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Abigail Olga Katzenellenbogen (Jaffe) MP (c.1525 - 1594)

Source, "Daat Kedoshim" __________________________________________________ HL pointed out some inconsistencies in the profile. These might have occurred due to multiple merges of profiles from diff...

Abraham Saul Katzenellenbogen MP (1840 - c.1921)

Abraham Katzenellenbogen MP (deceased)

R' Abraham Katzenellenbogen of Sislowitz MP (deceased)

R' Abraham Haim Valevalska (Katzenellenbogen) MP (1804 - d.)

RABBI AVRAHAM CHAIM KATZENELENBOGEN Rabbi Avraham Chaim Katzenelenbogen of Svislotch (near Byalistock) descended from the famous Katzenelenbogen family, which is said to derive from the legendary R. ...

Abraham Katzenellenbogen [of Lvov] MP (1549 - 1637)

Gaon & Chassid Rabbi Abraham - Chief Rabbi of the Beth Din of Lemberg

Avraham Ashkenazi Katzenellenbogen MP (1549 - 1637)

Neil Rosenstein, The Unbroken Chain, page 583, G4.2 R. Abraham (Joseph Jacob) Ashkenazi-(Katzenellenpogen) born about 1549. Became Rabbi of Janow about 1593. In 1615, was elected ABD of Lvov. D...

Alik Katzenellenbogen (Eskeles) MP (c.1695 - 1759)

R' Avraham Yacov Katzenellenbogen MP (b. - 1863)

R. Abraham Yacov Katzenellenbogen died in Plungian in 1863 He wrote an original manuscript of the family genealogy in Vilna in 1843. He was the Progenitor of a large family though two children, many ...

R' Avraham Katzenellenbogen, Dayan of Brest-Litovsk MP (c.1630 - d.)

né vers 1630? R' Abraham Katzenellenpogen, Dayan in Brest-Liovsk The Unbroken Chain, Neil Rosenstein, page 584, G6 This Abraham did NOT marry a daughter of Joseph Etkes - that was a differ...

Bathsheva (Katzenellenbogen) MP (deceased)

Beile Frankel-Teomim (Wahl) MP (1600 - c.1669)

fille de Rav Meir Wahl Katzenellenbogen 1565-1630 et de Hinda Hindel Katzenellenbogen (Horowitz) née en 1608 pour Ofir Friedman? vers 1592 pour Vera Susan Meran?

Bonah Weil (Katzenellenbogen) MP (1523 - 1575)

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Chaja Bluma-Bluemle Adler (Katzenellenbogen) MP (1793 - 1866)

Blumle est la fille de Pinchas et Esther née le 6/8/1796? Source The Unbroken Chain - Neil Rosenstein (1990) Volume 1, Chapter 11, page 100, G 11.1 Dr Leopold Lowenstein (1895) Geschicht...

Chana Heller Segal (Katzenellenbogen Wahl) MP (1625 - d.)

Chana Katzenellenbogen (Mintz) MP (1485 - 1546)

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David Wahl-Katzenellenbogen MP (1579 - d.)

An old, widely ramified family counting many rabbis among its members, who were and are still found in Italy, Poland, Germany, Alsace, and also in America. It derived its name from the locality of Ka...

R' David Katzenellenbogen, A.B.D. Keidaniai MP (1700 - 1756)

Rabbi David Katzenellenpogen was ABD of Keidaniai after his father left for Altona in 1714. His signature in the Records of the Council of the Four Lands appeared in 1751 at the meeting of Mir. Somet...

Devorah Rivkah Wahl-Katzenellenbogen (Drucker) MP (1545 - 1617)

1913--1996- The Eger Family Association- pg. 3,39 ------------------------------Redundant duplicate profile with no added info. Should not have been created in the first place.

Dina HaLevi (Katzenellenbogen) MP (deceased)

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Esther Jaffe Katzenellenbogen MP (b. - 1748)


Esther Wahl Katzenellenbogen MP (deceased)

Ezekiel Shevel Katzenellenbogen MP (1824 - d.)

Ezekiel Katzenellenbogen MP (deceased)

Neil Rosenstein - The Unbroken Chain (1990) page 615 G13.2 Ezekiel married Guta (?) Columbus

R' Ezekiel Katzenellenbogen, A.B.D. Svisloch (Sislowitz) MP (deceased)

He was the Progenitor of Branch F - Descendants of Abraham Haim Katzenellenbogen - Volovelsky of Drohitchin. Source The Unbroken Chain - Neil Rosenstein (1990) Page 592 G10.4

Fiegela Katz (Katzenellenbogen), [Maharal in-law] MP (deceased)

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Glike Ashkenazi (Katzenellenbogen) MP (deceased)

Neil Rosenstein The Unbroken Chain (1990) page 5 G3.2 Younger daughter of R. Samuel Judah and Abigail Katzenellenbogen married R. Joel Ashkenazi Katzenelenpogen (with a "p") of Neustadt, son of R. Mo...

Hanna Stern (Katzenellenbogen) MP (1825 - d.)

Source The Unbroken Chain - Neil Rosenstein (1990) Volume 1, Chapter 11, page 100, G 11.2

Hasha Katzenellenbogen (Za'k) MP (deceased)

Hinda Halevi Katzenellenbogen (Horowitz) MP (c.1570 - c.1617)

1913--1996- The Eger Family Association- pg.39 1913--1990- The Eger Family Association-אילן יח-

Isaac Katzenellenbogen, of Krotoschin MP (deceased)

Israel Katzenellenbogen MP (c.1790 - 1868)

Jacob Pinchas (Lazarus?) Katzenellenbogen MP (1724 - 1795)

A.B.D. of Ettingen from 1764 on.His wife Leah, daughter of R. Noah Ephraim Fischel, died 1782. Noah Ephraim was the son-in-law of R. Meshullam, A.B.D. Kolomyya, wrote a letter to his son in 1794 while ...

R' Joel Isaac Katzenellenbogen MP (1798 - 1890)

R. Joseph Katzenellenbogen of Ustilug MP (1763 - 1830)

Dynner, Men of Silk, says: "Joseph Katzenellenbogen of Ustilla married the daughter of R. Judah Meir Shapiro of Szepetowka, son of R. Phineas of Korzec; and then the daughter of R. Jacob Joseph "Rav Ye...

Julia-Malka Katzenellenbogen (Luria) MP (1466 - 1510)

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Julie Katzenellenbogen MP (b. - 1835)

Rabbi Lazarus (Eliezer) Jakob Riesser MP (1763 - 1828)

Lea Rankil (Katzenellenbogen) MP (deceased)

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Leah Katzenellenbogen (Fischel) MP (b. - 1795)

Male Katz Rappaport Ashkenazi - - MP (c.1560 - d.)

Meir Wahl Katzenellenbogen - MaHaRaSH MP (1565 - 1630)

Meir Wahl A.B.D. was known as Meir Shauls or MaHaRaSH.He was first elected as A.B.D of Tiktin, after that he became the head of the Council of the Land of Lithuania in 1623. Founded LithuanianCouncil 1...

Miriam Katzenellenbogen MP (1540 - 1605)

R' Mordechai Katzenellenpogen of Vilkija and Linkuva MP (deceased)

Moses (1st son) Katzenellenbogen MP (deceased)

Shaul Katzenellenbogen had two sons named Moshe (Moses), not to be confused. This is the profile of one of them who was born to Shaul's first wife. He died young, without issue. His half-brother from S...

Moshe Katzenellenbogen MP (c.1420 - d.)

The Katzenellenbogen family derive from the locality of Katzenelnbogen in the Prussian province of Hesse-Nassau. In 1312 Count Diether of Katzenelnbogen received permission from Emperor Henry VII. to k...

Mrs. Shmuel Yehuda Katzenellenbogen (Isserles; dau. Rema) MP (1575 - d.)

Pinchas Jacob Katzenellenbogen, of Ettingen MP (c.1769 - 1845)

Phineas (Pinchas) Katzenellenbogen succeeded his father as A.B.D. of Ettingen where he remained for some fifty years, and died there. He was buried in Wallerstein. Many of his letters of corresponden...

Pinchas / Phineas Katzenellenbogen MP (1691 - 1767)

Princes Matil Horowitz (Katzenellenbogen), (2nd wife) MP (b. - c.1762)

See Official Horowitz Family tree link above. 2nd wife, Princess Matil Katzenellenbogen Meir Ha Levi had two children with her. 1. Dov Berish 2. Wolf Meir Ha Levi had ten children with his ...

R' Moses ben Shaul Katzenellenbogen, 2nd son MP (1670 - 1733)

Moses Katzenellenbogen 1670 - 1733. He was the son of Rabbi Saul Katzenellenbogen and Yente (nee Shor) daughter of Rabbi Jacob Shor. Moses was a Polish rabbi and author, born at Pinczow in 1670, when...

R' Moshe Katzenellenbogen MP (c.1420 - d.)

Rabbi Juda Wahl Katzenellenbogen [ances. of Mendelssohn] - MP (1614 - d.)

Judah Wahl was known as the "younger" as he was named after his deceased brother.=Sources=The Unbroken ChainVolume 1Chapter 111, Mendelssohn branchPage 196 G5.6by Neil Rosensteinné vers 1615?

Rabbi Meir Katzenellenbogen, [Maharam of Padua] MP (c.1482 - c.1564)

Meir ben Isaac Katzenellenbogen (1482 – January 12, 1565) (also, Meir of Padua, Maharam Padua , Hebrew: מאיר בן יצחק ק...

Rabbi Shaul Katzenellenbogen MP (deceased)

Reina Katzenellenbogen MP (deceased)

Reisel HaCohen (Katzenellenbogen) MP (1515 - d.)

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Rivke Rabinowitz MP (b. - 1865)

Samuel Michael (Michal) Katzenellenbogen MP (b. - 1872)

Samuel Samuel (Katzenellenbogen) MP (c.1700 - 1758)

Shmuel Yehuda Wahl Katzenellenbogen MP (1566 - 1591)

alt: Samual Judas Wahl Katzenellen He had eight brothers and four sisters, named Abraham, David, Henele, Jacob, Isaac, Unknown, Meir, Unknown, Feiwel, Geila, Pesia and Olga. (Samuel) Juda WAHL se...

Sarah Katzenellenbogen MP (b. - 1868)

Sarah Rachel Katzenellenbogen (Ettingen) MP (b. - 1720)

Shaul ben Judah Katzenellenbogen Wahl, Ha Cohen MP (1621 - 1717)

né vers 1655? (GenAmi) Dessau in 1696 Howard Lesser : I have him born most likely in 1642 in Hamburg and settling later on in Dessau. ______________ Saul Wahl was named after his great...

R' Saul Katzenellenbogen MP (1617 - 1691)

Saul Katzenellenbogen was born in 1617. He died in 1691.His first rabbinical position was A.B.D. of Brody, and later succeeded his father at Chem in about 1672.His last post was A.B.D. of Pinczow. He w...

Saul Wahl Katzenellenbogen (1 day King) MP (1541 - 1616)

R' SHAUL WAHL KATZENELLENBOGEN - FAMOUS FOR HAVING BEEN "KING FOR A NIGHT." Jewish Dynasties Saul Wahl Death In Venice - seeking the Katzenellenbogen tombstones Saul Wahl (1541/5 -1617)

Rabbi Shmuel Yehuda Katzenellenbogen-Mintz, HaMaHaShik MP (c.1521 - 1597)

Samuel Judah Katzenellenbogen (1521 in Padua, Italy – March 25, 1597 in Padua) was an Italian Rabbi, the son of Rabbi Meir ben Isaac Katzenellenbogen). He was distinguished even in his youth f...

Telza Hersch Sofer (Katzenellenbogen) MP (c.1580 - 1630)

"A possible relationship between Moshe Rivkas and the Katzenellenbogen family was mentioned in Eliyahu’s Branches, the Descendants of the Vilna Gaon and His Family 13. At the time of writing of ...

Tilla Katzenellenbogen-Wahl (Isserles) MP (deceased)

Unknown (Bat Isaac) Auerbach (Katzenellenbogen) MP (deceased)

Wife of Moshe Katzenellenbogen MP (deceased)

1392 Jews settled in Katzenellenbogen.

Wife of R. Levi Isaac Shapiro (Katzenellenbogen) MP (deceased)

Ya'akov Ben Wahl Katzenellenbogen MP (1581 - 1660)

Rabbi Yehezkel Katzenellenbogen, Ba'al "Knesset Yehezkel" MP (c.1668 - 1749)

Born 1668 or 1669, Ezekiel himself was uncertain of the fact.He grew up in Brest where he studied under R. Mordecai Susskind,son of R. Moses Rothenberg who lived there until about 1691. He was first A....

Yente Katzenellenbogen (Shor) MP (deceased)

The Unbroken Chain, Neil Rosenstein 1990 - page 25 - Yente, daughter of R. Jacob Shor was the second wife of R. Saul Katzenellenbogen G6.6 page 24.

Yitzhak Katzenellenbogen, [of Ellenbogen] MP (1445 - 1530)

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Yitzhak "Harif" Wahl-Katzenellenbogen MP (1583 - d.)

épouse de Ya'akov Wahl-Katzenellenbogen (bat Jehiel) MP (deceased)

. Katzenellenbogen (deceased)

1st wife of Uriah Katzenellenbogen (deceased)

2nd wife of Uriah Katzenellenbogen (deceased)

? Wahl/Katzenellenbogen (?) (deceased)

? Sussman (Katzenellenbogen) (deceased)

Source The Unbroken Chain - Neil Rosenstein (1990) Volume 1, Chapter 11, page 94, G 13.6

? Katzenellenbogen (Shor) (deceased)

? Katzenellenbogen (Politz) (deceased)

? Altschul (KATZENELLENBOGEN) (deceased)

? Gillis (KATZENELLENBOGEN) (deceased)

? Katzenellenbogen (deceased)

??? Katzenellenpogen (Katzenellenbogen) (deceased)

??? Katzenellenbogen (Slonik) (deceased)

(no record of this issue) (deceased)

Professor Aaron Katsenelinboigen (1927 - 2005)

R' Aaron Katzenellenbogen, Admur of Sorotsk, Otvosk and Warsaw (b. - 1926)

Abraham Katzenellenbogen (deceased)

R' Abraham Katzenellenbogen, A.B.D. Tereszpol (deceased)

Abraham (Ben Yosef) Katzenellenbogen (deceased)

R' Abraham "Kailis" Katzenellenbogen of Keidaniai (1791 - 1849)

Abraham (Brasha) Bogen (Katzenellenbogen) (deceased)

Abraham Katzenellenbogen (1872 - 1874)

Abraham Jacob Katzenellenbogen (c.1865 - d.)

Unbroken Chain (1990) Neil Rosenstein page 614 G14.1 of Shaulai, author of handwritten pedigree of family in 1886