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Alice Bullock (Kingsmill) MP (1518 - 1560)

Alice Pilkington (Kingsmill) MP (1522 - 1594)

Constance Kingsmill MP (1566 - 1637)

Constance Kingsmill is the daughter of Richard Kingsmill.1 She married Sir Thomas Lucy, son of Sir Thomas Lucy and Joyce Acton.1 Her married name became Lucy.1 Children of Constance Kingsmill and...

Eleanor Kingsmill MP (deceased)

Eleanor Kingsmill is the daughter of Sir William Kingsmill.2 She married Sir Henry Goring, son of William Goring and Ann Burbridge.1 Her married name became Goring. Child of Eleanor Kingsmill and...

Elizabeth Bacon (Kingsmill) MP (1625 - 1691)

Nathaniel Bacon (bap. 1620–1692) Contributed by Peter V. Bergstrom and the Dictionary ofVirginia Biography Nathaniel Bacon, a member of the governor's Council, was often referred to as Natha...

Jane Cooper (Kingsmill) MP (c.1500 - 1566)

b. 24 Sept. 1552, s. of John Cooper of Winscombe by Jane , da. of Sir John Kingsmill of Sydmonton, Hants. m. Martha, da. of Anthony Skutt of Stanton Drew, 1s. 4da. suc. fa. 1566. Kntd. by 1603.1 Link...

Jane Kingsmill (.) MP (c.1605 - d.)

Jane Kingsmill (Gifford) MP (deceased)

Joan Gifford1 F, #21946 Father John Gifford, Esq. b. c 1502, d. b 5 Dec 1538 Mother Joan Brydges Joan Gifford married John Kingsmill, son of Richard Kingsmill and Alice. Joan Gifford was born a...

Sir John Kingsmill MP (deceased)

Richard Kingsmill MP (1604 - c.1638)

Served as a representative from James City in the General Assemblies of 1624, 1625, and 1629.

Sir John Kingsmill, Knight, of Sidmanton MP (c.1494 - 1536)

Biography Sir John Kingsmill was born in 1494.1 He married Constance Goring.1 He died in 1536.1 Children of Sir John Kingsmill and Constance Goring Mary Kingsmill+1 Sir William Kingsmill+1 b....

Sir John Kingsmill, Knight MP (1456 - 1504)

John Kingsmill1 M, d. 1509 Father Richard Kingsmill b. c 1440, d. May 1511 Mother Alice John Kingsmill Judge in the Court of Common Pleas. He married Joan Gifford, daughter of John Gifford, Esq. an...

Sir William Kingsmill MP (c.1526 - 1592)

Sir William Kingsmill was born in 1526.3 He was the son of Sir John Kingsmill and Constance Goring.2 He married Bridget Raleigh.2 He died circa December 1592.3 He was buried on 11 December 1592.3 S...

Sir William Kingsmill MP (1555 - 1618)

. Kingsmill (deceased)

4 Other Daughters Kingsmill (deceased)

? Kingsmill (1282 - d.)

? Kingsmill (1255 - d.)

Adam Kingsmill (c.1315 - c.1385)

Alice Kingsmill (1540 - d.)

Alice Prudden (Kingsmill) (c.1440 - c.1501)

Alice Pringle (Kingsmill) (c.1870 - d.)

Amy Kingsmill (Ingpen) (deceased)

Andrew Kingsmill (1913 - 1939)

Andrew Kingsmill (1536 - d.)

Andrew de Portal Kingsmill (1881 - 1956)

Ann Kingsmill (Simmons) (b. - 1788)

Ann Kingsmill (deceased)

Ann Wilkes (c.1390 - d.)

Anne Wilkes1 F, #60303, b. circa 1557, d. 1618 Father William Wilkes1 b. c 1530 Anne Wilkes was born circa 1557 at of Hodnell, Warwickshire, England.1 She married Anthony Dryden, son of John Dryden, ...

Ann Kingsmill (Bibby) (deceased)

Ann La Rive La Rive Kingsmill (1823 - 1905)

Ann La Rive Kingsmill (deceased)

Anne Kingsmill (Hazlewood) (1639 - 1663)

Anne Kingsmill (deceased)

Anne Bradley (Kingsmill) (1823 - d.)

Anne Kingsmill (Hazelwood) (deceased)

Anne Kingsmill (deceased)

Anne Smith (Kingsmill) (c.1537 - d.)

Anne Forster (Kingsmill) (b. - 1673)

Anne Kingsmill (De La Rive) (deceased)

Arthur Kingsmill (1540 - d.)

Beryl Kingsmill (Munnion) (1926 - 1976)

Betty Jean Howell (Kingsmill) (c.1908 - 2002)

Bridget Colt (Kingsmill) (c.1570 - d.)

Bridget Colt (Kingsmill) (deceased)

Bridget Gorges (Kingsmill) (deceased)

Bridget Norreys (Kingsmill) (deceased)

Bridget Kingsmill (White) (b. - 1672)

Bridget Kingsmill (Fox) (c.1789 - d.)

Capt Parr William Kingsmill (c.1819 - 1864)

Capt. Parr Kingsmill (deceased)

Catherine Maxson (Kingsmill) (deceased)

Catherine Kingsmill (1574 - d.)

Catherine Kingsmill (1574 - d.)

Charles Kingsmill (deceased)

Charles Kingsmill (b. - 1942)

Charles Major Kingsmill (1920 - d.)

Charlotte Jones (Kingsmill) (1854 - d.)

Charlotte Kingsmill (Powell) (1803 - 1851)

Charlotte Kingsmill (Powell) (deceased)

Col. William Kingsmill (1793 - 1870)

Col. William Kingsmill of Ballybeg Abbey (1596 - 1650)

Third son of Sir Francis Kingsmill, was MP for Mallow 1634-41. Colonel; one of the '1649 Officers' who claimed arrears of pay for service under Kings Charles I or II BEF 1649. Mentioned in the will of ...

Connie Kingsmill (Tree) (c.1900 - c.1998)

Constance Kingsmill (1562 - 1589)

Constance Kingsmill was the daughter of Sir William Kingsmill.2 She married Richard Fiennes, 1st Baron Saye and Sele, son of Sir Richard Fiennes and Ursula Fermor, circa 1581.1 She died after April...

Constance Baker (Kingsmill) (deceased)

Constance Kingsmill (Durrant) (1916 - 1956)

Constance Grove (Kingsmill) (1665 - 1687)

Constance Mary Kingsmill (Portal) (b. - 1947)

Constance Kingsmill (Goring) (b. - 1581)

Constance Mary Christian (Kingsmill) (deceased)

Count M Christian (Kingsmill) (deceased)

Dorothea Fanshawe (Kingsmill) (deceased)

Dorothea Kingsmill (Hunt) (1584 - c.1650)

Dorothy Kingsmill (St.Leger) (1598 - d.)

Dorothy Kingsmill (Hunt) (deceased)

Dorothy de St Michel (Kingsmill) (deceased)

Dorothy Constance Kingsmill (b. - 1951)

Edward Kingsmill (1530 - 1611)

Edward Kingsmill (Brice) (c.1728 - 1796)

Eleanor Tyrrell (Kingsmill) (deceased)

Elinor Hodder (Kingsmill) (deceased)

Elizabeth Tyrrell (Kingsmill) (1581 - d.)

Elizabeth Bertenshaw Kingsmill (Bertenshaw) (1919 - d.)

Elizabeth Corry-Kingsmill (b. - 1783)

Elizabeth Kingsmill (c.1319 - c.1390)

Elizabeth Kingsmill (Parr) (deceased)

Elsie Maud Tange (Kingsmill) (deceased)

Elsie Maud Kingsmill (deceased)

Emily Kingsmill (Fonnereau) (deceased)

Ernest Blythe Kingsmill (1857 - 1933)

Ernest Blythe Kingsmill (1857 - 1933)

Evelyn Maud Kingsmill (1877 - 1919)

Frances Kingsmill (Colwel) (b. - 1663)

Frances Kingsmill (1682 - 1721)

Francis Kingsmill (1570 - 1620)

SIR Capt. Francis KINGSMILL Knight was born on January 6, 1570 in Sydmonton, Hants, England He was baptized on January 6, 1570 in Kingsclere. He died on July 25, 1620 His RELATION is 10th G Grandfa...

Francis Kingsmill, Sir (1569 - 1620)

Geoffrey Major Kingsmill (1897 - 1983)

George Kingsmill (1755 - 1789)

Sir George Kingsmill, MP (c.1539 - 1606)

Family and Education b. c.1539, 7th s. of Sir John Kingsmill (d.1556) of Sydmonton, Hants by Constance, da. of John Goring of Burton, Suss.; bro. of Henry, John and Richard. educ. L. Inn 1560, called 1...

George Kingsmill (1534 - d.)