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Art Buide Kavanagh MP (1447 - 1517)

ART BOY KAVANAGH, of Borris and St Molins, Co Carlow, and Poulmonty, Co Wexford; born 1447; died 1517, had two sons, 1a CAHIR, his successor. 2a Moriertagh mac Art boy, ancestor of KAVANAGH, of T...

Rt. Hon. Arthur MacMorrough Kavanagh MP (1831 - 1889)

Rt. Hon. Arthur MacMorrough Kavanagh, The MacMorrough was born on 25 March 1831. He was the son of Thomas Kavanagh, The MacMorrough and Lady Harriete Margaret Le Poer Trench. He married Mary Frances Fo...

Brian Kavanagh MP (1595 - 1662)

BRIAN KAVANAGH , of Borris; born 1595; died 1662; married 1st, Elinor, daughter of Sir Thomas Colclough, Knt., of Tintern Abbey, by whom he had issue, two daughters. He married 2nd, Elinor, daughter ...

Brian Kavanagh MP (1699 - 1741)

BRYAN KAVANAGH , of Borris; born 1699; married Mary, daughter of Thomas Butler, of Kilcash, and sister of the 15th (de jure) Earl of Ormonde (see BURKE'S Peerage), and dying 1741, left, with six daught...

Brian Mac Cahir Kavanagh MP (c.1526 - 1575)

BRIAN MAC CAHIR KAVANAGH , of Borris and Poulmonty. He was b. ca. 1526, and was in rebellion 1572. He married Elinor, daughter of Hugh Byrne, of Rathangan, Co Wicklow, and had issue, 1a MORGAN, his...

Cahir Mac Art Boy Kavanagh, Baron of Ballyanne MP (deceased)

CAHIR MAC ART BOY KAVANAGH , of Borris, Lord of Ballyanne, Co Wexford, Captain of his nation, was cr by patent, dated 8 Feb, 1 and 2 Mary I., Baron of Ballyanne for life. He lived 1500-1554 and married...

Morgan Kavanagh MP (b. - 1700)

MORGAN KAVANAGH, of Borris, who married Mary, daughter of John Walsh, of Piltown, Co Waterford, and was s by his only son, Morgan 1668-1720

Morgan Kavanagh MP (1668 - 1720)

MORGAN KAVANAGH, of Borris, 1668-1720, who married 1st, Frances daughter of Sir Lawrence Esmonde, 2nd Bt, of Ballytramnow, and had issue, 1a BRYAN, his successor. 2a Henry; died 28 April, 1741. ...

Mortagh Kavanagh MacMorrough MP (deceased)

MORTAGH KAVANAGH MACMORROUGH , was slain at Arklow in 1281 and was s by His son, Mortagh Kavanagh

Mortagh Kavanagh MP (deceased)

MORTAGH KAVANAGH , elected King of Leinster, was summoned to attend EDWARD II., against the Scots, 1314. His descendant, according to the pedigree registered in Ulster Office, ART BOY KAVANAGH Burke'...

Sabine Butler (Kavanagh) MP (1440 - 1508)

James BUTLER (Sir) Born: 1437, Callan, Kilkenny, Ireland Died: 16 Apr 1487 Father: Edmund MacRichard BUTLER of Polestown (Sir) Mother: Catherine O'CARROLL Married: Sabine KAVANAGH Children:...

Thomas Kavanagh MP (1727 - 1789)

THOMAS KAVANAGH, of Borris; born 1727; married 1755, Lady Susanna Butler, sister of John, 17th Earl of Ormonde (see BURKE'S Peerage, ORMONDE, M), and died 1790, having had issue, 1a Walter, who die...

Thomas Kavanagh MP (1767 - 1837)

Burke's Peerage THOMAS KAVANAGH , of Borris House, MP for the City of Kilkenny in the last Irish Parliament and subsequently representative for Co Carlow in the last two Parliaments of GEORGE IV. and...

Rt. Hon. Walter MacMorrough Kavanagh MP (1856 - 1922)

Rt. Hon. Walter MacMorrough Kavanagh, The MacMorrough was born on 14 January 1856. He was the son of Rt. Hon. Arthur MacMorrough Kavanagh, The MacMorrough and Mary Frances Forde-Leathley. He married He...

Kavanagh (deceased)

1 Kavanagh (deceased)

2 Kavanagh (deceased)

2 daughters - nn Kavanagh (deceased)

? Kavanagh (deceased)

? Kavanagh (deceased)

? Kavanagh (deceased)

? Clare (Kavanagh) (deceased)

? Kavanagh (deceased)

Adel Kavanagh (1984 - d.)

Agnes Kavanagh (O'Keefe) (deceased)

Agnes Mary MacMorrough Kavanagh (b. - 1932)

Alexander Charles Kavanagh (deceased)

Alice Kavanagh (deceased)

Alice Kavanagh (deceased)

Alice Kavanagh (deceased)

Alice Teresa KAVANAGH (1856 - d.)

Alicia Kavanagh (Grace) (deceased)

Anast Kavanagh of Garryhill (Fitzgerald) (deceased)

Anastasia Kavanagh (deceased)

Andrew (Lou) Kavanagh (1900 - 1978)

Ann Kavanagh (deceased)

Anne Kavanagh (c.1838 - d.)

Anne Kavanagh (Smyth) (deceased)

Anne Kavanagh (c.1851 - c.1903)

Anne Wandesforde Kavanagh (b. - 1850)

Annie Kavanagh (c.1855 - d.)

Annie Kavanagh (Moore) (1874 - d.)

Annie Kavanagh (c.1855 - d.)

Annie Kavanagh (deceased)

Lt.-Col. Archibald Macalpine-Downie MBE (b. - 1958)

Art Kavanagh (c.1770 - d.)

Art (deceased)

Art Mor Kavanagh (1305 - 1361)

Art Oge Oge Kavanagh (1340 - 1417)

Arthur Kavanagh (deceased)

Maj Arthur McMorrough Kavanagh, MC (1888 - 1953)

Major Arthur Thomas MacMorrough Kavanagh , The MacMorrough was born on 12 January 1888. He was the son of Rt. Hon. Walter MacMorrough Kavanagh, The MacMorrough and Helen Louisa Howard. He married Minna...

Arthur Thomas MacMorrough Kavanagh (1857 - 1882)

Audrey Kavanagh (1974 - d.)

Betsy Whitty (Kavanagh) (c.1770 - d.)

Bill Kavanagh (deceased)

Brian Kavanagh (deceased)

Brian Kavanagh (deceased)

Died without issue - Burke's Peerage

Bridget Kavanagh (1895 - 1959)

Bridget Kavanagh (deceased)

BRIDGET KAVANAGH (c.1823 - c.1901)


Bridget Kavanagh (deceased)

Bridget Large (Kavanagh) (c.1800 - d.)

Bridget Kavanagh (c.1892 - 1979)

Bridget Kavanagh (Fitzpatrick) (deceased)

Bridie Downey (Kavanagh) (c.1881 - 1922)

Bridie Kavanagh (1894 - d.)

Bryan KAVANAGH (1838 - 1922)

Catherine Kavanagh (1878 - d.)

Catherine Pink (Kavanagh) (1863 - 1935)

Spelling of Kavanagh/Cavanagh varies. Family history says that she came from New York State in 1879 Went to Adelaide, Australia where she married Henry Pink Both came to New Zealand during the Go...

Catherine Craine (Craan) (Kavanagh) (deceased)

Catherine Armstrong (Kavanagh) (deceased)

Catherine Cooke (Kavanagh ) (1874 - d.)

Catherine Kavanagh (Prendergast) (1808 - 1891)

Catherine Ryan (Kavanagh) (deceased)

Catherine KAVANAGH (1849 - 1923)

Catherine Kavanagh (1789 - 1874)

Charles Kavanagh (c.1777 - 1777)

General Charles Kavanagh (deceased)

General Charles Kavanagh was the son of Morgan Kavanagh, and Frances Esmonde. He married daughter Esmonde, daughter of Colonel Patrick Esmonde ( name unknown) He gained the rank of General in the ser...

Charles Kavanagh (1829 - 1853)

Died unmarried

Charles Kavanagh (1820 - d.)

Charles KAVANAGH (1852 - 1921)

Lt.-Gen. Sir Charles Toler MacMorrough Kavanagh (1864 - 1950)

Lt.-Gen. Sir Charles Toler MacMorrough Kavanagh was born on 25 March 1864. He was the son of Rt. Hon. Arthur MacMorrough Kavanagh, The MacMorrough and Mary Frances Forde-Leathley. He married Mary Perry...

Charlotte A. Kavanagh (1898 - 1967)

Christine Elizabeth Kavanagh (deceased)

Clara Kavanagh (deceased)

Consty Cloney (Kavanagh) (1702 - 1777)

Dan Kavanagh (1857 - d.)

Daniel Kavanagh (1807 - 1859)

Daniel Kavanagh (1764 - 1861)

Daniel Kavanagh (1853 - 1887)

Daniel Kavanagh (deceased)

David Kavanagh (1984 - d.)

Delight Churchill Kavanagh (1848 - d.)

Della Josephine Kavanagh (1871 - d.)

Demetrius Kavanagh (deceased)

Dermot Kavanagh of Ferns (deceased)

Dermot MacMorrough Kavanagh (1890 - 1958)

From Burke's Peerage Dermot MacMorrough, Lt-Col 11th Hussars; born 9 Jan 1890; educated Eton; married 1920

Donel Kavanagh, Lord of Ferns (1396 - 1476)

Donal Oge Kavanagh (1174 - d.)

Donal Kavanagh (1700 - d.)