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? Kretchmer (?) (deceased)

Arie Leib Kretchmer (deceased)

Avraham Kretchmer (deceased)

(divon lan:) from conscription to the army of his son Yochonon: photo from 1910, says "Yochonon son of Abram Krechmer" He is also mentioned as a rabbi here: (1) (search for אברהם קרצ...

Ben Tzion Kretchmer (deceased)

Benjamin Kretschmann (Kretchmer) (deceased)

Bernie Kretchmer (deceased)

Bert Kretchmer (deceased)

Ella Kretchmer (deceased)

Fruma Kretchmer (1917 - 1942)

(divon lan:) from internal passport of daughter Fruma from 27/7/1936 issued in Kaunas: Fruma Krechmer, father: Iokhonon, born 1917 in Vilnius, occupation student.

Georgina Kretchmer (Harris) (deceased)

Jack Yannison Kretchmer (deceased)

Josef ben Benjamin Kretschmann (Kretchmer) (deceased)

Josef Benjamin Kretchmer (deceased)

Louie Kretchmer Kramer (deceased)

Luba Friedman (Kretchmer) (deceased)

Maisha Kretchmer (c.1900 - d.)

Stompie Kretchmer (1907 - d.)

Mera Leia Shmukler (Kretchmer) (deceased)

Moshe Kretchmer (1904 - 1983)

Nachama Kretchmer (Melman) (c.1886 - d.)

Nechama Kretchmer (1938 - 1941)

Olah Elka Kretchmer (1907 - 2004)

Shlomo Zalman Kretchmer (deceased)

Taube Yona Teivele Kretchmer (1932 - 1941)

unknown Kretchmer (deceased)

unknown Kretchmer (Cohen) (deceased)

Yisrael Aharon Kretzmer (Kretchmer) (1908 - 1993)

Yitzhak Kretchmer (c.1886 - d.)

Yochonon Kretchmer (1889 - 1944)

(divon lan:) from internal passport from Jan 1927 issued in Kaunas: Yochonon Krechmer, born 1889 in Vilnius, occupation: accountant, passport number 65/1279967 (consecutive number to his...

Yonatan Jeines Kretchmer (1903 - 1941)

Yussel Kretchmer (deceased)

אברהם Kretchmer (deceased)

חנה זלמענס (Kretchmer) (deceased)

יצחק Kretchmer (deceased)

מאריושה ויינשענקער (Kretchmer) (deceased)

נפתלי הירץ Kretchmer (deceased)

רחל Kretchmer (deceased)

שושה ?? (Kretchmer) (deceased)