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Meir Abraham ben Todros HaLevi Abulafia (ibn Kalonymus), RaMaH MP (c.1170 - c.1244)

Abulafia (Arabic: أبو العافية‎, Abou l-Afiyya or Abu l-Afia, Hebrew: אבולעפי...

Myriam Kalonymus MP (deceased)

Rabbi Shimon HaZaken of Mainz II [Rashi uncle] MP (c.950 - c.1020)

__________________________________________Family tree (in Hebrew):

Todros Makhir Perfet ben Kalonymus MP (c.1170 - d.)

Makhir of Narbonne was a Babylonian-Jewish scholar, perhaps the Exilarch of the Jews of Babylon, certainly the leader of the Jewish community of Narbonne in southern Gaul at the end of the eighth centu...

Rav Yehoshua Klonymus MP (b. - 1000)

ר' שמעון בן צמח דוראן - הרשב"ץ - רב �...

Yosef Kalonymus-Tzarfati MP (deceased)

? Kalonymus HaLevi (deceased)

Abraham ben Shmuel haChassid (Kalonymus) (c.1160 - d.)

Abun Kalonymus? (deceased)

Bas Yehuda Kalonymus (Shipeira) (deceased)


Bat Eleasar Rotenberg (Kalonymus) (c.1205 - d.)

Chana bat Joel? Kalonymus HaLevi (deceased)

Dolce bas Yehuda Kalonymus (b. - 1196)


Dolsa bat Yehuda ben Kalonymus V (Kalonymus) (c.1163 - d.)

Eleasar ben Yehuda Kalonymus (c.1160 - c.1238)


Eleazar haDarshan ben Golde (Kalonymus) (c.1200 - d.)

Eleazar ben Yehudah of Worms (Rokeach) (c.1170 - c.1236)

Eleazar's mystical works are: (1) "Yir'at El," still extant in manuscript in the Vatican Library, containing mystical commentaries on Psalm lxvii., on the Menorah, and on Sefirat ha-'Omer. (2) "Sef...

Eliakim ben Yosef HaGadol Kalonymus HaLevi (1015 - d.)

Fleur de Lis de Paris (Kalonymus) (deceased)


Gila bat Kalonymus (c.1307 - d.)

Golde ben Kalonymus V (c.1170 - d.)

Hanani'el I ben Kalonymus III (c.1018 - d.)

Kalman ben Yitzhak II HaZaken Kalonymus (1060 - 1126)

Kalonymus Kalonymus (c.1100 - d.)


Rav Kalonymus "HaZaken" (c.1060 - 1126)

Kalonymus "Maestro Calo" ben Meir ben Kalonymus (c.1286 - 1328)

[tp:// Kalonymus ben Kalonymus] Wikipedia Kalonymus ben Kalonymus ben Meir (Arles, 1286 – died after 1328) was a Provençal Jewish philosop...

Kalonymus V 'Yehudah Nathan' ben Todros (Kalonymus) (1118 - c.1194)

Kalonymus ben Todros was a Provencal rabbi who flourished at Narbonne in the second half of the twelfth century. He bore the title Nasi, and was the leader of the community when Benjamin of Tudela visi...

Kalonymus VI "the Elder" ben Yehudah (Kalonymus) (c.1176 - c.1238)

Lea Miriam Tzarfati (Kalonymus) (1005 - 1065)

Meir Lombard haDarshan ben Eleazar (Kalonymus) (1225 - d.)

Meshulam "the great" Kalonymus HaLevi (900 - d.)

Meshullam ben Moshe IV (Kalonymus) (c.1076 - d.)

Meshullam III "the Roman" ben Kalonymus II (deceased)

Meshullam Moshe ben Kalonymus (Kalonymus) (c.840 - d.)

These secrets were passed from rebbe to student, and they came from Abu Aharon. Abu Aharon had to flee from Babylonia because of an untoward incident (see page 298), and was wandering throughout the la...

Rav Moshe Saltman (deceased)

שלמה זלמן , ע"פ אילן היוחסין של ה...

Moshe Azriel ben Eleazar haDarshan (Kalonymus) (deceased)

Moshe haDarshan ben Yekuti'el III (Kalonymus) (c.1070 - d.)

Moshe haDarshan (11th century) (Hebrew: משה הדרשן) was chief of the yeshiva of Narbonne, and perhaps the founder of Jewish exegetical studies in ...

Moshe II ben Kalonymus I (ben Meshullam) (c.926 - d.)

The first Ashkenazic Gadol about whom we have abundant information is R’ Meshullam b. Kalonymos (died c. 1005). It is disputed whether he was in fact Rosh Yeshiva in Mayence or if he returned ...

Moshe III ben Kalonymus III (c.1020 - d.)

Moshe IV ben Kalonymus IV (Kalonymus) (c.1060 - d.)

Osnat Kalonymus Kalman (deceased)

R' Meir Simcha HaKohen married Chaya , the daughter of the wealthy Reb Tzvi Paltiel Makovsky of Bialystock. In time, Chaya opened a business, enabling her husband to continue his studies undisturbed....

R. Abun HaChassid HaGadol Kalonymus HaLevi (935 - 960)

Shimshon Kalonymus Kalman (deceased)

Reb Meir Simcha was born in Baltrimantz in 5603. His father, Reb Shimshon Klonimous , was an outstanding talmid chacham who was very wealthy. Reb Shimon Klonimous was also known for his hospitality, an...

Shmuel ben Abraham (Kalonymus) (c.1215 - d.)

Rav Shmuel Hachasid-MiSpeyer (1115 - 1180)

Samuel ben Kalonymus he-Hasid of Speyer (Hebrew: שמואל החסיד‎) was a Tosafist, liturgical poet, and philosopher of the 12th ...

Tobiah ben Moshe "Zaltzman" (Kalonymus) (deceased)

Todros ben Kalonymus (the Great) (Kalonymus) (c.1026 - d.)

Todros ben Kalonymus (Abulafia?), Nasi of Provence (c.1140 - c.1255)

Abulafia (Arabic: أبو العافية‎, Abou l-Afiyya or Abu l-Afia, Hebrew: אבולעפי...

Yaakov Haberkshtein (Kalonymus) (deceased)

Yehoshua Kalonymus HaLevi (b. - 1000)

Rabbi Yehoshua Cohen Ẓedeḳ Biszkowicz (c.1835 - 1881)

His books are posted here: [ ]

Yehuda ben Kalonymus Kalonymus (c.1130 - 1169)

Rabbi Yehudah HeChassid (1150 - 1217)

Judah ben Samuel of Regensburg :"Sefer Hachasidim," the Book of the Pious, is undoubtedly a most valuable contribution to Jewish religious literature of all times. It was not only the most popular and ...

Yitzchak Hachasid bar Eliezer Kalonymus (deceased)

Yitzchak HeChassid Kalonymus HaLevi (deceased)

Yitzhak "Todros" ben Moshe III (Kalonymus) (c.1042 - d.)

Yitzhak II ben Moshe V (Kalonymus) (c.1098 - d.)

Yitzhak Nathan HaGadol Kalonymus HaLevi (deceased)

Yosef HaGadol Kalonymus HaLevi (960 - d.)

שונלין bat Meshullam Kalonymus (deceased)