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Elizabeth Yeo (Killigrew) MP (1258 - 1330)

Henry Killigrew MP (1256 - 1315)

Sir Henry Killigrew, Kt., MP MP (c.1528 - 1603)

) -------------------- -------------------- KILLIGREW, Henry (c.1528-1603), of Lothbury, London; Hendon, Mdx. and Truro, Cornw. Published in The History of Parliament: the House of Commons 15...

Jael Killigrew (de Peigne) MP (deceased)

Jane Michell (Killigrew) MP (1535 - 1574)

Joan Killigrew (Sackville) MP (deceased)

Margaret Godolphin (Killigrew) MP (1542 - 1598)

Mauger Killigrew MP (c.1225 - 1272)

Wilma Killigrew (Tewlawny) MP (c.1240 - d.)

Agnes Killigrew (deceased)

Agneta (aka Agnes) (deceased)

Alexander Killigrew (c.1486 - d.)

Alice Bonython (Killigrew) (1525 - d.)

Ann Killigrew (c.1568 - c.1628)

Anne Killigrew (1660 - 1685)

Anne Killigrew (1660—1685) was an English poet. Born in London, Killigrew is perhaps best known as the subject of a famous elegy by the poet John Dryden entitled To The Pious Memory of the Accomplish'd...

Anne Killigrew (1568 - d.)

Anne Killigrew (1607 - 1641)

Blanch Wrey (Killigrew) (c.1535 - 1596)

Blanche Wrey (Killigrew) (1535 - d.)

Blanche (c.1540 - d.)

Catherine Killigrew (1574 - 1641)

Elizabeth Killigrew (Hext) (c.1592 - d.)

Catherine Elliot (Killigrew) (1618 - 1689)

Catherine Killigrew (1618–1689) was the daughter of Sir Robert Killigrew and Mary Woodhouse. Some reports erroneously have Catherine dying at Spa, Belgium in August 1654, as maid of honour to the Pri...

Cecilia Killigrew (Crofts) (b. - 1638)

Cecilia Crofts (16??-1638) in 1636, a maid of honour to Queen Henrietta Maria with a son: Henry Killigrew (bapt 16 April 1637 St Martin's-in-the-Fields)

Cecily Killigrew (deceased)

Charles Killigrew (c.1656 - d.)

Charlotte Killigrew (de Hesse) (1629 - 1716)

Elizabeth Treffry (Killigrew) (c.1492 - d.)

Elizabeth Reynell (Killigrew) (deceased)

Jane Petit (c.1415 - d.)

Elizabeth Lambe (Killigrew) (b. - 1701)

Elizabeth Killigrew (died 1701) married her father's curate at Wheathampstead, John Lambe, and produced 10 children

Elizabeth (deceased)

Elizabeth Killigrew (deceased)

Elizabeth Bassett (Killigrew) (c.1613 - d.)

Elizabeth Boyle (Killigrew), Lady Shannon (1622 - c.1680)

Elizabeth Killigrew1 F, #105027, b. 16 May 1622, d. circa December 1680 Last Edited=19 Jan 2009 Elizabeth Killigrew was baptised on 16 May 1622 at St. Margaret's Church, Lothbury, London, England.2...

Elizabeth Killigrew (1615 - 1619)

Elizabeth Killigrew (c.1441 - c.1463)

Elizabeth Killigrew (c.1579 - 1626)

Elizabeth Killigrew (Morryce) (b. - 1530)

Admiral of the Fleet Henry Killigrew, MP (c.1652 - 1712)

Family and Education b. c.1652, s. of Henry Killigrew, DD, canon of Westminster, master of the Savoy Hosp., London by his w. Judith. m. lic. 9 Feb. 1692 (aged 40), Lucy, da. of Thomas Jervoise of Herri...

Henry Killigrew, DD, Chaplain to the King's Army (1613 - 1700)

Dr Henry Killigrew Born 11 February 1613(1613-02-11) Hanworth, Middlesex, England Died 14 March 1700(1700-03-14) (aged 87) England Nationality British Occupation Chaplain, almoner, Master of the Savoy ...

Henry Killigrew (1637 - d.)

James Killigrew (b. - 1695)

James Killigrew, also a naval officer, who was killed in an encounter with the French in January 1695 during the Nine Years' War

Jane (deceased)

Jane (deceased)

Jane (deceased)

Jane (deceased)

Jane Mayowe (Killigrew) (deceased)

Jane Killigrew (Petit) (c.1465 - d.)

Johanna Trefry (Killigrew) (c.1296 - d.)

John (deceased)

John Killigrew (1415 - 1445)

John (deceased)

John (c.1480 - d.)

John (deceased)

John Killigrew (c.1485 - d.)

John Killigrew MP (c.1516 - 1567)

John (deceased)

John (c.1464 - 1536)

John Killigrew (1450 - 1584)

John (deceased)

John Thomas (deceased)

John Thomas Killigrew (deceased)

Sir Joseph Killigrew, MP (1593 - 1616)

Judith Killigrew (deceased)

Katherine Tregose (Killigrew) (deceased)

Margery Saunders (1546 - d.)

Mary Killigrew (Hill) (b. - 1690)

A 1638 painting of Killigrew's wife Mary Hill by Anthony van Dyck

Mary Woodhouse (1584 - 1656)

Mary Killigrew (deceased)

Mary James (Killigrew) (1623 - 1677)

Mary Killigrew (1623-1677), later wife of Sir John James, she has been confused in other biographies [1] with Mary Sackville (1645-1679) (formerly Berkeley, née Bagot)--the widowed Countess of Falmouth...

Mary Killigrew (deceased)

Mildred Bellamy Crymes (Killigrew) (deceased)

Nora Ketchum (Killigrew) (deceased)

Robert Killigrew (deceased)

Robert (1580 - 1633)

Sir Robert Killigrew (Lothbury, London 1580 - Bath, Somerset 1633) was a knight of Arwenack in Falmouth, Cornwall. He was born the son of William Killigrew and Margery (Mary) Saunders. In January 159...

Robert Killigrew (1611 - d.)

Robert Killigrew (deceased)

Robert "Roger" Killigrew (1663 - d.)

Simon Killigrew (c.1270 - d.)

Thomas Killigrew (1612 - 1683)

Thomas Killigrew (7 February 1612 – 19 March 1683) was an English dramatist and theatre manager. He was a witty, dissolute figure at the court of King Charles II of England. Killigrew was one of tw...

Thomas Killigrew (1657 - 1719)

Thomas Killigrew (the younger) (1657-1719), who had one successful play, called Chit-Chat (1719)

Thomas Killigrew (deceased)

William Killigrew (deceased)

Sir William Killigrew, MP (1606 - 1695)

Family and Education bap. 28 May 1606, 1st s. of Sir Robert Killigrew* of Kempton Park and Mary, da. of Sir Henry Woodhouse† of Hickling, Norf.1 educ. St. John’s, Oxf. 1623; travelled abroad c.1624-6; ...

Sir William Killigrew, MP (1555 - 1622)

Family and Education 5th s. of John Killigrew of Arwennack and bro. of Henry and John I. m. aft. 1611, Margaret or Margery, da. of Thomas Saunders of Uxbridge, Mdx., wid. of Robert Wolman or Woolman an...