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Agnes Brach (Katz) MP (1875 - d.)

Akiva Hakohen (Alter of Salonika) Katz MP (c.1360 - c.1400)

Direct dec of Eli HaKohen—Kohen Gadol and judge at Shiloh, teacher of Shmuel HaNavi. Akiva HaCohen, occupation: Av Beth Din Saloniki to:nn1) Raw Jitschak HaCohen to:nn---------------------------...

Akiva HaGaon HaCohen Katz, [of Budin] MP (c.1460 - 1496)

Akiva Ha-COHEN There was a man here in Prague that was great in Torah, wealth and Yichus that came to Prague from those that were exiled from the holy congregation of Uban (Budapest) because of a lib...

Alfred Katz MP (1903 - 1978)

Anna Plaut (Katz) MP (1868 - 1945)

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Anschel-Ascher Hakohen/Cahen-Katz, zur Scheuer, zum Storch MP (b. - 1586)

Aryeh Leib Hakohen Katz MP (c.1610 - d.)

Auguste Zirndorfer (Katz) MP (1823 - 1852)

Bella Katz (d. Samuel ben Bezalel) MP (deceased)

Bertha Katz MP (deceased)

Besgen "Betti" Nussbaum (Katz) MP (1774 - 1815)

Original owner of the Grandfather Clock passed down to Berthold and Edna Nussbaum and now owned by Colin Jacobson, grand son of Berthold Nussbaum. added by Pam Karp, September 2014

Besgen Betty Wallach (Katz) MP (1740 - d.)

Chaim HaCohen-Katz, ABD Posna MP (c.1582 - d.)

Die Familie Wolf - by Ernst Wolf 1924 see chart of family Latzko Rabbi of Frankfurt am Main

Chassida Katz (Mendilson?-Cheshin?) MP (deceased)

Chava Bacharach (Katz) MP (1580 - 1651)

Die Familie Wolf - by Ernst Wolf 1924 see chart of family Latzko

Chava Katz (Mink) MP (1480 - 1570)

Elihu Katz MP

Elihu Katz אליהוא כ"ץ (born in 1926 in New York) is an American and Israeli sociologist. Awards and honors Katz is winner of the UNESCO-Canada Mc...

Elly Reichman (Katz) MP (1882 - d.)

Elyakim (Eljakim)-Gotschalk Gets Hakohen-Katz Windecke(n), zum Spiegel MP (b. - c.1579)

Ester Moskowicz (Katz) MP (1807 - 1870)

Ester Katz MP (deceased)

Falka (Walka) Katz (bat Yitzhak Klauber) MP (deceased)

Falka? Katz (Klauber) MP (1495 - d.)

bat Yitzchak Klauber

Fanny Zunz (Katz) MP (1825 - d.)

Feibesch-Uri Schraga Schiff-Katz MP (b. - 1701)

Fiegela Katz (Katzenellenbogen), [Maharal in-law] MP (deceased)

Redundant, recently duplicated profile with no added info - should not have been created in the first place.

Gershon Cohen Katz, [of Prague] MP (c.1496 - d.)

Die Familie Wolf - by Ernst Wolf 1924see chart of family Latzko ID: I69061Name: Gershon (Rabbi) Ha-Cohen KATZ of PragueSex: MName: Gerson (Rabbi) HA-COHEN KATZName: Gershom KATZName: Gershon KATZName: ...

Gutlin (Gutrut) zum schwarzen Schild (Hakohen-Katz Windecke(n)) MP (b. - 1598)

Hannchen Katz (Schwarzschild) MP (deceased)

Harav Shabtai HaCohen HaSHACH MP (1621 - 1662)

Rabbi Shabse HaCohen was born in Vilna, in the year 5382 (1622), that is, a little less than 350 years ago. His father Rabbi Meir was Av Beth-Din (Head of the Jewish Court). In Vilna Shabti became the ...

Henriette Ullmann (Katz) MP (1826 - d.)

Hermann Katz MP (1899 - 1927)

Hesa Katz (Shor) MP (b. - 1650)

Hindche(n) Friedberg (Katz) MP (c.1486 - c.1550)

Hitsle Hakohen-Katz Windecke(n) MP (b. - c.1537)

Jacob Katz MP (1904 - 1998)

Jacob Katz was born in 1904 in Magyargencs, a small village in western Hungary. There were few orthodox Jews in the village and no Jewish school, so during his first school years he attended a Protesta...

Jacob Salomon Katz MP (1783 - 1849)

Jakob Katz MP (1884 - 1942)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Katz, Jakob geboren am 18. Dezember 1884 in Mansbach / - / Hessen - Nassau wohnhaft in Köln Deportationsziel: ab Köln 30. Okto...

Jettchen Nussbaum (Katz) MP (1893 - 1986)

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Joel David Katz / Joel Grey MP

Joel Grey (born April 11, 1932) is an American stage and screen actor, singer, and dancer, known for his role as the Master of Ceremonies in both the stage and film adaptation of the Kander & Ebb mus...

Johanna Eisemann (Katz) MP (1895 - 1941)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Eisemann, Johanna geborene Katz geboren am 01. Januar 1895 in Egelsbach / Offenbach / Hessen wohnhaft in Frankfurt a. Main Deportation: ab F...

Judah Leib Katz MP (b. - 1645)

Source: Elef Margaliot by Rabbi Meir Wunder, Page 493, Entry 711 (1993)

Jutlen Hakohen/Cahen-Katz (Auerbach) MP (b. - 1562)

Kalman ben Nathan Katz, zur Pforte MP (c.1485 - c.1516)

Kalonymos (Kalman) Katz MP (deceased)

Kendel Katz (Isserles) MP (deceased)

Krejnle Hakohen-Katz Windecke(n) MP (b. - c.1555)

Leah Bezalel Katz [Maharal dau. #5] (Loew) MP (1555 - 1578)

Lea LOEW, daughter no. 5 of the Maharal of Prague, married Rabbi Isaac (Jizchak) (Yitzhak) HaCohen Katz (Jacob Elhanan) (d. 30 May 1624 Prague), son of Rabbi Samson (Simson) COHEN. Lea LOEW died chil...

Leah Horowitz (Katz) MP (1630 - 1713)

Daughter Katz, 1st wife of Meir Ha-Levi Horowitz See Official Horowitz Family tree link above. They had ten children together. 1. Yakov Yokel 2. Tzvi Hirsh 3. Aryeh Leib 4. Yishayahu 5....

Leimann Levi Katz MP (1738 - 1790)

The documented records show that he was a Schutzjude meaning he paid his protection money. It is not yet known where he was buried, he died between May 01, 1789 and April 30, 1790, before they opened u...

Leiser Schiff KaZ MP (b. - 1700)

Male Katz Rappaport Ashkenazi - - MP (c.1560 - d.)

Malye Friedman (Katz) MP (b. - c.1908)

Meir HaCohen (Katz), The Shach youngest son MP (deceased)

became Gdol Hador and an author

Meir (Majer) Hakohen-Katz Windecke(n), zum Spiegel MP (b. - c.1537)

Meshulam Kats (Katz) MP (b. - c.1810)

Meyer Katz MP (deceased)

Mickey Katz MP (1909 - 1985)

Born Meyer Myron Katz. Received his first moments of fame in the 1940s as a member of Spike Jones and His City Slickers where he was most famous for his "glugging" vocal sound effects on tunes like "Co...

Rabbi Mordechai Gershon Katz MP (c.1486 - 1577)

ID: I62040 Name: Mordecai Gershon (Rabbi) KATZ 1 Sex: M Name: Gerson COHEN ZEDEK Name: Avrohom Gershon HaKohen KATZ Name: Mordecai Gershon KATZ Name: Mordechai Gershon KATZ Name: Mordechai Gerson KATZ ...

Moses Katz MP (1730 - 1798)

Source: Heilbrunn Family Tree

Moses Katz MP (c.1670 - d.)

Source: Heilbrunn Family Tree

Moses Katz Weinstock MP (1776 - 1848)

Katz- Weinstock In 1807 Napoleon's youngest brother Jerome, became King of Westphalia and he ruled till 1813. During this time, Jews had to take a second surname because many of them had the same nam...

Moses of Quedlinburg (Katz) MP (b. - 1477)

Moses Aharon Katz MP (c.1552 - d.)

ID: I67396 Name: Moses KATZ Sex: M Birth: ABT 1552 Father: Yosef (Rabbi) ben Gershon KATZ b: 1511 in Kraków, Poland Mother: Rebbitzen Shprinza EBERLES b: ABT 1530 in Kraków, Poland Ma...

Moshe Meir Katz Rapaport - Posek in Lvov MP (c.1640 - 1718)

ג"מ מאיר כ"ץ רפאפורט זצ"ל.פו"מ בלב...

R' Moshe HaKohen Katz MP (c.1570 - d.)

Known as Moshe Ha-Cohen Katz of Brest Litovsk 1913--1996- The Eger Family Association- pg. 39 1913--1990- The Eger Family Association-אילן יח- ה�...

Moshe HaCohen Katz MP (c.1620 - 1686)

RabbiRabbi in Poodeiz. Outstanding Talmudic scholar. Advanced two of his grandfathers' works to print. (Nekudot Hakesef and Tokfe Kohen). (With silver dots on the work of Kohen) (iv 26)

Mrs. Shimon Goldes - (child #7 Shmuel Katz Lasker) MP (deceased)

Child # 7 of Shimon Catz-Lasker, married her uncle Shimon ben Yitzhak Goldes

Naftali Hirsch II HaCohen Katz, ABD Posen -[Smikhat Hakhamim] MP (c.1650 - 1717)

make it easier to read the old hebrew scriptcopy and paste to a word document and it willbe converted to regular Hebrew.Die Familie Wolf - by Ernst Wolf 1924see chart of family Latzko------------------...

Naftali-Hirz Hakohen-Katz Windecke(n), zum Spiegel MP (b. - 1596)

Palke ? (Katz) MP (c.1652 - d.)

ID: I73341 Name: Felka bat Isaac KATZ Sex: F Birth: ABT 1652 Death: in Died young Father: Isaac (Rabbi) ben Naftali KATZ b: ABT 1608 in Praha (Prague), Bohemia (Czech Republic) Mother: Edel bat Menac...

R' Shalom Mordechai Schwadron - The Maharsham MP (1835 - 1911)

Rabbi Shalom Mordechai Hacohen Schwadron was born in 1835 (5595) and passed away in Berzhan in 1911 (5671). He was among the greatest and most renowned figures of his era. He was known in all the Jewis...

R` Chaim HaCohen Katz MP (c.1466 - 1509)

ID: I65806 Name: Hayyim (Rabbi) KATZ 1 Sex: M Name: Chaim KATZ Name: Hayyim KATZ Birth: ABT 1466 in Salonika, Central Macedonia, Death: 12 OCT 1509 in Praha (Prague), Bohemia (Czech Republic) Father:...

Rabbi Yeshaya HaCohen Katz - MP (c.1655 - c.1730)

see also here ID: I73342 Name: Jesaja (Rabbi) ben Isaak KOHN 1 Sex: M Name: Yeshaye KATZ Birth: ABT 1655 Birth: ABT 1645 Occupation: Rabbinatsassessor in Brod 1 Father: Isaac (Rabbi) ben Naftali KATZ...

Rabbi Israel Gershom Katz [of Nikolsburg] MP (deceased)

Rabbi Meir HaCohen Katz Ashkenazi (Hacohen), Ashkenazi MP (c.1589 - c.1642)

amistava he had two sons and one daughter, Shabtai and Yona NachumBeth-Din (Head of the Jewish Court) in Vilna. Rabbiinfo:

Rabbi Moshe Gershom HaCohen Katz [of Nikolsburg] MP (deceased)

Rabbi Moshe Katz Rappaport Ashkenazi (Katz), [Dayan Frankfurt] MP (c.1550 - 1620)

Elisha Koppel had: Hakohen Katz Rappaport Ashkenazi Dayan Frankfurt (Died circa 1628)----------------------------------------Rabbiinical assessor in Frankfurt am Maine then Rabbi in Thonnhausen (Obersc...

Rabbi Naftali Hirsch Katz, [ABD Lublin][Perot Genosar] MP (c.1607 - 1649)

= was the Av Beis Din in lublin, he wrote the sefer of peiros g'nusarDie Familie Wolf - by Ernst Wolf 1924see chart of family Latzko more

Rabbi Shimshon Katz [Maharal in-law] (Katz) MP (c.1524 - d.)

ABD Kormanitz? Landesrabbiner von Maehren. Die Familie Wolf - by Ernst Wolf 1924 see chart of family Latzko ID: I63281 Name: Shimson (Rabbi) KATZ Sex: M Name: Samson COHEN Name: Simson COHEN 1 Name...

Rabbi Yitzchak HaCohen Katz II Rabbi of Stopin and Lublin - MP (1608 - c.1670)

Av Beis Din in Stefan "Die Familie Wolf"- by Ernst Wolf 1924 "Unbroken Chain", by Dr. Neil Rosenstein, page 451 G6.6. R. Isaac Katz, Darshan of Parague and later ABD of Stepan in Volhynia. He a...

Rabbi Yitzhak HaCohen Katz, [of Buda and Galanta] MP (c.1400 - 1466)

Name: Itzhak Ha-Cohen KATZ Birth: ABT 1400 in Salonika, Central Macedonia, Greece Death: in Constantinople Occupation: Head of the rabbinic court in the districts of Galata and Pera in the capita...

Rabbi Yitzhak HaCohen ha-Kohen Katz (Katz), [Maharal Son in-law] MP (1550 - 1634)

Rabbi Yitzhak (Issac) (Jizchak) KATZ (COHEN TZEDEK) (d. 30 May 1624 Prague) son of Rabbi Shimhson (Samson) COHEN first married Lea LOEW daughter of the Maharal of Prague. Lea LOEW died childless, and R...

Rachel Emden (Katz) MP (1700 - 1739)

dowry of 1000 Reichthalers

Rbzn. Shprinza Katz (Eberles) MP (c.1530 - c.1574)

ID: I67240 Name: Rebbitzen Shprinza EBERLES 1 Birth: ABT 1530 in Kraków, Poland. Death: 27 DEC 1574 in Krakow, Poland 1 Father: Moshe Altschuler EBERLES b: 1490 in Praha (Prague), Bohemia (C...

Rebecca Auerbach (Katz) MP (b. - 1689)

Rebecca's father, Yosef Yehuda Lieb Katz, was the father-in-law of Menachem Mendel Auerbach. Source: Elef Margaliot by Rabbi Meir Wunder, Page 493, Entry 711 (1993)

Rebekka (Riwka) Sarah (Sorle-Serlen) Oppenheimer (Hakohen/Cahen-Katz) MP (c.1519 - 1579)

Her Hebrew death date doesn't match up with the date of 23 January 1579

Rivka Shrenzel (Katz) MP (c.1555 - d.)

Rosa Loew (Katz) MP (deceased)

Rosa married Rabbi Shmuel Loew. They had three children: daughter LOEW m. her relative R. Haim CATZ from Posna (a descendant of the MAHARAL) daughter LOEW m. Jacob the son of Rabbi Haim from Hess...

Rudolf Katz MP (1862 - 1937)

Ruth Katz (Torgownik) MP

Jerusalem, Israel

Ruth Katz

Salman (Schlomo) Hakohen-Katz Windecke(n), zum Spiegel MP (b. - c.1546)

the date of 31.12.1546 doesn't match the Hebrew date and is off by a month. if we consider the fact that the Hebrew date could be in correlation too the month of December then it should be 12.12.1546

Salomon Katz MP (1821 - d.)

Salomon Katz MP (1867 - 1916)

HHStA Wi, 365, No.114, Buchenau, birth-lists 1825-1881

Sandel Katz MP (1816 - 1827)

Sandel Nethanel Katz Weinstock MP (1766 - 1824)

Date of birth may have been Nov. 02, 1768 Katz- Weinstock In 1807 Napoleon's youngest brother Jerome, became King of Westphalia and he ruled till 1813. During this time, Jews had to take a second sur...

Sara Auerbach (Katz) MP (1819 - d.)

Sara Bachrach (Katz) MP (b. - c.1818)

Schönche Rothschild (Katz) MP (b. - 1661)

Shabtai ben Yisshai HaCohen Katz MP (1463 - d.)

Name: Itzhak Ha-Cohen KATZ - Father of Shabtai Birth: ABT 1400 ? ( his 3 sons were born 1460-1466! ) in Salonika, Central Macedonia, Greece Death: in Constantinople Occupation: Head of the rabbin...