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Ada Louise Kimbel (deceased)

Adelia KNICHEL (KIMBEL ?) (c.1899 - d.)

Dolph Kimbel (1872 - 1952)

Albert Edward Kimbel (1889 - 1954)

Albert L. Sebastian Kimbel (1880 - 1951)

Ann Kimbel (c.1740 - 1826)

Ann CHAMBERLIN (Kimbel) (deceased)

Anna Kimbel (b. - 1729)

Anna Sabrina Kimbel (1869 - d.)

Anna Kimbel (Watry) (c.1842 - c.1867)

Anna M. Kimbel (1866 - d.)

Anton or Anthony Kimbel (1883 - 1922)

Originally a photographer like his father, A Kimbel produced many works that are held in private and public collections including the National Library of Australia, which holds "Views of Cobar" . He is...

Barnabas Kimbel (1779 - 1837)

Brother to Willhelm Kimbel (deceased)

We know that "his brother . was an exhibitor at our late International Exhibition" as described in an article about his brother Willhelm: From the "Hawkesbury Chronicle and Farmers Advocate" of Satur...

Captain Richard Adam Kimbel (1840 - 1910)

Richard emigrated to America and landed at New York.They came directly west to Galen Illinois. It was at the Lead Mine City and on the Galena river that young Richard Kimbel received his introduction...

Carl Joseph Kimbel (1895 - 1965)

Carl H. KNICHEL (KIMBEL ?) (c.1894 - d.)

Carrie Kimbel (1863 - 1938)

her husband Elmer's name is either McDonnell or McDowell

Charles KNICHEL (KIMBEL ?) (c.1843 - d.)

Christian Kimbel (1864 - c.1869)

Henry Kimbel (1875 - c.1894)

Claude Kimbel (c.1890 - c.1890)

claude Dawson Kimbel (1875 - 1961)

Doris Louise Mulligan (Brooks nee Kimbel) (1909 - d.)

There is a record of electoral enrolment for Doris Louise Myola Kimbel for the year 1930 in the district of Wentworth, NSW.

Dorothy E M Kimbel (1908 - d.)

Douglas Francis Kimbel (b. - 1954)

Edward Elgin Kimbel (1892 - 1970)

Eddie Kimbel was born Feb. 19, 1892 on the Mississippi River at Kimbel’s Island near Dubuque, Iowa. Eddie Married Loula Bell Palmer (1901-1950) who was the daughter of Charles Palmer and Jane Keys. The...

Eleanor Kimbel (deceased)

Elise Eliza or Elezebeath Kimbel (Auger) (c.1849 - 1928)

Death notices from "The Sydney Morning Herald" of Thursday 26 April 1928: "KIMBEL.—April 25, at Sydney Hospital, dearly-loved mother of Mrs. Harrison, of Osborne-road, Manly, and granny of Louie, Wal...

Lizzie Kimbel (c.1885 - d.)

Elizabeth Kimbel (deceased)

Elizabeth Kimbel (deceased)

Lizzie Paar (1872 - 1947)

Muzzie Fengler (1873 - 1924)

Eric Richmond Kimbel (c.1917 - 1918)

Eva Cecilia Harrison (Kimbel) (deceased)

Florence Kimbel (Bell) (deceased)

Florence C J Kimbel (1889 - d.)

Frances Kimbel (Mayr) (1859 - 1895)

FRANK KIMBEL (deceased)

George "Captain" Kimbel (1876 - 1966)

George was the second oldest son, who also piloted and worked for his father as the younger brother did later. He worked for several other lines too before he accepted a job with Potosia Brewing co., d...

George Kimbel (1894 - d.)

Gertrude Elizabeth Kimbel (Wilson) (b. - 1956)

Helen Marion Avery (Kimbel) (1834 - 1905)

Henry George Kimbel (1885 - 1940)

In Memoriam from "The Sydney Morning Herald" of Friday 2 August 1946: "KIMBEL -In loving memory of my dear husband Henry George who passed away August 1 1940. Always remembered by his loving wife. " ...

John Kimbel (deceased)

Jonathan Kimbel (deceased)

Phenie Hersey (1869 - 1937)

Phoenie and Lizzie were twins. Phoenie and Charley settled in Savanna, Illinois

Julia Kimbel (1890 - d.)

Katie Mahr (1870 - c.1918)

Katherine Kimbel (1910 - 1910)

Katherine Kimbel (Wigand) (1849 - 1882)


Roy Kimbel (1890 - 1972)

Lucy Kimbel (c.1872 - c.1880)

Margaret Kimbel (c.1878 - 1883)

From the "Hawkesbury Chronicle and Farmers Advocate" of Saturday 17 November 1883: "DEATH. KIMBEL. — On the 12th instant, at her parents' residence, Macquarie-street, Windsor, in the 6th year of her ...

Margaret Kimbel (deceased)

Margaret Kimbel (1805 - d.)

Mary Kimbel (1811 - d.)

May English (Kimbel nee Hartt) (deceased)

Marriage announced in "The Sydney Morning Herald" of Monday 8 July 1907: "KIMBEL-HARTT -June 17 at the Methodist Church Cobar by the Rev F T Walker, Anthony second son of the late Herr Wilhelm Kimbel...

Miriam Zara Kimbel (1910 - 2004)

Nathaniel Kimbel (1706 - d.)

Phebe Kimbel (deceased)

Richard Adam Joseph Kimbel, Jr. (1909 - 1988)

Richard Kimbel (deceased)

Sarah Kimbel (b. - 1731)

Susannah Cord (Kimbel) (1743 - d.)

Thomas Kimbel (deceased)

Tom Kimbel (1866 - d.)

Viola Vivian Valkert Kimbel (Danielson) (deceased)

Wilfred M Kimbel (1909 - 1909)

Wilhelm Martin Kimbel (c.1831 - 1899)

Australian Photographer born in Mainz (Mayence du Rhine). Death Notice from "The Sydney Morning Herald" of Monday 4 December 1899: "KIMBEL. December 2, at his residence, 90 John-street Woollahra, H...

Wilhelm Martin Kimbel (1881 - 1957)

A photographer like his father, William for the Daily Telegraph, the State Library NSW has some of his work in their collection, for example: "William Kimbel, [Ross and Keith Smith] - Arrival of Vick...

Willie (1861 - 1877)

Wilhelmina Verona Klavitter (Kimbel) (1878 - 1918)

Willhelm Kimbel (deceased)

We know that he was an Art Designer of some eminence in Mainz, from the extract below, regarding his son, Willhelm in NSW: From the "Hawkesbury Chronicle and Farmers Advocate" of Saturday 26 May 1883...

William Kimbel (1846 - d.)