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Francois (Frans) Jacob Labuschagne, b2c8 MP (c.1752 - c.1794)

Burgher of Swellendam Frans was een van die burghers wat in 1775 deur Myburgh in n verslag genoem is dat hy saam met sy skoon pa Jacobus Pogieter en verskeie ander saam met hul families en vee aan di...

Frans Labuschagne i b2c6 MP (1749 - c.1751)

Frans Engelbertus Labuschagne MP (1916 - 1972)

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Frans Engelbertus Labuschagne MP (1881 - 1975)

Jacob Philippus Labuschagne, Ds MP (1909 - 1964)

Susara Susanna Labuschagne (Mare) MP (1824 - 1852)

Labuschagne (deceased)

Labuschagne, e2 (1826 - 1887)

"Kleintjie" Labuschagne (Olivier) (deceased)

(Lennie) Labuschagne (deceased)

1 Labuschagne (deceased)

2 Labuschagne (deceased)

3 Labuschagne (deceased)

4 Labuschagne (deceased)

<Private> Labuschagne (Semmler) (deceased)

<Private> Meyer (Labuschagne) (deceased)

<Private> Labuschagne (Aburn) (deceased)

<Private> Joubert (Labuschagne) (deceased)

<Private> Labuschagne (Muller) (deceased)

<Private> Labuschagne (Kock) (deceased)

<Private> Redelinghuys (Labuschagne) (deceased)

<Private> Labuschagne (deceased)

<Private> Labuschagne (De Man) (deceased)

<Private> Labuschagne (deceased)

<Private> Labuschagne (deceased)

<Private> Mc Cabe (Labuschagne) (deceased)

<Private> Otto (Labuschagne) (deceased)

? Labuschagne (?) (deceased)

? Labuschagne (deceased)

? Labuschagne (deceased)

? Labuschagne (deceased)

? Labuschagne (?) (deceased)

??? Labuschagne (deceased)

A Emmerantia LAbuschagne (deceased)

Lappies Labuschagne (deceased)

Abraham Labuschagne (b. - 1649)

' 1. Abraham LABUSCAIGNE- was born 16/?/?. 2 Other names for Abraham are Habran, and Habrant. Abraham married Jeane ARTIEU-[8344]3 [MRIN:3233] in Montbazillac, Frankryk?.2 Children from this ma...


Abraham Nicolaas (Braam) Labuschagne (1959 - d.)

Ada Maria Labuschagne (Schrooder) (1904 - 1979)

Adam Johan Labuschagne (1865 - d.)

Marriage Record

Adolph Johannes Labuschagne (1867 - d.)


Adriaan Zacharias Labuschagne (deceased)

Adriaan Johannes Labuschagne (1834 - d.)

At Labuschagne (1918 - d.)

Adriaan Labuschagne (1796 - d.)

Adriaan Stephanus Labuschagne (1852 - 1905)

Adriaan Stefanus Labuschagne (deceased)

Adriaan Stephanus Labuschagne (deceased)

Adriaan Stephanus Labuschagne (deceased)

Adriana Jacoba Johanna Van Tonder (Labuschagne (Momberg)) (deceased)

Agatha Catharina Labuschagne (1862 - d.)

Albert James Labuschagne (1936 - 1970)

Albert Labuschagne (deceased)

Albertina Magdalena Labuschagne (Bodenstein) (c.1894 - 1922)

Aletha Sophia Labuschagne (1896 - d.)

Aletta Gertruida Labuschagne (van der Walt) (deceased)

Aletta Labuschagne (deceased)

Aletta Magdalena Labuschagne (Potgieter) (deceased)

Aletta Catharina Martha Steyn (Labuschagne) (1881 - d.)

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Aletta Wilhelmina Labuschagne (1913 - d.)

Aletta Wilhelmina Labuschagne (1914 - d.)

Aletta Labuschagne (deceased)

Aletta Theunsina Johanna van Greuning (Labuschagne) (deceased)

Aletta Labuschagne (van Tonder) (1927 - 1995)

Aletta Elizabeth Dorothea Dempsey (LABUSCHAGNE) (1834 - 1860)

Aletta was his first wife. Assuming she died in child birth, but no records or further information known at this point.

Aletta Catharina Labuschagne (Vermaak) (1932 - d.)

Aletta Elizabeth Venter (Labuschagne) (deceased)

Aletta Dorithea Engelbrecht (Labuschagne) (deceased)

Aletta Sophia Catharina Labuschagne (1872 - d.)

Aletta Adriana Labuschagne (deceased)

Aletta Adriana Labuschagne (Pieterse) (deceased)

Aletta Catharina Venter (Labuschagne) (1865 - d.)

Aletta Catharina Adrian Jacomina Labuschagne (1812 - d.)

Aletta Catharina Adriana Lemmer (Labuschagne) (1842 - 1917)

Aletta Catharina Adriana Jacomina Labuschagne (deceased)

Aletta Catharina Adriana Jacomina Steenkamp (Labuschagne) (deceased)

Aletta Dorothea Labuschagne (1887 - d.)

Aletta Elisabeth Labuschagne (de Wet), b1c2d5e2f3g11 (c.1853 - d.)

Aletta Elizabeth Dorothea Barker (Labuschagne) (b. - c.1895)

Aletta Johanna Labuschagne (1859 - 1892)

Aletta Josina (Lettie) Labuschagne (1911 - d.)

Aletta Petronella Labuschagne (van der Merwe) (deceased)

Aletta Petronella Johanna Labuschagne (Strydom) (1914 - d.)

Aletta Sophia Labuschagne (van der Merwe), a1b2c4d5e1f1g4 (1839 - 1917)

Aletta Susanna Magdalena Labuschagne (deceased)

Aletta Susanna Magreita Labuschagne (Greef) (deceased)

Aletta Wilhelmina Buitendag (Labuschagne) (1869 - 1906)

Lettie van der Merwe (Labuschagne) (1920 - d.)

Alette Elizabeth Labuschagne (Boshoff) (deceased)

Alice Georgina Labuschagnè (Cassell) (1925 - 2000)

Alida Aletta Johanna Jacoba Botha (Labuschagne) (deceased)

Alida Elizabeth Labuschagne (deceased)

Alida Johanna Jacoba Aletta Labuschagne (deceased)

Alida Maria Labuschagne (Hefer) (deceased)

Alizanne Forsyth Labuschagne (Orr) (1931 - 2010)

Alletta Sophia Labuschagne (van der Merwe) (1836 - d.)

Alta Milne (Labuschagne) (deceased)

Amelia Mathilda Labuschagne (Scholtz) (1897 - d.)

Ampie Labuschagne (deceased)