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Полное имя

Josephina Kohn-Zerkowitz (1807 - 1809)

Kohn-Zerkowitz (1778 - d.)

Aaron Lobl Kohn-Zerkowitz (1787 - d.)

Abraham Kohn-Zerkowitz (1817 - 1840)

Alexander Zerkowitz (1857 - 1858)

(No Name) (deceased)

Nanetta (Kohn-Zerkowitz) Tauber (1815 - d.)

Armin Zerkowitz (1858 - 1895)

Armin Zerkowitz was living at Gr. Mohrengasse 9, Vienna 2, at the time of his death. His occupation is given as "Comptorist". Wedding record 1057:

Babeth (Hoffman) Kohn-Zerkowitz (1786 - 1871)

Bernard Kohn-Zerkowitz (1824 - 1894)

Cecilia (Kohn-Boschan) Kohn-Zerkowitz (1794 - 1885)

In 1848, "widow Czilly Kohn" is seen in the Jewish census of Trencin City. She was running a baker's shop, and was living next door to her stepdaughter, Anna (Zerkowitz) Tauber and Anna's husband, Leop...

Cecilia (Schwarz) Zerkowitz (1860 - 1942)

Anna (Kohn-Zerkowitz) Sontag (1758 - d.)

Fradl Kohn-Zerkowitz (1726 - 1809)

Fradl, widow of Juda Lobl Zerkowitz, moved from Prague to Mahr. Weisskirchen, Moravia in the 1780s and spent her remaining years in the home of her second son, Michael. She died in household #113 in Ma...

Veronica (Kohn-Zerkowitz) Hirsch (1776 - d.)


J. Leopold Kohn-Zerkowitz (c.1720 - d.)

Juda Lobl Kohn-Zerkowitz was likely born in Prague, Bohemia. He possibly was descended from a family that originally came from the town of Zerkow in the Jarocin (Jarotshin) district of Posen (Poznan). ...


Freidla Kohn-Zerkowitz (deceased)

(No Name) (deceased)

Hermine (Zerkowitz) Farber (1895 - 1942)

Hermine Zerkowitz was married to journalist Max Farber (1904-1979), who was nearly nine years her junior, on 17 August 1924. They were divorced ten years later, on 12 July 1934. Later, she and her son,...

Ida (Zerkowitz) Wechsler Stephan (1861 - d.)

Jacob Kohn-Zerkowitz (c.1761 - c.1827)

As a young man, Jacob Kohn-Zerkowitz moved over the border to Trencin, Hungary with his brother Simon Lazar. He is said to have lived in Trencin for a few years during the early 1780s, then later moved...

Jacob Kohn-Zerkowitz (1787 - 1789)

(No Name) (deceased)

Joachim Kohn-Zerkowitz (1790 - 1790)

Jonas Lobl Kohn-Zerkowitz (1765 - 1821)

-------------------- Jonathan Zerkowitz was a twin to his brother Markus. he left Prague as a young man and crossed the border into Hungary. He settled in Buda, later known as "Obuda", and was a pipe c...

Juda Löbl Kohn-Zerkowitz (1774 - 1833)

Juda Löbl (deceased)

Leopold (Juda Löbl ) Kohn-Zerkowitz (c.1695 - c.1763)

Julie (Zerkowitz) Spitzer (1834 - 1913)

Guttl (Deutsch) Kohn-Zerkowitz (c.1753 - 1839)

Josephina Kohn-Zerkowitz (c.1811 - 1818)

She was deceased by 1827 when a younger half-sister was born and given the same name.

(No Name) (deceased)

Simon Kohn-Zerkowitz (c.1822 - 1830)

This son of Nathan Samuel Kohn-Zerkowitz is unidentified. He was born in Trencin about 1822 and, according to family lore, used the surname KOHN when he reached adulthood.

Leopold Kohn-Zerkowitz (1789 - 1867)

Leopold Kohn-Zerkowitz (1781 - c.1856)

Leopold Kohn-Zerkowitz moved with his father to Trencin City about 1805. As a young man, he later left Trencin City and moved to Bittse (now Bytca, Slovakia). He is seen there in 1809, 1818, 1821, 1828...

Marie (Kohn-Zerkowitz) Grosz (1809 - 1883)

Marie (Pollak) Kohn-Zerkowitz (1816 - 1887)

Markus Kohn-Zerkowitz (1763 - 1836)

Markus Zerkowitz (1793 - 1859)

Michael Lobl Kohn-Zerkowitz (1748 - 1822)

Michael Kohn-Zerkowitz likely moved from Prague to Mahr. Weisskirchen, Moravia in the late 1770s. Jewish record books show that he was known both as "Michael Zerkowitz" and as "Michael Kohn", but his n...

(No Name) (deceased)

Moses Kohn-Zerkowitz (c.1760 - 1811)

Moses Abraham Kohn-Zerkowitz (1811 - 1878)

Moses Abraham (1811 - 1878)

Nathan Samuel Kohn-Zerkowitz (1783 - 1847)

Nathan Samuel (Nesanel) (Sandor) Kohn-Zerkowitz, b. in Trebitsch, Moravia (now Trebic, Czech Republic), 1783, moved to Trencin City, Hungary with his family about 1805. He resided there his entire life...

Philip Zerkowitz (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1830 - 1908)

United States immigration records show that Philip Zerkowitz, age 35, from Vienna, arrived in New York City, 17 September 1866, on the ship "Palmyra". He likely stayed for only a short period of time, ...

(No Name) (deceased)

Rebeka Tauber (1788 - 1866)

Rebeka Kohn-Zerkowitz (1770 - 1836)

Rozalia (Kohn-Zerkowitz) Frommer (c.1751 - d.)

Rózsa (Hochmuth) Zerkowitz (1831 - 1887)

Salomon Zerkowitz (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (c.1743 - 1809)

Salomon Kohn-Zerkowitz was the eldest son of Juda Lobl Kohn-Zerkowitz. He was familianten and remained in Prague his entire life. Records show that he was a wealthy merchant and a prominent member of t...

Salomon Kohn-Zerkowitz (1786 - 1788)

Simon Kohn-Zerkowitz (c.1755 - 1817)

Simon Kohn-Zerkowitz was born in Prague and likely lived there until early adulthood. Around 1780, however, he moved to Trebitsch, Moravia (now Trebic, Czech Republic). He was a prominent citizen in th...

Simon Zerkowitz (Kohn-Zerkowitz) (1838 - 1900)

Sámuel Kohn-Zerkowitz (1851 - 1851)

Zibilia (Kohn-Zerkowitz) Siebenschein (1780 - c.1853)