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Francois (Frans) Jacob Labuschagne, b2c8 MP (c.1752 - c.1794)

Burgher of Swellendam Frans was een van die burghers wat in 1775 deur Myburgh in n verslag genoem is dat hy saam met sy skoon pa Jacobus Pogieter en verskeie ander saam met hul families en vee aan di...

Frans Labuschagne i b2c6 MP (1749 - c.1751)

Frans Engelbertus Labuschagne MP (1881 - 1975)

Frans Engelbertus Labuschagne MP (1916 - 1972)

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Jacob Philippus Labuschagne, Ds MP (1909 - 1964)

Susara Susanna Labuschagne (Mare) MP (1824 - 1852)

Labuschagne (deceased)

Labuschagne, e2 (1826 - 1887)

"Kleintjie" Labuschagne (Olivier) (deceased)

(Lennie) Labuschagne (deceased)

1 Labuschagne (deceased)

2 Labuschagne (deceased)

3 Labuschagne (deceased)

4 Labuschagne (deceased)

<Private> Labuschagne (Aburn) (deceased)

<Private> Labuschagne (Semmler) (deceased)

<Private> Redelinghuys (Labuschagne) (deceased)

<Private> Labuschagne (deceased)

<Private> Labuschagne (deceased)

<Private> Joubert (Labuschagne) (deceased)

<Private> Labuschagne (De Man) (deceased)

<Private> Meyer (Labuschagne) (deceased)

<Private> Labuschagne (Muller) (deceased)

<Private> Labuschagne (Kock) (deceased)

? Labuschagne (?) (deceased)

? Labuschagne (?) (deceased)

? Labuschagne (deceased)

? Labuschagne (deceased)

? Labuschagne (deceased)

??? Labuschagne (deceased)

A Emmerantia LAbuschagne (deceased)

Abraham Labuschagne (b. - 1649)

' 1. Abraham LABUSCAIGNE- was born 16/?/?. 2 Other names for Abraham are Habran, and Habrant. Abraham married Jeane ARTIEU-[8344]3 [MRIN:3233] in Montbazillac, Frankryk?.2 Children from this ma...

Lappies Labuschagne (deceased)


Abraham Nicolaas (Braam) Labuschagne (1959 - d.)

Ada Maria Labuschagne (Schrooder) (1904 - 1979)

Adolph Johannes Labuschagne (1867 - d.)

Adriaan Johannes Labuschagne (1834 - d.)

Adriaan Labuschagne (1796 - d.)


At Labuschagne (1918 - d.)

Adriaan Stephanus Labuschagne (1852 - 1905)

Adriaan Jacobus Labuschagne (deceased)

Adriaan Stefanus Labuschagne (deceased)

Adriaan Stephanus Labuschagne (deceased)

Adriaan Stephanus Labuschagne (deceased)

Adriana Jacoba Johanna Van Tonder (Labuschagne (Momberg)) (deceased)

Agatha Catharina Labuschagne (1862 - d.)

Albert James Labuschagne (1936 - 1970)

Albert Labuschagne (deceased)

Albertina Magdalena Labuschagne (Bodenstein) (c.1894 - 1922)

Aletha Sophia Labuschagne (1896 - d.)

Aletta Catharina Labuschagne (Vermaak) (1932 - d.)

Aletta Elizabeth Petronella Barker (Labuschagne) (b. - c.1895)

Aletta Catharina Martha Steyn (Labuschagne) (1881 - d.)

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Aletta Wilhelmina Labuschagne (1914 - d.)

Aletta Labuschagne (deceased)

Aletta Magdalena Labuschagne (Potgieter) (deceased)

Aletta Theunsina Johanna van Greuning (Labuschagne) (deceased)

Aletta Labuschagne (deceased)

Aletta Elizabeth Dorothea Dempsey (LABUSCHAGNE) (1834 - 1860)

Aletta was his first wife. Assuming she died in child birth, but no records or further information known at this point.

Aletta Dorithea Engelbrecht (Labuschagne) (deceased)

Aletta Gertruida Labuschagne (van der Walt) (deceased)

Aletta Labuschagne (van Tonder) (1927 - 1995)

Aletta Sophia Catharina Labuschagne (1872 - d.)

Aletta Elizabeth Venter (Labuschagne) (deceased)

Aletta Wilhelmina Labuschagne (1913 - d.)

Aletta Adriana Labuschagne (Pieterse) (deceased)

Aletta Adriana Labuschagne (deceased)

Aletta Catharina Venter (Labuschagne) (1865 - d.)

Aletta Catharina Adrian Jacomina Labuschagne (1812 - d.)

Aletta Catharina Adriana Lemmer (Labuschagne) (1842 - 1917)

Aletta Catharina Adriana Jacomina Steenkamp (Labuschagne) (deceased)

Aletta Dorothea Labuschagne (1887 - d.)

Aletta Elisabeth Labuschagne (de Wet), b1c2d5e2f3g11 (c.1853 - d.)

Aletta Johanna Labuschagne (1859 - 1892)

Aletta Josina (Lettie) Labuschagne (1911 - d.)

Aletta Petronella Labuschagne (van der Merwe) (deceased)

Aletta Petronella Johanna Labuschagne (Strydom) (1914 - d.)

Aletta Sophia Labuschagne (van der Merwe), a1b2c4d5e1f1g4 (1839 - 1917)

Aletta Susanna Magdalena Labuschagne (deceased)

Aletta Susanna Magreita Labuschagne (Greef) (deceased)

Aletta Wilhelmina Buitendag (Labuschagne) (1869 - 1906)

Lettie van der Merwe (Labuschagne) (1920 - d.)

Alette Elizabeth Labuschagne (Boshoff) (deceased)

Alice Georgina Labuschagnè (Cassell) (1925 - 2000)

Alida Aletta Johanna Jacoba Botha (Labuschagne) (deceased)

Alida Elizabeth Labuschagne (deceased)

Alida Johanna Jacoba Aletta Labuschagne (deceased)

Alida Maria Labuschagne (Hefer) (deceased)

Alizanne Forsyth Labuschagne (Orr) (1931 - 2010)

Alletta Sophia Labuschagne (van der Merwe) (1836 - d.)

Alta Milne (Labuschagne) (deceased)

Amelia Mathilda Labuschagne (Scholtz) (1897 - d.)

Amy Ada Labuschagne (Staples) (deceased)

Andries Labuschagne (deceased)

Andries Barend Labuschagne (1941 - 1980)

Andries Petrus Labuschagne (deceased)

Andries Barend Labuschagne (1891 - d.)

Andries Labuschagne (1949 - 1984)