Chana Heller Segal (Katzenellenbogen Wahl) MP (1625 - d.)

Shaul ben Judah Katzenellenbogen Wahl, Ha Cohen MP (1621 - 1717)

------- né vers 1655? (GenAmi) Dessau in 1696 -------------------- Howard Lesser : I have him born most likely in 1642 in Hamburg and settling later on in Dessau. ______________ Sa...

Tilla Katzenellenbogen-Wahl (Isserles) MP (deceased)

Bella Katzenellenbogen (Wahl) (c.1705 - 1756)

Bella Katzenellenbogen ( see birthdate )

Chawa/Chava Griffel (Katzenellenbogen-Wahl) (1877 - 1941)

Meir Harif (Katzenellenbogen Wahl), Ha Cohen (deceased)

Mrs. Simcha Meisels (Katzenellenbogen Wahl) (deceased)

Nahum Katzenellenbogen Wahl (Slutzk), Ha Cohen (deceased)

Nathan Katzenellenbogen Wahl, Ha Cohen (b. - 1689)

Shmuel Yehuda Katzenellenbogen-Wahl (deceased)

Simcha Harif (Katzenellenbogen Wahl), Ha Cohen (deceased)

Yitzhak of Katzenellenbogen Wahl, Ha Cohen (deceased)

King of Poland for one day???