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? LaBlanc (deceased)

Adelaide Bergeron (LaBlanc) (deceased)

Agnes Parlow (LaBlanc) (1892 - d.)

agnus guthro/gautreau (lablanc) (deceased)

Albert Henry LaBlanc (deceased)

Alexandre LaBlanc (deceased)

Anne LaBlanc (d'Entrement) (deceased)

Annie LaBlanc (deceased)

Anysie Comeau (LaBlanc) (deceased)

Benjamin LaBlanc (deceased)

Benjamin LaBlanc (deceased)

Bertha Hebert (LaBlanc) (1878 - d.)

Betty Jean Kouba (LaBlanc) (1925 - 1997)

Catherine Boudroux LaBlanc (Bennet) (deceased)

Cecelia/Zellia LaBlanc (deceased)

Cecile Lablanc (Croteau) (c.1830 - d.)

Celeste LaBlanc (deceased)

Charles Wesley Lablanc, Jr. (deceased)

Claira Matilda Montpas (LaBlanc) (1884 - 1954)

Cleo Lablanc (Keith) (deceased)

Delia Warner (LaBlanc) (deceased)

Desire' LaBlanc (deceased)

dolores lablanc (deceased)

Dominque Lablanc (deceased)

Domitilla Cicotte (Lablanc) (1823 - 1910)

Donald LaBlanc (deceased)

Doris Tujague (deceased)

Dorothy Wade (Lablanc) (b. - 2009)

Edmae Rose LaBlanc (Derusseau) (deceased)

Eli LaBlanc (deceased)

Elisa Louise LaBlanc (1875 - 1965)

Elisabeth LaBlanc (Pothier) (deceased)

Elizabeth McKean (LaBlanc) (1785 - d.)

Elphage Justine LaBlanc (deceased)

Emelina Breaux (LaBlanc) (1837 - d.)

Ernest LaBlanc (deceased)

Euphrensine LaBlanc (Pothier) (deceased)

Eva Lablanc (Nevells) (deceased)

Eva Lablanc (Nevells) (deceased)

Eva Lablanc (Nevells) (deceased)

Eva Lablanc (Nevells) (deceased)

Evelyn LaBlanc (deceased)

Everett C LaBlanc (1937 - 1981)

Exelin LaBlanc (deceased)

Francis Jerome Lablanc (LEBLANC) (1706 - 1794)

Francoise Lablanc (Gaudet) (deceased)

Genevieve Lablanc (deceased)

Gloria LaBlanc (deceased)

helena osethie lablanc (deceased)

Jean LaBlanc (deceased)

Jenavive Roy (LaBlanc) (deceased)

Joseph Numa LaBlanc (1855 - d.)

Joseph Lablanc (c.1830 - d.)

Joseph LaBlanc (deceased)

Joseph Isreal LaBlanc (deceased)

Julia Marie LeBlanc Taylor (1869 - d.)

Julia Alinda Comfort (LaBlanc) (c.1870 - c.1964)

Larry LaBlanc (deceased)

Lena Long (LaBlanc) (deceased)

Lena W Gagne (Lablanc) (1881 - d.)

Louise LaBlanc (Normandin) (deceased)

Louise LaBlanc (deceased)

Lyda Hagan (LaBlanc) (deceased)

M. J. Lablanc (1707 - d.)

Marc Alexis LABLANC (deceased)

Marguerite Fedilise LaBlanc (Daigle) (1856 - d.)

Marguerite Lena LaBlanc (1893 - d.)

Marie Roi (LaBlanc) (deceased)

Marie LaBlanc (Amirault) (deceased)

Marie Dolan Lablanc (deceased)

Marion Ethyl LABLANC (Fitzgerald) (deceased)

Mary Joseph Joseph Lablanc (Jourdain) (1751 - 1825)

Mathurin Lablanc (deceased)

Melvina Bissonette (LaBlanc) (deceased)

Moise Leblanc (Lablanc) (1839 - d.)

Mr LaBlanc (deceased)

Myrland LaBlanc (deceased)

Octavia (Lablanc) (deceased)

Orpha LaBlanc (Christy) (1909 - 2004)

Submitted by Sherri Rouleau: I found this in a box of paper stuff that was left here... I had been using to start fires. The booklet name is "Remembering School Days", in it were stories written by s...

Pacific LaBlanc (deceased)

Paelagie Lablanc (deceased)

Peter Lablanc (1773 - 1830)

Philias LaBlanc (deceased)

Phillip "Stoney" LaBlanc, Sioux Code Talker (deceased)

Pierre LaBlanc (deceased)

Pierre Lablanc dit Grandmaison (c.1700 - d.)

Ramond Joseph LaBlanc (deceased)

Rosalie LaBlanc (Pothier) (deceased)

Roselie LaBlanc (deceased)

Rufine LaBlanc (deceased)

Samford Ross LaBlanc (1924 - c.2005)

Silver Nee Landry (Lablanc) (deceased)

Simone LaBlanc (deceased)

Teresa Lablanc (Bourassa) (1783 - 1850)

account deleted (deceased)

Threse Cleven (LaBlanc) (deceased)

Unknown LaBlanc (deceased)

Walter LaBlanc (1907 - 2003)

Submitted by Sherri Rouleau: Just like Orpha, Walter wrote this for the 'Remembering School Days.' A Recess Pastime Our afternoon recess time was often spent watching a train, the F and N.E., Fos...

Wayne Albert LaBlanc (b. - 2013)

Willard Lablanc (deceased)