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First Wife of Thomas Alvord (King) MP (c.1657 - d.)

Abigail King (Adams) MP (1717 - 1751)

Abigail Leonard (Possibly King) MP (1710 - 1771)

From the Thomas Rogers Society page on Abigail (no maiden name): Abigail1 F, b. 1710, d. 27 July 1771 Abigail was born in 1710. Her married name was Williams. She married Ephraim Leonard, son...

Abraham King MP (1853 - 1925)

Abraham King was born in Fingrinhoe, Essex, England on 24th February, 1853, the son of Charles and Hannah King. He arrived in New Zealand in 1874 on the ship "Euterpe" on which he was employed as a sai...

Absalom King MP (1703 - 1732)

Adalbert II d'Ivrea, King of Italy MP (c.932 - c.975)

Adalberto II d'Ivrea Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Adalberto II d'Ivrea o Adalberto d'Italia (931 – Autun, 975) fu il sesto marchese d'Ivrea e re d'Italia, con il padre Berengario II, dal 950 ...

Ataulf (Adolphus) King of the Visigoths MP (c.355 - 415)

De la página de español Wikipedia en Ataulfo: Ataúlfo (en gótico: Athal Wolf 'lobo noble'), nacido en ¿372?, fue rey de los visigodos del 410 al 415. Hijo de Atanarico II, de la dinastía baltinga, ...

Adrastus of Troy MP (c.-1330 - c.-1200)

All dates given are B:C: (Before Christ) Adrastus, father of Eurydice, the wife of King Ilus of Troy. He is otherwise unknown, but the Hellespont town or city of Adrastea may be named after him. Ad...

Agni The Powerful King of Sweden Dagsson MP (c.400 - c.450)

Agne Skjalfarbonde var en svensk kung av Ynglingaätten, enligt Heimskringla. Han var son till Dag den vise. Under ett plundringståg i Finland dödade han en hövding vid namn Froste samt förde dennes son...

Ahab / אחאב מלך ישראל King of Israel, King of Israel MP (-910 - -876)

1 Kings 16:28-34 Wikipedia: Ahab and אחאב --------------------Y reinó Acab hijo de Omri sobre Israel en Samaria veintidós años. Y Acab hijo de Omri hizo lo malo ante los ojos de Jehová, más que todos...

Ahaz / אחז King of Judah / מלך יהודה MP (c.-787 - -726)

2 Kings 15:38 , 2 Kings 16:1-20 2 Chronicles 27:9 , 2 Chronicles 28:1-27 Wikipedia: Ahaz and אחז --------------------Born 762 BC. He was 20 years old when he became king & reigned for 16 years. H...

Ahaziah / אחזיה King of Israel / מלך ישראל MP (-852 - -851)

Wikipedia: Ahaziah and אחזיה

Alaric the Goth MP (c.370 - 410)

Alarico I Nacido en la isla de Peuce, en el delta del Danubio en el año 370 y fallecido en Cosenza en el año 410, fue rey de los visigodos (395–410) de la dinastía baltinga, hijo del caudillo visigod...

Alberta Christine King (Williams) MP (1904 - 1974)

Alberta Christine Williams King (September 13, 1904 – June 30, 1974) was Martin Luther King, Jr.'s mother and the wife of Martin Luther King, Sr. She played a significant role in the affairs of the Ebe...

Alfred King MP (c.1894 - 1912)

Name: Mr Alfred King Born: 1893 Age: 18 years Marital Status: Single. Last Residence: in Southampton Hampshire England Occupation: Lift Steward Victualling crew First Embarked: Southamp...

Alice King (Deane) MP (1678 - 1746)

Alice Newcomen (King) MP (1410 - d.)

Amon / אמון King of Judah / מלך יהודה MP (c.-665 - c.-642)

2 Kings Chapter 21:18-26 1 Chronicles 3:14 2 Chronicles 33:20-25 Wikipedia: Amon and אמון

Amos King MP (1796 - 1837)

Amulius King of Alba Longa MP (deceased)

Amy King MP (deceased)

Anderson King MP (c.1830 - 1909)

Ann King MP (1701 - 1773)

Ann Collins / Wildes (King) MP (c.1612 - 1687)

Anna King (LaForce) MP (1791 - 1877)

Anna Kerley (King) MP (1625 - 1684)

Also known as Anne, Anna and Hannah. We know this second William appears in Sudbury around 1645/6 as that is when he married Anna King, daughter of Thomas King, another of the first settlers of Sudbu...

Anne King (Collins) MP (1608 - 1642)

Ansfride Concubine #3 of Henry I King of England (Widow of Anskill) MP (c.1070 - 1164)

Ansfride was born c. 1070. She was the wife of Anskill of Seacourt, at Wytham in Berkshire (now Oxfordshire). Illegitimate children with Henry I: 1) Juliane de Fontevrault (born c. 1090); married...

Arkêsios - Αρκείσιος - Arceisius King of Ithaka MP (deceased)

In Greek mythology, Arcesius (or Arkêsios; also spelled Arceisius or Arkeisios) was the son of either Zeus or Cephalus, and king in Ithaca. A son of Zeus and Euryodia, husband of Chalcomedusa and f...

Asenath "Seny" Wilson (King) MP (1820 - 1868)

Askold of Kiev, (Haskuldr) King Of Kiev (Kijewskij), King Of Kiev MP (c.837 - 882)

Askold (Haskuldr in Old East Norse and Höskuldr in Old West Norse) and Dir (Dyri in both dialects of Old Norse) were, according to the Primary Chronicle, two of Rurik's men who ruled Kiev in the 870s. ...

Audren/Aldraenus 4th King of Brittany, ruled 445-490 MP (c.388 - 464)

Aldrien, King of Brittany (c.AD 373-464) (Welsh-Aldwr, Latin-Aldroenus, English-Aldron) Aldrien was Gradlon Mawr's grandson, who reigned after his little-known father, 'King' Salomon I. He appear...

Ada Lovelace MP (1815 - 1852)

Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace (10 December 1815 – 27 November 1852), born Augusta Ada Byron, was an English writer chiefly known for her work on Charles Babbage's early mechanical general-pu...

Autim-a-hoya King (Okla Tannap) MP (deceased)

Ava G. King (Batten) MP (1808 - 1885)

Aventinus, 12th King of Alba Longa MP (c.-892 - d.)

B: c. -892 c. -870 -852

Aðils / Athils / Eadgils "Athils" Ottarsson (King of Sweden), king in Uppsala MP (572 - c.663)

Eadgils, Adils, Aðils, Adillus, Aðísl at Uppsölum, Athisl, Athislus, Adhel was a semi-legendary king of Sweden, who is estimated to have lived during the 6th century.[1] Beowulf and Old Norse sources...

Baal-Ezer II King Of Tyre / מלך צידון MP (c.-886 - -840)

Baal-Eser II (also known as Balbazer II and Ba‘l-mazzer I) (846 - 841 BC) was a king of Tyre, the son of Ithobaal I. The primary information related to Baal-Eser II comes from Josephus’s citation of ...

Baasha son of Ahija, King of Israel / בעשא בן אחיה, מלך ישראל MP (c.-909 - -885)

Baasha (Hebrew: בַּעְשָׁא‎, Baʿasha, "Baal hears") was the third king of the northern Israelite Kingdom of Israel. He was the son of Ahijah of the Tribe of Issachar. Baasha's story is told in 1 Kings 1...

Barbara Beith (King) MP (1793 - 1880)

Bethiah King (Austin) MP (1745 - 1826)

Boston King, U.E.L., Methodist Missionary MP (1760 - 1802)

Boston King A man who overcome great adversity This profile meant to Honor his contributions to Canada, and Sierra Leone What we know of Boston King: A Slave in Colonial America, Boston sided...

Brutus "The Trojan", King of Britian MP (deceased)

B: -1150 -1120 -1050 -1091 -1103 -------------------- Brutus of Troy From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Brutus (Brut, Brute, Welsh Bryttys), a legendary descendant of t...

C. P. W. King MP (deceased)

Capetus II, 8th King of Alba Longa MP (c.-1004 - d.)

B: c. -1004 c. -990 -931

Caradoc Dumnonia (King of Dumnonia) MP (c.260 - 305)

Caroline Olivia King / Lovell (Jenkins) MP (1818 - d.)

Catherine Wright (King) MP (deceased)

Cenwealh, King of Wessex MP (c.622 - 672)

Cenwalh of Wessex From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Cenwalh) Jump to: navigation, search Cenwalh King of Wessex Reign 643–645; 648–674 Died 674 Predecessor Cyn...

Charles King MP (deceased)

Charles King MP (1789 - 1867)

Charlemagne MP (742 - 814)

Charlemagne (English: Charles the Great, German: Karl der Grosse, French: Charles le Grand, Latin: Carolus Magnus, Dutch: Karel de Grote), King of Neustria (768-771), King of the Franks (771-814), King...

Charles W. King MP (1868 - d.)

Charles King MP (1812 - d.)

Clement King, Jr. MP (1636 - 1694)

Husband's Name Clement Jr KING (AFN:BF0P-GJ) Pedigree Born: 1632 Place: Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts Died: 12 Nov 1694 Place: Providence, Providence, Rhode Island Buried: Nov...

Clement King, Sr. MP (1615 - 1699)

Comfort King (Sharpe) MP (deceased)

concubines #7 - #12 Mistresses of Henry I King of England (various) MP (1072 - d.)

Henry I of England From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Illegitimate children King Henry is famed for holding the record for the largest number of acknowledged illegitimate children born to any ...

Coretta Scott King MP (1927 - 2006)

Coretta Scott King (April 27, 1927 – January 30, 2006) was an American author, activist, and civil rights leader. The widow of Martin Luther King, Jr., Coretta Scott King helped lead the African-Americ...

Cormach mac Urb (Eurbre) King of Ireland MP (c.387 - c.420)

Culbert Levi King MP (1856 - 1921)

Birth: 11 Jun 1856 Fillmore, Millard, Ut Christening: 19 Jun 1856 Fillmore, Millard, Ut Death: 7 Jan 1921 Ammon, Bonneville, Id Burial: 12 Jan 1921 Manti, Sanpete, Ut

Cynloyp ap Cinhil, Brenin Alt Clut MP (c.365 - d.)

Cynloyp King of Britain (Roman) Father Cinhil King of Britain (Roman) Mother Marriage ? Children - - Ceretic (Coroticus) King of Scots (Strathclyde) Forrás / Source:

Cú Corb mac Mogha MP (deceased)

NameCu-Corb King of Leinster Deathabt 117, lain in the battle of Cliach FatherMogh Corb Misc. Notes During his reign Mononius and the Munstermen made war on Leinster, in the year 90 AD, and con...

Daisy Ellen King MP (1897 - 1964)

Birth: Jun. 7, 1897 Death: Feb. 29, 1964 Family links: Parents: James Rollin King (1855 - 1934) Martha Jane Gee King (1865 - 1948) Burial: West View Cemetery Sweetwater Monroe County Tenne...

Dardanus King of Arcadia MP (c.-1519 - c.-1414)

Greek mythology, Dardanus ("burner up") founder of the city of Dardania this person is referenced as same person 1 Chronicles 2:6 - While many "sources" claim biblical Dara and Dardanus are t...

David Sjodahl King MP (1917 - 1968)

David Sjodahl King (June 20, 1917 – May 5, 2009) was a representative from Utah. He was a member of the Democratic Party. Early life and education King was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 19...

Deliverance King MP (1641 - 1689)

Tuthill family of Tharston, Norfolk County, England and Southold, Suffolk County, New York; also written Totyl, Totehill, Tothill, Tuttle, etc (1898) 2. Henry Tuthill (Henry), of Tharston, England,...

Dorothy King (Barker) MP (1556 - 1652)

Did Dorothy Barker-Hunt also marry Josiah Chapin? Was she a widow already when she married Enoch Hunt? Was she step-mother to Mary King Chapin, and wife to John King of Weymouth in 1652? Enoch Hunt, ...

Dorothy King (Hayne) MP (1598 - 1684)

Tuthill family of Tharston, Norfolk County, England and Southold, Suffolk County, New York; also written Totyl, Totehill, Tothill, Tuttle, etc (1898) 3. John Tuthill, Jr., or 2nd (Henry, Henry), of...

Dorothy Antley (King) MP (1910 - d.)

Dyfnwal Druid King of Wales MP (c.-130 - d.)

Dynod Donaut King of Dumonia MP (c.280 - 340)

Dynod King of Britain (Dumnonia) Born : Abt. 280 Marriage ? Children Abt. 305 - St. Ursula Princess of Britain (Dumnonia) Forrás / Source: Donaut, King of Dumnonia (Welsh, Dynod/Latin, D...

Eglon / עגלון King of Moab / מלך מואב MP (deceased)

Wikipedia: Eglon (king) .

Elah son of Baasha, King of Israel / אלה בן בעשא, מלך ישראל MP (-840 - -884)

Elah (Hebrew: אֵלָה‎; Greek: Ἠλά; Latin: Ela) was a son of Baasha, who succeeded him as king of Israel. William F. Albright has dated his reign to 877 BC - 876 BC, while E. R. Thiele offers the dates 8...

Elah, father of Hohse'a King of Israel MP (deceased)

Father of Hoshe'a (ben Elah), last King of the Northern Kingdom of Israel

Eliza (Folsom) King MP (1820 - 1882)

Eliza E. King MP (1866 - d.)

Elizabeth King Hall Richmond MP (c.1680 - 1757)

From the Thomas Rogers Society page on Elizabeth King: Elizabeth King F, b. before 1680, d. 16 June 1757 Elizabeth King was born before 1680. She was the daughter of Philip King and Judith ...

Elizabeth Harris (King) MP (1672 - 1736)

Click on the data you would like to keep or click 'discard all' to leave the data on Lydia Harris's main profile the way it is. Field Main Profile Alternate Data (discard all) Last Name Harris ...

Elizabeth Campbell (King) MP (c.1799 - d.)

Elizabeth King MP (c.1849 - d.)

Elizabeth King (Goldthwaite) MP (1642 - c.1714)

Elizabeth Rice (King) MP (1616 - c.1671)

Family Married before 1635 to Richard Rice of Concord (1607-1707) Children Paul Rice (ABT 1635-17 FEB 1717) m. Hannah [---] on ABT 1660 at Concord,Middlesex Co.,Massachusetts Mary Rice ...

Elizabeth King (Gale) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth King (Grant) MP (1767 - d.)

Elizabeth Rice (King) MP (1635 - 1667)

Elizabeth King Female, #11503, (about 1635 - ) Elizabeth King was born about 1635 in England. She was the daughter of Thomas King and Anne Collins. On 8 November 1655 Elizabeth, married Samuel Rice...

Elsy King MP (deceased)

Elvira Henry (King) MP (1817 - 1896)

Elzira King MP (c.1845 - d.)

Emily Batten (King) MP (1812 - 1897)

Eochaid Sálbuide King of Ulster MP (deceased)

Erbin King Of Dumnonia (ap Custennin), Saint MP (c.480 - 550)

Erichthonius, King of Dardania MP (c.-1420 - -1368)

B: -1412 or -1420 D: -1366 or -1368 -------------------- When Dardanus died, his son Erichthonius became king of the Dardanians and the richest of men, as he inherited both the kingdom of his fat...

Ernest Waldron King MP (c.1884 - 1912)

Name: Mr Ernest Waldron King Age: 28 years Last Residence: in Clones Monaghan Ireland Occupation: Clerk Victualling crew First Embarked: Southampton Died in the sinking. Body recovered by...

Ethbaal / אתבעל King Of Tyre / מלך צידון MP (c.-915 - c.-847)

1 Kings 16:31 Wikipedia: Ithobaal_I Ithobaal I (or Ethbaal; Biblical Ethbaal, 1 Kings 16:31) was a king of Tyre who founded a new dynasty. During his reign, Tyre expanded its power on the mainland,...

Ethbaal / אתבעל King of Tyre / מלך צידון MP (deceased)

Eva Clair Warner (King) MP (1877 - 1953)

Experience King (Phillips) MP (1641 - 1718)

Eystein* / Øystein /Östen Adilsson (King of Sweden), king in Uppsala, Sweden MP (594 - c.655)

Eysteinn (d. ca 600) was the son of Eadgils and Yrsa of Saxony. He was the father of Ingvar. Snorri Sturluson relates that Eysteinn ruled Sweden at the time when Hrólf Kraki died in Lejre. It was a t...

Fer Corb mac Muig, Rí na h'Éireann MP (-526 - -473)