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Felicity Ann Kendal MP

Felicity Kendal From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Felicity Kendal CBE Born Felicity Ann Bragg (1946-09-25) 25 September 1946 (age 66) Olton, Warwickshire, England, UK Nationality British Other ...

Ketel fitzEldred "Taillebois" de Kendal, 3rd Baron Of Kendal MP (c.1055 - 1120)

Ketel, son of Elftred, appears on the pedigree drawn from the 1615 and 1666 Visitations of Cumberland and Westmorland Counties. He was born bef.1070 in Workington, Cumberland, England, and died 1120-11...

Kendal (deceased)

Kendal (deceased)

? Kendal (deceased)

? KENDAL (c.1840 - d.)

Aaron Kendal (deceased)

ADA KENDAL (deceased)

Aerowen Rhiannon Donalds (Kendal) (1879 - 1943)

Agnes Airey (Kendal) (1735 - d.)

Agnes Kendal (deceased)

Alan of Kendal (deceased)

Alice Lynne Kendal (1911 - 2012)

Alice Jane Kendal (1854 - d.)

Allan James Kendal (b. - 2011)

Allan Kendal (Kaplan) (deceased)

Anita Kendal (Kap) (deceased)

Anita Clay Kendal (deceased)

Anita Kendal (Clay) (deceased)

Ann Kendal (1677 - d.)

Anne Francis Ayres (Kendal) (1817 - 1865)

Annie Carter (Kendal) (deceased)

annie mary kendal kendal (deceased)

Arthur Raymond Kendal (deceased)

Asa Kendal (deceased)

Assisten Wedono Kalibuntu Kendal (deceased)

Audrey Creffield (Kendal ?) (deceased)

Barbara Kendal (Miner) (deceased)

Barbra Best (Kendal) (deceased)

Bart Kendal (1914 - 1996)

Bella Kendal (Stein) (b. - 1969)

Benjamin Kendal (b. - 1872)

Beryl Frances KENDAL (1930 - 2004)

blanche kendal (deceased)

bob kendal (deceased)

Boris Kendal (deceased)

Bryn Kendal (deceased)

Burleigh Kendal (deceased)

Catherine Kendal (1808 - 1880)

Catherine Agnes Kendal (1856 - d.)

Catherine Harriett Castle (Kendal) (deceased)

Cecilia Marie Vehnekamp (Kendal) (deceased)

Charles Kendal Bushe (deceased)

Charlie Kendal (deceased)

Christine Ryles (Kendal) (1907 - d.)

Clarence Thomas Kendal (deceased)

Clayton Kendal (deceased)

Constance Ekken Kendal (1889 - d.)

Cora Leatherman (Kendal) (deceased)

A Brief History of Jacob Wismer and a Complete Genealogical Family Register With Biographies of His Descendants from the Earliest Available Records to the Present Time By A J Fretz, Eli Wismer Page...

Curtis Robert Kendal (deceased)

Daniel Webster Kendal (Krulewitch) (1900 - 1953)

Attorney DW Krulewitch picked an all-NFL pro football team published in the New York Post, 16 December 1927.

Darnal Kendal (c.1730 - d.)

Darren Kendal (1963 - 1982)

Denzil Kendal (1896 - d.)

Dorothea Thelma Fyffe Kendal (Curtin) (b. - 1965)

Dorothy Josephine Kendal (1919 - 1989)

Dorothy Kendal Holtorf (Kendal) (1917 - 2001)

Dorothy Kendal (1811 - d.)

Dorothy Jane Kendal (Godson) (deceased)

dr R Mardjaman / PG Cepiring-Weleri-Kendal (deceased)

Eileen Moira Green (Kendal) (1900 - d.)

Eldred de Taillebois 2nd Baron of Kendal (1056 - d.)

Eldred de Taillebois 2nd Baron of Kendal (1056 - d.)

Eldred Baron De Kendal (deceased)

eliza kendal (brougham) (1828 - d.)

Elizabeth KENDAL (c.1888 - d.)

Elizabeth Kendal (1814 - d.)


Elizabeth Kendal (1846 - d.)

Elizabeth Fynes (Kendal) (b. - 1730)

Elsie Kendal (1904 - 1952)

Ermengarde Melusine von der Schulenburg, Duchess of Kendal (1667 - 1743)

Ermengard Melsusina Gräfin von der Svhulenburg Maid of Honour to the Electress Sophia of Hanover. Mistress of the Electoral Prince, Georg Ludwig, and bore him at least three illegitimate chi...

Ernie Kendal (deceased)

Erroll Kendal (1892 - d.)

Esther Kendal (Barnstein) (deceased)

Esther Kendal (Klein) (deceased)

Etta Lucy Kendal (Cook) (deceased)

Fanny M.L. Kendal (Shillington) (deceased)

Fanny Kendal (Alexander) (deceased)

Faye Minyard (deceased)

Fayga Kleinman (Kendal) (deceased)

Florence Kendal (Nevins) (deceased)

Floyd Kendal (deceased)

Fred Kendal (deceased)

George P. KENDAL (c.1873 - d.)

George Kendal (deceased)

George ? Kendal (c.1925 - c.1950)

George Kendal (deceased)

Gordon Frederick Kendal (deceased)

Gunilda of Kendal (of Northumbria) (deceased)

Hadinegoro (Tumenggung Kaliwungu Kendal) (deceased)

Hannah Kendall (Kendal) (1818 - d.)

Hannah Arnwine (Kendal) (1718 - d.)

Hazel Kendal (deceased)

Helen Jane Wilson Whitelaw (Kendal) (1917 - 2009)

Henrietta Thomas (Kendal) (1892 - 1969)

Henry John Kendal (1871 - 1929)

Herbert Mowle Kendal (deceased)

Esther Kendal (1907 - 1998)

Hinda Kendal (deceased)