Alma Jungman (Schmidt) (deceased)

Alois Jungman (deceased)

Anders Jungman (1774 - 1845)

Anders Jungman (1729 - d.)

Anita Toscar Jungman (deceased)

Anna Jungman (c.1614 - 1688)

Anna Erchenbrech (Jungman) (1621 - 1689)

Anna Rosina Jungman (1751 - 1803)

Anna Gertrud Jungman (deceased)

Anna Margaret (half) Jungman (deceased)

Antonie Liebstein (Jungman) (c.1829 - 1921)

Aron JUNGMAN (1894 - d.)

Aron Eliyahu Jungman (1910 - 1938)

Aron Maier ALTMAN / JUNGMAN (1832 - 1834)

Aron Mordka JUNGMAN (1881 - d.)

Aron Szlema JUNGMAN (1894 - d.)

Aviva Jungman (deceased)

Balcia Jungman (deceased)

Barbara Kussy (Jungman) (1739 - 1831)

Baruch Jungman (b. - 1999)

Batia Caspi (deceased)

Batya Nuernberg Jungman (deceased)

Beata Jungman (deceased)

Beatrice Jungman (Mackay) (deceased)

Beatrice Guinness (Jungman) (deceased)

Beniamin JUNGMAN (deceased)

Beniamin Kelman JUNGMAN (b. - 1896)

Berek Jungman (deceased)

Berek JUNGMAN (deceased)

Berek JUNGMAN (deceased)

Bina Pessa JUNGMAN (1849 - d.)

Binjamin JUNGMAN (deceased)

Boruj Jungman (deceased)

Carl Jungman (deceased)

Carl Jungman (deceased)

Carl Johan Claesson Jungman (1876 - d.)

Catherine (half) Jungman (deceased)

Chaia Rochma JUNGMAN (KORC) (deceased)

Chaim Hertz (Jungman) Jurkowski (deceased)

Chaim Itzaak (Iyo) Jungman (1911 - 1991)

Chaim Mordka JUNGMAN (b. - 1881)

Chaja Jungman (Birenholc) (1901 - c.1941)

Chana Jungman (deceased)

Chana Jungman (deceased)

CHAYA JUNGMAN (deceased)

Christian Jungman (deceased)

Christina Jungman (Andersdotter) (1743 - d.)

Christina Jungman (Loesch) (1761 - 1831)

Chumah Hast (Jungman) (deceased)

Chumah Hast's maiden name was Jungman, not Finkelsteiln. She was born and lived in Praga, a section of Warsaw, Poland. She died about 1932 or 1933 and soon after Sam and Yetta Hast had a baby girl and ...

Clara Jungman (Graham) (deceased)

Cypa JUNGMAN (1843 - d.)

David Jungman (deceased)

Dawid JUNGMAN (deceased)

Dawid Jakow JUNGMAN (1887 - d.)

Dora Jungman (Bruns) (deceased)

Dorothea Jungman (Schmidt) (deceased)

Drejzla JUNGMAN (deceased)

Edla Karolina Jungman (Rehnström) (deceased)

Elaine Phyllis Trammell (Jungman) (deceased)

Elias (half) Jungman (deceased)

Eliezer Jungman (deceased)

Elka Vald (Jungman) (b. - 2007)

Elma Jungman (Brieden) (deceased)

Emilia Czałczyńska (Jungman) (deceased)

Erika Lovisa Jungman (Lindqvist) (deceased)

Estera Cyrla Gitla Jungman (Gartenkraut) (1829 - d.)

Eugene Rothman (1883 - 1922)

The story in my family goes that her husband caught TB from a friend he was caring for. She then got it and died of TB shortly after the birth of her 3rd child. After Estelle's death, knowing he was ...

Eta JUNGMAN (1876 - d.)

Eta Brandla JUNGMAN (1886 - 1886)

Eugene Jungman (deceased)

Eva Apolona (half) Jungman (deceased)

Eva Karolina Jungman (1817 - d.)

f: Pojo Borgby Hollis 1809-18 ... , från Pojo 1832:22 , till Tenala 1834:87

Eve Appolonia Schneider (Jungman) (1721 - 1799)

Faiga Jungman (deceased)

Fajga JUNGMAN (ROZENFELD) (deceased)

Fayge Jungman (deceased)


Fiszel JUNGMAN (1894 - d.)

Fiszel JUNGMAN (1891 - d.)

Frajda JUNGMAN (SZWARTZ - FEDERMAN) (b. - 1867)

Frajda FEDERMAN / JUNGMAN (SZWARTZ) (b. - 1867)

Fred Jungman (deceased)

Frida Jungman (Scharf) (c.1850 - d.)

Genendla JUNGMAN (1876 - d.)

Glenda Mae Jungman (Northcutt) (1936 - 1997)

Goldie (Golda) Rothman (Youngman/Jungman) (1885 - 1953)

Her married sister, Estelle, died of TB shortly after the birth of her 3rd child. Her brother-in-law, Estelle's husband, knowing he was also terminally ill with TB, requested that she come to the USA. ...