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Joel Katzenellenpogen (Ashkenazi) MP (1549 - 1605)

Joel Ashkenazi dit Katzenellenbogen est marié à "une fille de Samuel Juda Katzenellenbogen (1521-1597)" Neil Rosenstein, The Unbroken Chain, 1990, page 5, G3.1 Younger daughter of R. Samuel Judah a...


? Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

??? Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

??? Katzenellenpogen (Katzenellenbogen) (deceased)

??Daughter?? Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Abba Saul KATZENELLENPOGEN (deceased)

Abraham 7.27 Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Abraham Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Abraham Saul Katzenellenbogen (1840 - c.1921)

Abraham 7.26 Katz (deceased)

Abraham Joseph Jacob Ashkenazi-Katzenellenpogen (c.1549 - 1637)

Abraham Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Abraham Abba Zvi Katzenellenpogen (1898 - 1914)

Acsha 8.33 Katzenellenpogen (b. - 1791)

Arye Leib 7.23 Katzenellenbogen (b. - 1837)

Russian rabbi; born at Brest-Litovsk, where he died Aug. 13, 1837. Both his grandfather and father were rabbis there; he succeeded the latter in 1797, while still a young man, and held the position unt...

Batsheba 6.26 Rabinowich (Katzenellenpogen) (b. - 1805)

Channah Binah Teicher (Katzenellenpogen) (1807 - 1867)

David Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

David Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Dov Berish 6.27 Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Dovid of Vilkija Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Ephraim Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Esther Katzenellenpogen (Solomon Zalman of Brest) (b. - 1748)

Esther Toyba Spiegel (Katzenellenpogen) (b. - 1940)

Ezekiel 6.19 Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Rabbi Ezekiel Katzenellenbogen ABD of Svisloch (Sislowitz) wrote an approbation to Mar'ot HaTzona'ot by Rabbi Moses Zeev (recorded in Chapter v of Unbroken Chain) A.B.D. Bialystok, published in Grodno,...

Ezekiel Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Ezekiel Katzenellenpogen (c.1668 - 1749)

Frieda KATZENELLENPOGEN (deceased)

Fruma Tova Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Hasha Katzenellenbogen (Za'k) (deceased)

Isaac Zelig Katzenellenpogen (b. - 1661)

Israel 5.18 Katzenellenbogen (deceased)

Issac Salomon Katzenellenpogen (b. - 1665)

Jacob Haim KATZENELLENPOGEN (deceased)

Jacob Katzenellenpogen (1882 - 1962)

Joel Ashkenazi-Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Gaon R' Joel 5.17 Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Josef 6.20 Katzenellenpogen (b. - 1804)

Succeeded his father Abraham as head of court in Brest Litovsk (Brisk)--------------------rab bi of Brisk--------------------He was rabbi of Brest-Litovsk and was in turn succeeded by his son Aryeh Löb ...

Joseph Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Joshua Heschel KATZENELLENPOGEN (deceased)

Malka Sarah Katzenellenpogen (1874 - 1954)

Mattithiah Lieberman Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Menachem Nahum Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Menachem Nahum Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Menachem 6.24 Katz (1770 - 1778)

Menachem Nahum KATZENELLENPOGEN (deceased)

Gaon R' Meshulam Zalman 5.16 Katzenellenpogen (1720 - 1771)

Mesulam Zalman 7.24 Katzenellenbogen (b. - 1786)

Michael Katzenellenpogen (1868 - 1922)

Miriam Sarah Katzenellenbogen (Spiegel) (b. - 1940)

Mordechai 6.25 Katz (deceased)

Moses Mordecai Katzenellenpogen (1782 - 1795)

Moses Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Mrs. Jacob Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Mrs. Joel Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Nachum Eli KATZENELLENPOGEN (deceased)

Nachum Eli 8.31 Katzenellenpogen (1818 - d.)

Nathan VeiteI Katzenellenpogen (b. - 1673)

Raatza Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Rachel Katzenellenpogen (Horowitz) (deceased)

Rachel Katzenellenpogen (Horowitz) (deceased)

Rebecca Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Samuel Katzenellenpogen (1879 - 1934)

Samuel Judah (Katzenellenpogen) (deceased)

Sarah KATZENELLENPOGEN (c.1856 - d.)

Sarel Katzenellenpogen (Teomim) (deceased)

Saul 7.22 Katz (1770 - 1825)

Russian rabbi; born at Brest-Litovsk about 1770; died at Wilna Jan. 12, 1825. He was one of the four sons of Rabbi Joseph b. Abraham Katzenellenbogen of Brest-Litovsk. After living for some time in Pol...

Sheine Miriam KATZENELLENPOGEN (deceased)

Shalom 5.19 Katz (deceased)

Simcha 7.21 Katzenellenbogen (deceased)

Simcha Joel KATZENELLENPOGEN (deceased)

unknown Ashkenazi-Katzenellenpogen (Judah) (deceased)

Yaakov Katzenellenpogen (deceased)

Yara Katzenellenpogen (Rapaport) (deceased)

Yota Leiner (Katzenellenpogen) (1849 - 1906)

Zeev Wolf Katzenellenpogen (b. - 1747)

Zeev 7.20 Katz (b. - 1747)

Zvi Hirsch KATZENELLENPOGEN (b. - 1890)