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Tsu-la Red Fox Chutlow Kingfisher MP (c.1732 - 1755)

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Catherine Kingfisher (deceased)

Catherine Ka-ti Walker (Kingfisher) (1752 - 1828)

Catherine Kingfisher (deceased)

catherine harlan (kingfisher) (1752 - d.)

charlene kingfisher (deceased)

Ella Cornshucker (Kingfisher) (deceased)

Ka-Ti Harlan ** (c.1752 - d.)

KA-TI Kingfisher (deceased)

Ka-ti (Catherine) . Kingfisher (c.1752 - 1828)

Kati was born about 1752 and died sometime after 1793. She was married three times. Her first marriage was to Samuel Candy. They had one son, naming him Samuel Candy, Jr who was born about 1768. Her ...

Katherine "Ka Ti" Kingfisher (c.1752 - c.1793)

Littlefellow Hi-s-ki-ti-hi Fivekiller (1755 - c.1820)

Birth: Jun., 1755 Tennessee, USA Death: 1825 Note: Before the modern era Cherokees did not have surnames with Kingfisher used solely for the purpose of identifying his father as well as being abl...

Nancy Ward ** (c.1738 - 1822)

Nancy Ward (Kingfisher) (deceased)

Tau La Kingfisher (deceased)

Tsu-La Kingfisher (c.1732 - c.1755)

Tsu-la Kingfisher (deceased)

Kingfisher ** (b. - c.1755)

Tsu-la Kingfisher (deceased)