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Charles Kestell, b4 MP (1818 - 1905)

Charles Kestell (*9*8*1818 † 10/4/1905 was born in Wallis on 9/8/1818. He arrived with his parents Charles Kestell and Grace Wenmouth from Devonshire on board the Britsh Settler ship :"Ocean". T...

Charles Kestell, SV/PROG MP (c.1787 - d.)

As part of the 1820 Settler Scheme to the Eastern Cape, South Africa, the Kestell family came out to South Africa with Morgan's Party, London on the ship "Ocean" which arrived at Table Bay 26th March 1...

Grace Kestell (Weymouth), SM/PROG MP (c.1791 - d.)

John Daniel Kestell, b4c2 MP (1854 - 1941)

John Daniel KESTELL the well known son of Charles Kestell is burief at teh VROUEMONUMENT, Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa. In his stepmothers will he is named as the person who inherited a dia...

? Kestell (deceased)

Alice Kestell (c.1577 - d.)

Amy Kestell (1663 - 1698)

Anne Christopher (Kestell) (deceased)

Avis Kestell (deceased)

Avis Kestell (deceased)

Avis Kestell (deceased)

Avis Kestell (Rashleigh) (deceased)

Avis Kestell (deceased)

Avis, who married Hannibal, son of Thomas (deceased)

Charles Kestell (deceased)

Charles Andrew (Jack) Kestell (deceased)

Charles Arthur Kestell (deceased)

Cornelius Benjamin Kestell, b4c1 (deceased)

Cornelius Benajmin Kestell (deceased)

Dennis Kestell (deceased)

Dorothea Louisa Kestell (Weyer) (1819 - 1858)

E.J. Rudman (Kestell) (deceased)

Edward Kestell (deceased)

Edward Kestell (c.1590 - d.)

Edward Kestell, of Kestell (deceased)

Eliza King (Kestell), b5 (1821 - 1905)

Eliza Kestell King died at the home of her son-in-law, Henry Hill (Sarah's Ann King's husband), at the age of 84 years.Eliza was born after her parents arrived in SA. Her sister was Elizabeth (8) that ...

Eliza Emma Short (Kestell) (1837 - c.1929)

Elizabeth Kestell (deceased)

Elizabeth Kestell, b2 (c.1812 - 1905)

Elizabeth Kestell (Ally) (deceased)

Elizabeth Kestell (Tredeneck) (b. - 1570)

Elizabeth Kestell (Lower) (deceased)

Ellen Kestell (deceased)

Ellen Jane Kestell (deceased)

Florence Louise Natalie Nell (Kestell) (deceased)

Frances Kestell (Harris) (deceased)

Francis Kestell (deceased)

Grace Kestell (deceased)

Helen Kestell (deceased)

Helen Kestell (Trefusis) (deceased)

Helen Kestell (deceased)

Jackett Kestell (Coffin) (b. - 1578)

Jacquet Bere (Kestell) (deceased)

James Kestell (1600 - d.)

James Kestell (deceased)

James Kestell, of Kestell (b. - 1566)

James Kestell (deceased)

Jane Kestell (King) (c.1817 - d.)

Jane Coode (Kestell) (deceased)

Jane Kestell (Boternell) (deceased)

John Kestell (1494 - 1560)

John Kestell (b. - 1520)

John Kestell, of Parke (deceased)

Dr. John Kestell (deceased)

John Kestell (deceased)

John Kestell (deceased)

John Kestell, b1 (c.1810 - d.)

John Kestell (c.1762 - d.)

John Kestell (deceased)

John (Jack) Daniel Kestell (deceased)

John Daniel Kestell (1877 - 1943)

Jone Kestell (Tripcony) (deceased)

Lawrence Kestell (deceased)

Lilian Maude Kestell (1882 - 1971)

Margaret Kestell (Billyou) (b. - 1522)

Margaret Kestell (Ford) (b. - 1609)

Margaret Kestell (deceased)

Margaret Stephens (Kestell) (deceased)

Margaret Kestell (deceased)

Margaret Kestell (Billing) (deceased)

Maria Isabella Kestell (Bothma) (1883 - 1966)

Marilyn Symons (Kestell) (deceased)

Martha Elizabeth Havemann (Kestell) (deceased)

Martha Elizabeth Kestell (deceased)

Mary Trenerth (Kestell) (deceased)

Mary Kestell (Picken) (deceased)

Mary Kestell (Courtenay) (c.1591 - d.)

Mary Kestell (1600 - d.)

Michael Kestell (deceased)

NN Kestell (Lucky) (deceased)

Percival George Kestell (deceased)

Philip Kestell (deceased)

Precilla Kestell (deceased)

Robert Kestell (deceased)

Samuel KESTELL (deceased)

Simon Kestell (deceased)

Susanna Catherine Kestell (1852 - 1930)

Susannah Kestell, b3 (c.1814 - c.1866)

Susannah Kestell (c.1767 - d.)

Sybil Carnsew (Kestell) (deceased)

Sybil Eyre (Kestell) (deceased)

Temperance Kestell (Chenouth) (b. - c.1624)

Thomas Kestell (deceased)

Thomas Kestell, of Bodmin (deceased)

Thomas Kestell (deceased)

Thomas Kestell (b. - 1628)

Thomasine Petre (Kestell) (deceased)

Walter Kestell (b. - 1618)

Walter Kestell (deceased)

Walter Kestell (b. - c.1630)