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? LaBlanc (deceased)

Agnes Parlow (LaBlanc) (1892 - d.)

agnus guthro/gautreau (lablanc) (deceased)

Albert Henry LaBlanc (deceased)

Anne LaBlanc (d'Entrement) (deceased)

Annie LaBlanc (deceased)

Anysie Comeau (LaBlanc) (deceased)

Benjamin LaBlanc (deceased)

Benjamin LaBlanc (deceased)

Bertha Hebert (LaBlanc) (1878 - d.)

Betty Jean Kouba (LaBlanc) (1925 - 1997)

Catherine Boudroux LaBlanc (Bennet) (deceased)

Cecelia/Zellia LaBlanc (deceased)

Cecile Lablanc (Croteau) (c.1830 - d.)

Celeste LaBlanc (deceased)

Charles Wesley Lablanc, Jr. (deceased)

Claira Matilda Montpas (LaBlanc) (1884 - 1954)

Cleo Lablanc (Keith) (deceased)

Delia Warner (LaBlanc) (deceased)

Desire' LaBlanc (deceased)

dolores lablanc (deceased)

Dominque Lablanc (deceased)

Domitilla Cicotte (Lablanc) (1823 - 1910)

Donald LaBlanc (deceased)

Doris Tujague (deceased)

Dorothy Wade (Lablanc) (b. - 2009)

Edmae Rose LaBlanc (Derusseau) (deceased)

Eli LaBlanc (deceased)

Elisa Louise LaBlanc (1875 - 1965)

Elisabeth LaBlanc (Pothier) (deceased)

Elizabeth McKean (LaBlanc) (1785 - d.)

Elphage Justine LaBlanc (deceased)

Emelina Breaux (LaBlanc) (1837 - d.)

Ernest LaBlanc (deceased)

Euphrensine LaBlanc (Pothier) (deceased)

Eva Lablanc (Nevells) (deceased)

Eva Lablanc (Nevells) (deceased)

Eva Lablanc (Nevells) (deceased)

Eva Lablanc (Nevells) (deceased)

Evelyn LaBlanc (deceased)

Everett C LaBlanc (1937 - 1981)

Exelin LaBlanc (deceased)

Francis Jerome Lablanc (LEBLANC) (1706 - 1794)

Francoise Lablanc (Gaudet) (deceased)

Genevieve Lablanc (deceased)

Gloria LaBlanc (deceased)

helena osethie lablanc (deceased)

Jean LaBlanc (deceased)

Jenavive Roy (LaBlanc) (deceased)

Joseph Numa LaBlanc (1855 - d.)

Joseph Lablanc (c.1830 - d.)

Joseph LaBlanc (deceased)

Joseph Isreal LaBlanc (deceased)

Julia Marie LeBlanc Taylor (1869 - d.)

Julia Alinda Comfort (LaBlanc) (c.1870 - c.1964)

Larry LaBlanc (deceased)

Lena Long (LaBlanc) (deceased)

Lena W Gagne (Lablanc) (1881 - d.)

Louise LaBlanc (deceased)

Lyda Hagan (LaBlanc) (deceased)

M. J. Lablanc (1707 - d.)

Marc Alexis LABLANC (deceased)

Marguerite Fedilise LaBlanc (Daigle) (1856 - d.)

Marguerite Lena LaBlanc (1893 - d.)

Marie Roi (LaBlanc) (deceased)

Marie LaBlanc (Amirault) (deceased)

Marie Dolan Lablanc (deceased)

Marion Ethyl LABLANC (Fitzgerald) (deceased)

Mary Joseph Joseph Lablanc (Jourdain) (1751 - 1825)

Mathurin Lablanc (deceased)

Melvina Bissonette (LaBlanc) (deceased)

Moise Leblanc (Lablanc) (1839 - d.)

Mr LaBlanc (deceased)

Myrland LaBlanc (deceased)

Octavia (Lablanc) (deceased)

Orpha LaBlanc (Christy) (1909 - 2004)

Submitted by Sherri Rouleau: I found this in a box of paper stuff that was left here... I had been using to start fires. The booklet name is "Remembering School Days", in it were stories written by s...

Pacific LaBlanc (deceased)

Paelagie Lablanc (deceased)

Peter Lablanc (1773 - 1830)

Philias LaBlanc (deceased)

Phillip "Stoney" LaBlanc, Sioux Code Talker (deceased)

Pierre LaBlanc (deceased)

Pierre Lablanc dit Grandmaison (c.1700 - d.)

Ramond Joseph LaBlanc (deceased)

Rosalie LaBlanc (Pothier) (deceased)

Roselie LaBlanc (deceased)

Rufine LaBlanc (deceased)

Samford Ross LaBlanc (1924 - c.2005)

Silver Nee Landry (Lablanc) (deceased)

Simone LaBlanc (deceased)

Teresa Lablanc (Bourassa) (1783 - 1850)

Threse Cleven (LaBlanc) (deceased)

Unknown LaBlanc (deceased)

Walter LaBlanc (1907 - 2003)

Submitted by Sherri Rouleau: Just like Orpha, Walter wrote this for the 'Remembering School Days.' A Recess Pastime Our afternoon recess time was often spent watching a train, the F and N.E., Fos...

Wayne Albert LaBlanc (b. - 2013)

Willard Lablanc (deceased)

Xavier LaBlanc (deceased)